The battle between man and sea beast

Island in the Coral Sea in the “Land of Islands” Solomon Islands. It is a resort for island exploration and tourism, and it is also the only country where the largest lizard in the world, the sea giant lizard, remains.
  The sea monitor lizard is a kind of prehistoric sea beast, it is a distant relative of the long-extinct and ferocious carnivorous dinosaur – Tyrannosaurus rex, which has been living on the earth for 300 million years. The sea monitor lizard can reach an average length of 5 meters and has fangs and claws that dominate the crowd. The rows of serrated fangs in its mouth can easily scrape the hair on the prey, and its 10 cm long claws , you can cut open the chest of your prey like a scalpel without much effort. However, the most terrifying thing is the oral venom it has. Although the sea monitor lizard does not have venomous glands in its mouth, it will always leave some food scraps in the teeth after eating, waiting for it to rot and deteriorate. toxin. Except for it, there is no creature in the world that can resist the attack of the sea monitor lizard’s mouth poison. For sea monitor lizards, almost all Oceanians talk about discoloration, except for the Auckland people who live with them on Chris Island.   One morning in early November 2007, Valhalla and Harry, a young man and woman of Auckland ethnicity living on Chris Island, walked into the deep forest hand in hand
Valhalla, the youngest son of the Oakland patriarch and the most popular warrior among the girls, once set a record of hunting three man-eating sharks in one day. Harley is the most beautiful girl in the Auckland family. At the age of 17, her bronzed skin is intoxicatingly lustrous, her slightly sunken eyes are deep and bright, and her waist-hip-length hair is even more elegant.
  Today is a day in late September 2008, which is the big day when Valhalla and Harry entered the “bridal chamber”. According to the customs of the Auckland people, after the two men and women make love, the man must first select a cave in the jungle, prepare daily necessities and hunting and fishing tools in the cave, and then take the woman there. In the days to come, the man has to rely on the man to hunt and fish by himself to support the woman. After the woman becomes pregnant and gives birth, the two can return to the tribe. Only then can the man formally propose marriage to the woman’s parents, and hold a grand wedding banquet when the child is full moon.
  10 months passed quickly, and Harley gave birth to a baby Oak (a boy). Valhalla and Hari should have joined hands to return to the tribe immediately, but Valhalla was tracking a very elf man-eating shark in those days. Valhalla needed this big gift to propose to Hari’s parents, so the two Agreed to return to the tribe after hunting the man-eating shark.
  On September 24, when the beach was at low tide, Valhalla finally shot the man-eating shark beautifully with arrows through its throat. After the man-eating shark jumped and rolled on the shallow beach for a while, Valhalla immediately sawed off the shark’s head with a saw blade, and then used the fish skin bag he carried with him to fill the shark’s blood gushing from the shark’s throat, and ran back to the cave in one breath. He was about to let Harry make up for it while it was still hot, but he was stunned by the scene in front of him: the cave was a mess, and there was still fresh blood everywhere, but Harry was nowhere to be seen! Valhalla suddenly recovered and threw it away The fish skin bag in the lower hand chased after the bloodstains on the ground like crazy.
  Before she ran 200 meters, she just pulled away a clump of long grass in front of her, and a bloody scene stabbed Valhalla to the point where she almost fainted – Harry lay bloody on the edge of a large rock not far away, The sea monitor lizard has slashed his son’s belly with its claws and is now gulping his innards with gusto! Valhalla’s eyes are spitting fire, even though he also believes the sea monitor lizard is their “ancestor” “, but he couldn’t accept the fact that this “ancestor” devoured his son, and Harry, who was lying beside the boulder, didn’t know whether he was dead or alive!
  Predation of his wife and children must be avenged! Valhalla pressured him. He suppressed the anger in his heart, held his breath, and pulled out a heavy arrow from his back, which he never used to deal with beasts. With a shrill scream resounding through the jungle, the sea monitor lizard dropped the “food” on its lips and turned and fled into the forest.
  Valhalla hurriedly picked up his wife Hari, her body had been bitten and scratched by sea monitor lizards in many places, her whole body was blurred, but she still had breath. Valhalla buried his son’s body in tears. In front of his son’s grave, he broke a long arrow and swore: If this vengeance is not avenged, I swear not to be a man
  Valhalla hurried home with Hari in a coma, and immediately summoned the patriarch’s physician to treat Hari’s injuries. However, when Valhalla’s family learned of his decision to kill the sea giant lizard in revenge, all of them strongly opposed it, especially his father Armstrong.
  The Auckland people are the only native clan people living on Chris Island. It is unclear how many years ago, their ancestors migrated here from across the ocean and multiplied from generation to generation, establishing the native clan with more than 300 people today. ethnic groups. They regard the sea monitor lizard as their “ancestor” and the supreme god in their hearts, so every household enshrines a statue of the sea monitor lizard. Over the years, the Auckland people have been living peacefully with the sea monitor lizards. Occasionally, the sea monitor lizard devoured the tribe. They also believed that the person was fortunate enough to be summoned by the favor of the “ancestor”, and the family of the deceased would not be sad. Instead, this “happy event” will be celebrated. In this primitive state of life, the brutal and cruel sea monitor lizard’s cannibalism was actually covered with a beautiful halo.
