Meaning of fear

   God has given us an incomparably important gift, and that is cowardice.
   “There are gods three feet off the ground” is an old saying, and it’s what I used to describe blind people in my novels. Blind people have a characteristic – timid, suspicious, because they can’t see. They see invisible obstacles as “gods”.
   Once I was chatting with a blind man, and he said that we have one thing in common—timidity, and he was ashamed of it. I bless him. He’s weird, there’s nothing to congratulate him for being timid. I said, “Shyness means a lot, it’s a psychological feature that has meaning in life.”
   My son was very timid when he was seven or eight years old, and whenever he was afraid, I would pull him aside and say: “Child, congratulations, you are amazing, you have grown, and you have a sense of fear.” The son was very surprised at first, and he asked me why all the teachers encouraged him to be brave, but I was proud of his timidity.
   I said, fear is too important. If you climb a mountain in broad daylight, you may be able to walk fast, but if it is at night, when you lose your judgment on the outside world, your courage will naturally be small. This is a must, and it forces you to be careful with every step you take. If you climb a mountain at night and walk as fast as you can during the day, you will surely fall.
   This shows what? It shows God’s love for us. He has given us a very important gift, which is cowardice. Timidity is a reminder to life from God that it makes you protect yourself and make you cherish and love yourself. People have to move forward. Of course, courage is very important when moving forward. However, we must first figure out a question, whether your bravery is blind. Life is never isolated, it is inextricably linked with its surroundings. Among these connections, some are beneficial to life, and some are harmful to life, which requires us to be rational and judge. When we deal with difficulties rationally, and then muster up our courage, I say, this is called courage. On the contrary, you are irrational, you are just hasty, you are just blind, I ask, what’s the point of such bravery?
   That’s where the meaning of fear is. It makes you stop, analyze the external situation first, find out where the obstacles are, and then look for solutions to overcome them, and then act. This is valuable.
   At this point I want to say that there is something wrong with our education. It does not respect fear and makes timidity a moral flaw, which is very harmful. Disrespect for fear is disrespect for human psychology, which is disrespect for science. Blindly emphasizing bravery is blindness, and in my opinion, encouraging blindness is a crime against children. You may say that blind people can’t see, so it’s understandable to be timid, we are able-bodied people, we can see everything, why should we have a sense of fear? I would like to ask a question, are you really not blind? Can you see the back of your head? You can’t see. This is called limitation.
   There are many sounds in this world that we cannot hear but dogs can hear; there are many smells in this world that we cannot smell but cats can smell; there are many special colors in this world that we cannot see but birds can smell can be seen. Simply put, science has told us that there is a lot of information in the world that we humans simply cannot capture. There is one more important point. We cannot comprehend many spirits, we cannot comprehend many concepts, and we cannot comprehend many thoughts. We should not think that we know everything and understand everything, and then we are extremely brave, extremely reckless, rushing up and rushing away, which is more fatal.
   We should be a little more humble towards the world, not so confident, not thinking we have the truth. Each of us has blind spots. This is the biggest feeling I have after writing “Tuina”.
   After writing “Tuina”, I have grown spiritually. A book is really nothing. My greatest gratification is that I calmly admit one thing: I am a “disabled person”. In this world, there are many things that I can’t see, hear, smell, and many things that I can’t comprehend in my life. “Summer bugs can’t speak ice”, I am that summer bug. Of course, there are also regrets. As a “disabled”, I have not yet established a psychology that matches the disabled: my sense of fear is still not enough.
   Since every life is limited, tell yourself calmly that there are gods three feet above the ground. And a good society should use all social resources to make its people “free from fear” instead of ignoring and despising fear.