“Outside the Sky”: Men are afraid of entering the wrong profession, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man

  Eugene O’Neill, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1936, is known as “America’s Shakespeare”. Although this play is a modernist work, its literal meaning is very clear, so it is easy to summarize its storyline, so you might as well try a “naked reading” – without any documentation, only By relying on their own intuition and experience to understand this work, readers can easily find the warning from the play that “men are afraid of going into the wrong profession, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man”.
  The protagonists of the play are two young farmers: older brother Anjou and younger brother Robert. Although they were born to the same parents, their personalities were very different. Robert studied for a year in university, likes to read books, likes to dream, and his biggest dream is to sail, travel and explore the world beyond the horizon – in Western culture, exploring the far and unknown world seems to be a long tradition, so saying , “Beyond the horizon” is another expression of utopia. An Zhu is only in high school. He likes farming, but he doesn’t like reading. In his own words, if he reads poetry while farming, the cows won’t know if they run away. The two brothers also understood and respected each other’s temperament very well. An Zhu said to Robert, “Brother, farming is not your nature. You think the farm is too small. You want to see the outside world.” Robert said to An Zhu : “Brother, you are the pride of Dad, the most authentic descendant of our family, because you have a relationship with the land, and you are the product of the land.”
  Robert is ready to sail, when will he go home, and can he Not being able to go home is an unknown. Therefore, before he left, he found Ruth, a girl from the same village that he had a crush on for a long time, and poured out his heart: “I didn’t want to tell you, but I think I have to tell you, it doesn’t matter now, because I have to go so far, maybe Never come back, so I have to tell you that I love you, but I also know that the person you love is my brother Andre.” What
  Robert didn’t expect was that Ruth told him that she had been Love him not his brother. Robert asked, “If you love me, why are you always with my brother?” Ruth explained, “Because you’re always reading a tattered book, ignoring me, and I’m still there. Think, you have studied in college for a year, you think you are learned, and you don’t look down on me at all.”
  When the misunderstanding was cleared up, Ruth begged Robert to stay. Although Robert hesitated, he still agreed to Ruth. He comforted himself and said that the thing I am going to look for must be love. I went to look outside the horizon, because I have found it right under my nose.
  When Robert, who was talking about “a good man is in all directions” suddenly announced to stay at home, his family was really not used to it: this has changed too fast. What surprised everyone even more was that An Zhu, who originally aspired to be a farmer, stood up and said, “Since my brother doesn’t go out, then I’ll go instead of him.” The family knew that An Zhu was because he liked Ruth and his brother. It was only after being together that he made such an impulsive decision and advised him to think twice, but An Zhu had already made up his mind.
  Long story short, three years have passed. What about Robert’s life? The answer is a mess. The farm he ran had gone bankrupt and was about to be mortgaged: his mother-in-law was extremely disappointed in him, and said angrily: “I knew long ago that he was not a farmer, if only Anju was here”; the workers he hired Because he felt that there was no hope of following him, he also resigned; his wife Ruth finally couldn’t stand him, and complained to him: “It’s really hard to live with you, you think it’s great that you go to college, what books do you read all day long? , I can’t do farm work. It’s really unlucky to marry you. It’s just because of the poor reading. If I hadn’t been confused by the poems you read, I wouldn’t have married you! After a month of marrying you, I regretted it. , I just found out now that the person I love is An Zhu, if only he came back.”
  An Zhu finally came back. How has he been all these years? He has learned one thing, and that is to do business. Yes, he is not sailing, and he is not interested in the “mystery” and “beauty” beyond the horizon that his younger brother yearns for. Later, since he didn’t have the opportunity to grow food, he had to do something related to food, that is, to do food business. He had been a short-lived millionaire, but then he was impoverished. Now, after being forced to go back to the farm, he is thinking of going back to New York immediately and earning the money back.
  Three losers were created in the play, but what was the reason for their failure? In fact, it was the misplacement of life choices. Robert was an intellectual, a poet, a thinker, and a visionary, and the reason for his longing was that he wanted to find something surreal, artistic, not a millionaire, as his brother imagined, so , his best careers are writing, adventure and art. Unfortunately, because of a poetic choice – love, he engaged in a job that is not poetic – farming. And a farmer with artistic temperament is destined to be a failed farmer. In Anju’s words, this “farmer” was not born to grow crops, so even if he tried his best, he could not let his family live a good life.
