Chen Yi finally made up his mind to leave Beijing because of a funeral.
  It was two days before my grandmother’s 100th birthday, and she received a message from the family group on the train: Grandma is dying. At that time, she was still more than 1,000 kilometers away from her grandmother, and she realized that she would not be able to meet her grandmother for the last time.
  When she was a child, she followed her parents to her grandmother’s house, got off the car and crossed a stone bridge, and it took a few minutes to walk there. But she couldn’t wait, and when she was walking on the bridge, she began to call: “Grandma! Grandma!”
  Now, she can no longer call for grandma on the stone bridge, nor can she see grandma trembling out of the house. , replied from a distance, “Bao’er, you’re back!”
  She hadn’t even returned to her grandmother’s house for a long time. She works in Beijing, her annual leave is very short, and it is not easy to buy a ticket. It is not easy to come back. When she said goodbye to her grandmother last time, she remembered that her grandmother had tears in her eyes, but she said, “You work hard, don’t worry about me.” At that time, she decided to spend more days with her grandmother next time. This time, she planned early, worked overtime to complete the project, and went home two days early, but she did not expect to catch up with her grandmother’s funeral.
  She endured all the tears until she saw her parents and long-lost relatives, and then she burst into tears.
  According to local customs, the first night of grandmother’s death, Chen Yi’s elders will keep the spirit, and on the second night, Chen Yi’s generation will keep the spirit. It was very cold that night. Chen Yi and his cousins ​​and sisters gathered around the charcoal fire, recalling the bits and pieces of grandma’s life together, and also talked about each other’s life and thoughts. Knowing that she intends to leave Beijing, cousin Fang Guobin was the first to agree. He told her with his own personal experience: “In those years, I went to Guangzhou to do business and made some money, but now that I think about it, my relationship with your sister-in-law has faded, and the child is not close to me. In fact, it is still a loss. ”
  Fang Guobin, who felt that he was “losing”, returned to his hometown and contracted with his wife to raise chickens in the mountain forest. Although it was hard work, he made a lot of money, and the family was together, no matter how hard it was, it was fun. What’s the point of fighting if you can’t be with the person you love the most?
  His cousin Fang Guohong did not approve. He dropped out of high school and now helps in the building materials store opened by his uncle. He goes to work at 10 a.m. every morning, and it takes only four or five minutes to walk from home to the store. His parents bring him lunch and dinner. Get off work. He felt that life was monotonous and boring, and his parents had a lot of control. He had always envied Chen Yiyuan’s life in Beijing, but now Chen Yi wanted to come back, which made him a little confused.
  Fang Guobin shook his head and said, “Don’t be dissatisfied. When there is no business in the store, study more and play less games.”
  But Chen Yi understood her cousin’s thoughts very well. Didn’t she leave her hometown for “poetry and distance”? She said to Fang Guohong, “If you really want to break through, just go out and try it! But remember, only by living a good life in front of you can you live a good life in the distance.” She couldn’t help but reminded: “You must cherish the days when your parents are by your side! The future is far away. If you want them to take care of them, they won’t be able to.”
  Fang Guohong lowered her head and stretched out her hands to cook the fire. Fang Guobin touched his head. After all, this little cousin is only 18 years old.
  Chen Yi looked up at her grandmother’s photo, her face was kind, her eyes were clear, and there was a smile on the corner of her mouth. These people are gathered together because of their grandmother. Will they be “scattered into the sky” in the future?
  ”That won’t happen!” After hearing her thoughts, Fang Guobin said, “Yesterday when you didn’t come back, a few of us also said that the scenery in our hometown is good, and we will retire together in the future.”
  Chen Yi decided that after the funeral, she I won’t go back to Beijing directly, but I have to go to the provincial capital to see my friends and accept the interview that made her a little excited.
  After all, the provincial capital is only a 2-hour drive away from your home.