Lonely travel

  Leisure in the social field is repulsive because it is forced; leisure in solitary life is pleasant; because it is free and voluntary.
  ——[French] Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  Among my friends, there is a female friend who likes to travel alone. “I travel by myself 60 percent of the time,” she said. “I think it’s a good day
  to go when you want to go.” She added: “We don’t know when the urge to travel suddenly occurs, right? May be interested in seeing travel programs, inexplicably attracted by the scenes in the series, seeing street posters and triggering the urge to travel, reading historical novels and generating curiosity to find out, etc. When these opportunities arise When the thought of ‘I want to go see it!’ came out, I was eager to leave tomorrow.
  ”Also, I suddenly have more free time, or I have no plans to go out, but the weather is good and it is suitable for going out, etc., It makes me want to travel.
  ”Such as these emergencies, there is really no extra time to find a company. Moreover, because it is all temporary, I am too embarrassed to force others in.”
  When traveling alone, she tries to concentrate as much as possible. In sightseeing, enjoy a free journey that is not lonely.
  ”Cheap accommodation such as homestays and youth hostels is very homey, and you can become good friends with hosts or other travelers. When you arrive at your destination, solo travelers will also meet people who are very kind to you, so traveling alone is absolutely You won’t feel lonely.
  ”Also, you don’t need to worry about other people. You can go wherever you want. You can adjust the whole itinerary freely. You can decide by yourself if you want to stay at a certain point for a few hours. One of the reasons people travel. She also mentioned a ”
  better advantage”, that is, “traveling alone will have a deeper curiosity or emotion”. If you have traveling companions, you always feel that it is better to chat, or you may be affected by the other party’s values. influences.
  In other words, the time to “feel with your own eyes” will be deprived. really! If several people go on a trip together, it seems that they usually can’t remember what they saw…
  ”I gave up the trip I was looking forward to because I couldn’t find a companion!” In this way, it can only be said that “loneliness” is not enough. . Abandon the established idea of ​​”it’s lonely to travel alone”, and travel as you please and at ease! You can definitely enjoy it.