  Armstrong has been the patriarch for 40 years. He knows very well how his people will deal with the murderer who harmed the sea monitor lizard: if he hurts the “ancestor”‘s front limbs, his hands will be cut off; if he hurts the “ancestor”‘s hind limbs, he will be killed Cut off both feet; cause the “ancestor” to die, and be burned at the stake… Valhalla has wounded the sea monitor lizard’s left eye with a heavy arrow, and according to the custom passed down from generation to generation, he has committed a crime of being dug up. The big sin of the eyes, not to mention that he still wants to continue chasing and killing the one-eyed sea monitor lizard.
  After all, Valhalla was the most beloved son of the Armstrong patriarch. He immediately blocked the news that Valhalla had shot the sea monitor lizard blind in his left eye at home, and only announced that Little Orc had been summoned by his “ancestors”. However, when the Armstrong patriarch returned home from the 7-day ancestor worship ceremony, he was horrified to find that the simple iron-headed arrow on the wall representing the patriarch’s supreme identity and a tube that Valhalla had collected for many years The pit viper venom is gone, and Valhalla’s whereabouts are unknown! Chasing and
  killing the poisoned arrow
  Valhalla really went after the one-eyed sea monitor lizard. For seven days in a row, he searched almost every beach, swamp and woods where sea monitor lizards might appear, and encountered more than 10 sea monitor lizards, but he did not find the “enemy” who was blind with his left eye.
  On October 2, Valhalla inadvertently saw a sea monitor lizard crawling and limp with thick mud on its legs, and he suddenly realized that many animals have their own healing instincts, and sea monitor lizards are no exception. It appears that soaking wounds in slime may be their remedy. Thinking of this, Valhalla climbed up a big tree and shot an arrow in the left front leg of a sea monitor lizard. Now, as long as he follows the injured sea giant lizard closely, he can find the sea quagmire they healed!
  Through the beach forest, wading through the swamp, in a secluded island bay, the exhausted Valhalla finally found The enemy – the one-eyed sea monitor lizard. At this time, the heavy arrow on its left eye had been removed, and it was lying on the side of the black sea quagmire, tilting its head slightly, soaking its left eye in the mud for healing. It was probably the unbearable pain, it let out a few uncomfortable growls from time to time, and from time to time smashed the mud with its tail.
  Valhalla understands that his position is too far from the one-eyed sea monitor lizard, and it is not easy to kill it with one arrow, and there are several sea monitor lizards that are healing by the quagmire. If they are disturbed, he will not be able to report. hatred, I am afraid that life will not be guaranteed.
  Now the only plan is to wait, wait for the one-eyed sea monitor lizard to walk out of the small valley before starting.
  Valhalla hid in a big tree outside the small valley and waited for a few days. When he was hungry, he would eat some dried shark meat with him; when he was thirsty, he would drink a sip of water from the fish skin, but he could not close his eyes. Because he can’t let the one-eyed sea monitor lizard slip away from his eyes, he has to wait for the opportunity to take revenge!
  On October 13, the one-eyed sea monitor lizard, who had not eaten for more than half a month in order to heal his wounds, finally couldn’t bear the hunger and walked out of the small valley . For fear of being discovered by it, Valhalla did not dare to follow it on the ground, just like a large nimble monkey leaping from tree to tree, tracking it far and wide in the air.

  Finally, in pursuit of a wild boar, the one-eyed sea monitor lizard is showing an offensive stance. Here’s an opportunity! When the one-eyed sea monitor lizard stood upright on its front legs and slightly bent its hind legs, ready to pounce on the wild boar, Valhalla shot an arrow between its eyes. However, when Valhalla’s iron-headed poisonous arrow had just left the bowstring, the one-eyed sea monitor lizard also leaped towards the wild boar. As a result, an arrow that could have penetrated his brain happened to be stuck on its back.
  Although the one-eyed sea monitor lizard escaped the fatal blow, the sharp iron-headed poisonous arrow with full arm strength still caused it to be severely injured, and the arrow body sank 15 centimeters into its body. The one-eyed sea monitor lizard turned and fled after being shot. Valhalla did not chase, but “added” a few more arrows to it at the fastest speed. Because the arrowhead is dipped in the highly poisonous pit viper venom, the faster the one-eyed sea monitor lizard escapes, the faster the blood circulation will be, and the faster the venom will attack the heart. Valhalla just needs to follow it, and after it dies of poison, cut off its head with a knife, and can go back to pay homage to his beloved son.
  As expected by Valhalla, the one-eyed sea monitor lizard’s footsteps soon slowed down, and the whole body began to sway from side to side – the venom has begun to work! After running a few more steps, its head began to sag. ——The venom is attacking! Within 50 meters, with a dull bang, the one-eyed sea monitor lizard fell heavily to the ground.
