Money can limit our ‘sight’

  Having money may make your “eyesight” worse, ignoring the existence of others, as if you are the only one in the world. We often say that “poverty limits our imagination”. In fact, money can also limit our eyesight.
  Dickens’ novel “A Tale of Two Cities” depicts such a scene: those princes and nobles often drove their cars in the narrow streets with no sidewalks. The marquis’s carriage ran over a poor child in the street, and he yelled at people for not taking care of their children. , while throwing a gold coin from the car. “It seems that if you accidentally break an ordinary thing, you have already lost money to make up for it.” When the
  princes and nobles were driving, it seemed that they could not see the existence of passers-by. The next series of studies I’m going to cover is based on this theme: having money makes you more “defiant”.
  In 2016, NYU psychologists Diaz and Knowles asked 61 New Yorkers to walk through the streets of Manhattan wearing trendy recording glasses. The researchers analyzed the video recordings to find out whether people looked at other pedestrians on the street when they were walking on the street. It turns out that the rich simply turn a blind eye to everyone else on the road. That is, they spend less time watching passers-by than poor people. The rich will be more “defiant”, and only the poor will spend more time paying attention to others.
  Next, the team did another experiment, in which they recruited 397 people to play a game similar to “Everyone finds the ballast.” Everyone first sees an image that contains six things: a face and five other objects. After looking at this picture for 0.5 seconds, a new picture will appear. The new image is similar to the old image, except that one of the six things becomes a new item. The results of the experiment found that if the difference between the new picture and the old picture is a face, it is difficult for rich people to detect the difference between the two pictures. That is to say, the poor will have more attention and memory of human faces.
  This is actually a very strange phenomenon. Because usually, people are especially sensitive to other people’s faces.
  Armed with money, people become strong enough inside that they don’t feel the need to waste time focusing on other people because they are insignificant. In this way, money can make people less concerned about others and less willing to think from their perspective. With money, the world we see will be different.