Strange sounds and shadows

  Simon Young has written a new report combining strange phenomena and folk beliefs.
  Jane is 10 years old and she is an introverted child. From about the age of 5, Jane heard a “half creepy, half sweet” ethereal female voice. She usually hears it when she’s alone in the woods or in bed, and the voice will call her name. At the age of seven or eight, she began to see so-called “shadows.” They are usually black (but sometimes white) and have no eyes, ears or fingers. Occasionally they will take the shape of cats and walk through the trees. She might see them once or twice a month, only when she’s alone in the woods. Then she saw them less and less, and now the sound was almost gone.
  When I asked her if voice and shadow were the same thing, she thought so. Both are “not good but not evil. They appear, but there is no malice in them.” Her mother, who is Catholic, doesn’t care about the experiences, telling her daughter that they may be the spirits of dead family members. But Jane did not believe what her mother said.
  For much of European history, these experiences would have been interpreted as being influenced by fairy tales, but Jane knew very little about them. Jane has been talking about shadows for the past few years, and she slowly realizes that this is not a normal experience. She had thought everyone could see these visions. When her mother brought up the subject, Jane was quite proud of her encounter in the woods. They are part of her and what sets her apart. Two years later, I think she might still be able to see these; five years later, looking at the lipstick on her desk, the boy band posters on the wall, and doing two hours of homework every night, I wonder if she still Remember the shadows in those trees.
  Sometimes when I hear supernatural stories of persecution from adults, I worry about that person’s mental health, especially when the encounters are habitual. According to the descriptions I get from the children, many children who have reached adulthood still remember their infancy. Jane seemed relaxed about her fading childhood. But what makes some children have this experience? Why do these experiences disappear dramatically during adolescence? Simon hasn’t found the answer yet.

  With the development of science and technology, more and more weapons are used in human warfare, and their power is also increasing. While these weapons are shocking enough, there is an even more terrifying weapon that terrifies the world: biological weapons. Not only can this weapon cause widespread damage like other weapons, it can also make military deaths more painful, and even hurt civilians, so it is boycotted by the world. But you may not think that this seemingly modern technology is actually ancient. The earliest known biological weapons appeared over 3,000 years ago! According to the records in Hittite documents, more than 3,000 years ago, the local people drove patients infected with tularemia (an infectious disease) to the enemy’s land during the war, causing a plague among the enemy troops.
  There are also records that the ancient Assyrians once put ergot fungi into the enemy’s wells for biological warfare, but there is no record of the results at that time.
  Even when the Yuan Dynasty opened up its territory, the Mongol army once threw people who died of plague on the city walls of Crimea. Not only did this trigger a large-scale plague within the city, some even believe it led to the earliest spread of one of the most terrifying plagues in human history, the Black Death, which eventually killed tens of millions of people.
  There is no doubt that these are biological weapons. In addition to bacteria and viruses, other toxic chemicals, and even radioactive weapons such as nuclear weapons, are biological weapons as long as they are used in warfare. In other words, the poison arrows used by the ancients can also be considered a biological weapon, but it is unlikely to harm civilians.
  In 1763, when Europeans invaded the Americas, a blanket was sent to the Indians with bad intentions. The Indians never imagined that this blanket was stained with smallpox virus. Over the course of a year, hundreds of Native Americans died from smallpox.
  By the 20th century, germ theory and bacteriology had a certain foundation, which also made biological weapons more terrifying.
  During the First World War (1914-1918), Germany tried to use anthrax and meliosis to make its enemies suffer, but the results were not satisfactory.

Black Death spreads in Italy

Britain warns people not to set foot on Grunard Island after Operation Vegetarian fails.

Japan’s 731 unit, commanded by Ishii Shiro and Kitano Masaji, under the banner of researching disease prevention and drinking water purification, is actually doing genocidal and inhumane massacres.

  In 1925, the United States, Britain and other countries jointly signed the “Geneva Protocol”, which clarified the prohibition of the use of chemical or biological weapons in war. The Republic of China at that time also joined in 1929. After the founding of New China, in 1952, our country recognized the agreement signed by the Republic of China.
  The problem is that even Britain itself, which signed the agreement, does not fully adhere to this principle. With the outbreak of World War II, British Prime Minister Churchill signed off on the infamous “Operation Vegetarian”, an attempt to use Bacillus anthracis against Nazi Germany. As a result, when they tested the power of this weapon, they caused the spread of bacteria on one of their small islands, which was blocked for 48 years. In the end, they didn’t have time to use it against Germany, and they suffered completely by themselves.
  In 1941, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led the United States to enter World War II, and the Allies had more resources. In 1942, at the suggestion of the United Kingdom, the United States established a notorious biological research base in Maryland to unify the results of the Allied biological weapons research. This is Fort Detrick.
  Japan’s 731 unit, commanded by Ishii Shiro and Kitano Masaji, under the banner of researching disease prevention and drinking water purification, is actually doing genocidal and inhumane massacres. The Japanese not only used bacteria and poisonous gas to brutally torture prisoners, but also conducted terrifying live experiments. It can be said that there is no bottom line.
  In 1940, Japan used a plane to drop fleas carrying plague into Ningbo, killing as many as 1,500 civilians. In 1942, Japan repeated its old tricks and wanted to drop bacterial bombs, but it accidentally backfired its own troops. At that time, about 1,700 of the 10,000 soldiers died from their own country’s bacterial weapons.
  Not only that, Japan also planned to drop the plague on San Diego, California, USA, but before it could be released, it was bombed and surrendered.
  In the 1950s, the research on a series of infectious diseases such as plague, brucellosis, and equine encephalomyelitis was still carried out in the United Kingdom, and these studies were not cancelled until 1956.
  After so many incidents, human beings have personally experienced the horror of biological weapons, and hope that such a terrible war will never happen again, and look forward to the agreement of countries around the world not to use biological weapons.
  In 1972, on the basis of the Geneva Protocol, countries around the world signed the Biological Weapons Convention, which prohibits the development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use of biological weapons. As of March 2021, 183 countries have become parties to the treaty.
  We don’t want to see war, and we don’t want to see biological weapons appear in war. We want world peace.