Slow down, let the flowers bloom

  Every day I exercise briskly on the playground of a nearby university. One day, I met a coach who was leading a group of children preparing for the PE exam. A girl took the lead and ran out for a lap. The time was 1.5 minutes. The coach was surprised: “So fast?” Is it
  fast? Isn’t the sooner the better?
  I walked one more lap, and the girl had already finished running. She was paralyzed on the grass, panting, her breathing was so short that she almost vomited. The coach said, “4 minutes and 2 seconds. Running 400 meters and 800 meters is different.
  The students gathered, and the coach said, “If you run 400 meters, if you run full power, the run will be over. Of course, athletes of higher level will also be divided into different levels, and the speed of each 50 meters is different. But running 800 meters Mi, you have to allocate your physical strength from the very beginning. You have to take into account that your explosiveness and lung capacity are limited. You exhaust your strength in the first lap, and then you will be useless. So you must take it easy. , to keep breathing evenly.” Some students asked, ”   Coach
  , is that the same for running a marathon?” The coach said, “What do you think is needed to run a marathon?”
They laughed: “You’re so tired after running 800 meters, how can you finish a marathon? Do your legs still have strength? Can your cardiopulmonary function keep up? Marathon is more about rhythm, and more about the distribution of physical strength and energy. It’s not an ‘I must It can be done with the belief of persevering to the end.”
  A student said: “Yes, that’s how I run 800 meters. I really want to run, but my legs just don’t have the energy.
  ” He listened with relish and almost wanted to interject: “Actually, the same is true of study or life. Sometimes, it is not all about persistence, let alone fleeting enthusiasm, but a calm, a rhythm, An even breath.”
  I have heard too many stories like this: children who have played adolescence leisurely, suddenly “wake up” when they reach the third year of high school, and realize that there is so much unknown knowledge, and the college entrance examination is imminent, so I made a very compact for myself. Schedule, sleep only 4 hours a day. It’s easy to sleep less at night, but it’s hard to stay awake during the day, pinching, pinching, and scolding yourself, forcing yourself to be in a state of fullness—it’s all about acting out this inner drama in class, and the teacher doesn’t hear anything. As many as ten days, as few as a few days, it collapsed.
  There is also another situation: suddenly exposed to a new course, a new skill, whether it is learning ukulele or chemistry, it is like Alibaba suddenly entering a cave and can’t wait to scavenge the treasure in a short time. In the car, on the pillow, on the toilet, thinking about it, practicing it, and reciting it, I thought it would be done overnight, but strangely, it gradually became a little disgusting, and I didn’t even want to look at it at all.
  Why is this so?
  Because there is a saying: just don’t last long.
  The more unstoppable it is, the easier it is to use up all the energy and enthusiasm in the first instant.
  So every time I say to my children: “Slow down, be patient, don’t let anxiety push you to stumble forward even if you don’t have much time; even if it is the love of your life, you have to go slowly. Flowers have to bloom.”
  There are always moments in life when you need to work hard, but how? How to recharge your batteries before fighting? How to make your fast and furious supply your goals?
  You will find out one day: calmness is more important than racing against time, and the land of success needs to be reached steadily with the most suitable rhythm.