  The sea beast of life and death
  Valhalla ran forward without hesitation. He wanted to cut off its head with a knife, and before its blood had stopped flowing, smeared his whole body with the blood spurting from its neck. It is enough to wash away the shame of his inability to protect his wife. However, the anger of revenge has made Valhalla’s head hot, and he even forgot a survival trick commonly used by sea monitor lizards – cheating death! Just as Valhalla raised his long machete with all his strength and aimed at its back neck When it slashed down, the one-eyed sea monitor lizard that fell on the ground suddenly opened its right eye, and with a hoot, it rolled the fallen leaves on the ground with its powerful long tail and swept towards Valhalla.
  This move caught Valhalla by surprise, and with a crisp sound, three of his right ribs were immediately smashed, and the whole person flew several meters away, and the machete in his hand also flew away. in the grass. A mouthful of blood was spit out, and Valhalla discovered that the one-eyed sea monitor lizard had climbed up from the ground, with its mouth open, slobbering and roaring towards him step by step. The severe pain of the broken ribs made Valhalla unable to move, but the shadow of death hit him again, and he had to grit his teeth and move back a little bit on the ground with his hands.
  Suddenly, a suffocating wind hit, and the one-eyed sea monitor lizard pounced on it with its bloody mouth wide open. Valhalla was worthy of being the number one warrior of the Oakland clan, but when he saw his head lowered, he pulled out an iron-headed arrow from behind and stabbed it into the beast’s mouth. The one-eyed lizard screamed, and the sharp iron-headed arrow plunged deep into the base of its tongue. The one-eyed lizard was furious this time, and it pressed down on Valhalla desperately. Valhalla, in a hurry, rolled behind a tree. As soon as I heard a click in my ear, a coconut-sized damage gap suddenly appeared on the thick trunk. It was very dangerous!
  However, Valhalla’s heart was still hanging in the air. Judging from the situation of the one-eyed lizard at this time, the snake venom has not yet exerted its full effect in its body. If it continues to be in a passive state like this, I am afraid that it will die before its poisonous attack.
  In desperation, Valhalla subconsciously fumbled around in his rucksack, hoping to find a weapon worthy of his hand. There! When his fingers touched a bamboo slip tightly stuffed with a cork, his heart suddenly lit up. It was a large tube of highly poisonous pit viper venom! Right now, the one-eyed lizard’s mouth has been shot with arrows A stab wound, if you can get this venom into its mouth, the venom will immediately attack the brain along the wound. At that time… However, the one-eyed sea monitor lizard at this time will not stop killing Valhalla. trend. In this case, it is a fortune to be able to escape its attack, and there is no point in pouring venom into its mouth!
  Just as Valhalla was evading, there was a flash of light in the grass, it was a knife! He was overjoyed and hurriedly took up the machete. This machete is extremely sharp, but it does not exert much power in front of the thick scales of the sea monitor lizard. After three slashes, only a few thin bloodstains were left on the one-eyed lizard’s back. However, the one-eyed lizard had already opened its mouth wide, revealing rows of sharp teeth! Valhalla had nowhere to go. He simply turned his heart away, handed the machete to his left hand, and aimed it at its only remaining right eye. He stabbed it fiercely, then took out the tube of venom with his right hand, quickly bit off the cork with his teeth, and resolutely stuffed it into its mouth.
  ”Pfft!” The knife light flashed, blood splashed, and the one-eyed lizard suddenly became blind. “Crack!” The sea monitor lizard, which was in extreme pain, bit it vigorously, and the bamboo slip containing the venom shattered in its mouth. “Crack!” Valhalla’s right wrist that entered the beast’s mouth was also bitten off in an instant.
  Valhalla pulled out a machete from the sea monitor lizard’s right eye and slashed his right arm with all his might. He knew that only a severed arm could prevent the toxins that had invaded his right arm from spreading throughout his body. Then, he gritted his teeth and tried his last strength to climb behind a big rock, because the sea monitor lizard would still make the last struggle, and no one dared to stop it. Indeed, the blind and painful sea monitor lizard has completely turned into a demon. It roars and rushes left and right, blindly venting its anger and pain to everything around it with its teeth, claws, and tail. After tossing for half an hour, the site within ten meters around it was in a mess as if it had been hit by a storm, and it finally fell down unwillingly…
  Valhalla climbed out from behind the big stone and used the only remaining left hand. Holding the machete, he “sawed” the enemy’s head bit by bit. He really didn’t have the strength to swing the machete that was usually handy but now as heavy as Mount Tai…
  On the grave of his son, there was the head of a sea giant lizard. Valhalla and Hari were bound by their son’s grave, looking at the angry and terrified clansmen around, a mocking look flashed in the eyes of the couple. Valhalla and Harry knew what their fate would be, but they didn’t care because their hearts had already gone with their son…