No formaldehyde anti-water agent

No formaldehyde anti-water agent
No formaldehyde anti-water agent

1. Product introduction

This product is a polyamide polyurea high molecular oligomer, whose molecular structure contains in addition to the active hydroxyl group, but also contains the amide group, amine group and other multifunctional active groups, which can be widely used in various coating formulas of coated paper, which can greatly improve the wet adhesion strength, wet wear strength and ink acceptance performance of paper, improve the printing performance, cleanliness and surface strength of paper.This product can replace the conventional melamine one formaldehyde modified resin, and reflects its superior water resistance, the dosage is of ⅓-½ of

melamine one formaldehyde resin (absolutely drying meter).


1, Has no formaldehyde, and the formaldehyde release of paper is zero,    which is conducive to environmental protection and operating environment.

2, Curing speed is fast,Paper has good water resistance.

3, Wet wear strength reaches the maximum within 24 hours and becomes ripe quickly.

4, Significantly improve ink absorption, finish and surface strength , improving paper printing performance.

5, Widely used in a variety of PH range coating formulations.

3. Specifications:

Appearance: colorless or yellowish transparent liquid

PH:   7±1

Solid contain:     50±1%

Viscosity: 200mPa.s  (25℃):

Water solubility:arbitrary mixed

Stability: six months at normal temperature

4.Package and Storage:

1000kg or 200kg plastic barrel packaging

Store in cool and dry areas to avoid proximity to the heat source