  An Zhu, a born farmer, a doer and a realist, for a practical reason – unable to marry Ruth, left his hometown where he really didn’t want to leave, but actually wanted to stay. He does not travel with an aesthetic mentality, but with the goal of venting his anger and making a fortune. Although the occupation of buying and selling food has something to do with planting food, it is not his old line of work, nor is it in line with his character, so Robert said that he was the biggest loser among the three: a peasant with a few notes Gambling in the wheat trading market; a producer who no longer produces, but is speculating on what he loves, is undoubtedly the same as a scholar who does not read, but goes to the market to resell pirated books, or a writer who does not create, but runs to write Street stall novels are no different, they are all going further and further on the evil road.
  Both Robert and Anju are people with considerable pursuits, talents and abilities. Why did they both end up in a mess? Robert was born to be an artist’s material, but he was not a farmer’s material: Anju was born to be a farmer’s material, but he was not a farmer. Materials for artists and merchants, if Robert is an artist and Anzhu is a farmer, this is called “I was born to be useful”; but Robert is the farmer, and Anzhu is an adventurer, this is called “I am born to be useful”. Useless”, so the final life of the two people is a mess. From this, we can see how important it is for a person to choose a job that suits his temperament and can give full play to his strengths when he is making career planning.
  However, some people think that there are all-rounders in this world. For example, Carlyle believes that in the real great people, they often have the qualities of statesmen, thinkers, legislators, and philosophers at the same time, for example, like Mirabeau. Politicians, military strategists like Napoleon, if they want to, can also be great writers. Writers such as Shakespeare and Burns, if the times demanded, can also reach the pinnacle of other professions. These heroes come in only one face, not because they only have one talent, but because the world they live in needs them to show only one of them. Whether Napoleon could write poetry or whether Shakespeare could go into politics is indeed questionable. Even if Carlisle’s point of view is correct, it can’t be used as a professional creed for ordinary people, because we are not geniuses, and we are not all-rounders.
  In the drama, there is another person whose life is bad because of wrong choices, and that is Ruth. Later stories proved that the most suitable husband for Ruth was Andrew the farmer rather than Robert the thinker. But why did Ruth choose Robert over Anjou in the first place? Is it because the first love doesn’t understand love? Or is it because girls don’t understand the ups and downs of life? In fact, there is a very interesting phenomenon in world literature: those young men with a little education, a little fantasy, a little unrealistic, a little literary accomplishment and poetic temperament It is easier to become the object of women’s admiration, such as Gao Jialin in Lu Yao’s “Life”, Julien in Stendhal’s “Red and Black”, young Faust in Goethe’s “Faust”, Tolstoy Nekhludoff in “The Resurrection”, Angie Clay in Hardy’s “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”, Dimmesdale in “The Resurrection”, the cheating Fantine in Hugo’s “Les Miserables” college students, etc. And those who adore them are often women with little culture, simple duty, and strong village girl atmosphere. Girls who have not read books always like people who have read books. This is probably a kind of narcissism of intellectuals, right? But these people who have read books are either incompetent or heartless, which also shows that writers still have self-reflection and self-reflection. self-critical spirit.
  Although these women who have no culture but worship culture later become the lovers of their “idols”, they basically do not have a good result. Comparatively speaking, Ruth’s ending is not bad, because she is married to the object of her admiration, Robert, and Robert loves her. But why did she regret it after a month of marriage? It turned out that she was a village girl, and she was only suitable for marrying a farmer, not an intellectual who was still reading poetry while farming. Besides, this knowledge Mole is no longer an intellectual, but a peasant who is engaged in the same profession as himself, and who is not as good as himself. Therefore, the sense of distance, mystery and worship at the time has disappeared without a trace. , leaving only the helplessness and helplessness brought about by poverty. Ruth’s misfortune does not justify an ancient Chinese saying – Are women afraid of marrying the wrong man?