Inferiority and superiority of studying abroad in Poland

  When I came to Gdansk University of Science and Technology, which has the longest history in Poland’s Pomerania, I was greeted not only by the sunny weather, but also by orange-yellow leaves and unfamiliar scenery. So, my first discovery was not foreigners and exotic food, but autumn. And I haven’t felt autumn for a long time.
  I am a person who especially likes to learn, and learning is exciting. Because of my career, I have also taken some strange courses in many famous schools in China. But this is the first time to study abroad. The immersive real-life learning experience has made me discover some perspectives and experiences that are impossible to experience in China. Chinese students in Poland have a sense of inferiority, but they also have a huge sense of superiority. .
Gaming experience in the classroom

  We had a class where the teacher was a handsome Polish man who looked like a handsome Spanish man, and even looked like Brad Pitt from a certain angle. He had a good-looking, clean-cut beard with a short beard plastered against his face. Sanmao once said that people with beards are mostly shy by nature, and they think they are safer by hiding under their beards. This is also my opinion, I always feel that people with beards have a natural sense of joy. Of course, such a teacher who has a sense of joy in class does not take the usual path.
  We had just finished signing in for the course when we heard him say, “All students close their computers, take out a piece of paper, and write your name on it.” I looked at each other with my foreign classmates and saw fear in each other’s eyes. Thinking that he was going to arrange a temporary exam or a test in the classroom, after reluctantly writing their names on the blank paper, everyone quietly waited for the arrangement of fate. The teacher took out a box, but it didn’t look like it could fit many exam papers. He looked at us, who were a little scared, and said slowly: “This class can only be done with games, everyone just enjoys this game and learns knowledge from it, that’s it.” Thus, a special game experience was born.

“The campus in the fall is the place where my dream begins.”

seminar in the classroom.

  This is a game about game theory. The teacher first divided us into B team and S team according to the number of students, with 9 people in each team. Team S gets a random number from the numbers 2-10 each, while Team B gets a random number from the numbers 3-11 each. The members of Team S and Team B need to hide their numbers, form an alliance with each other, negotiate a price at a price higher or lower than the price in hand, and then go to the teacher to record the score, and finally win the game Game students will receive credit for this course.
  After going through this process, we were a little nervous again – we also said that it was not an exam, it was all linked to the credits! I was drawn to Team S, and anxiously waited for the next arrangement with my teammates. Who said bearded people are shy by nature, I looked at the teacher “indignantly”, and sadly found out that he is a mustache, not a bearded…
  For the first time, we were all careful, not knowing the size of the number and the fraction Impact. I drew 7, but when I rushed into the opposing team with great interest and kept asking about 7, everyone shook their heads and found a team with a smaller number. Even if I try to build a bridge of friendship with each other with the sweetest friendly smile, it doesn’t help. In the first round, I passed, and the score was empty, not even a 0. In the second round, I got a 2, and I couldn’t help but be happy – I finally don’t have to pass the shot, I have to get at least a 0. I rushed into the crowd again and shouted that my offer was 2. Immediately, a blond female classmate excitedly ran over to me to confirm the team. She told me that she also got 2. But then the teacher wrote an 8 on the blonde beauty’s score, and I got a 0, and I realized something was wrong.
  It turns out that the rules of the game are as follows: S (seller) is the seller team, B (buyer) is the buyer team, both buyers and sellers must ensure their own interests, buy and sell their own hands with the smallest number or the largest number The number recorded each time is our score. This score determines our purchasing ability and sales ability. Whether it is a buyer or a seller, the higher the score, the better. Blonde’s hole card is 10, but she lied that she is 2, so I will choose to team up with her, her 8 points are from me! Looking at my eyes, the blonde beauty said apologetically “I’m sorry”, but her smile revealed her psychology after taking advantage.
  There can be fraud in this game. How to make a favorable quotation for yourself is also the basis of game theory, because everyone hopes that the higher the score, the better, so that it is possible to get the credits of this course. After two rounds like this, I finally had the experience, I could skillfully use the cards in my hand to complete the team formation and get points again. Among them, the happiest team was completed with a girl named Euler. She was 9 and I was 3. We unanimously quoted 6 and watched the teacher write 3 points on our respective scores. , we hugged happily. The teacher also noticed this scene and reminded us to remember this very important moment.
  At the end of the game, a total of 7 rounds of team formation were carried out, and the answer was finally revealed. The teacher began to comment on the scores on the blackboard, while explaining the course knowledge, let us pay attention to the reasons behind these abnormal numbers. Finally, the students with the highest scores among buyers and sellers will be rewarded with credits, and the winners are often the best; students who have participated in the 7 rounds of team formation will also be rewarded with credits, and they are worthy of being rewarded for being able to participate bravely throughout the process. I thought that the game and the lesson were over here, but the teacher’s words and actions made me really learn something different from this game.
  The teacher emphasized that in game theory, because everyone is fighting for their own best interests, that is, the score of the game, a win-win situation is very rare. The most commendable thing is the win-win situation between me and Euler, it turns out that this is the special experience the teacher said, so I can also get credits. For a while, I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Sanmao is right, no matter the beard or the mustache, they are all lovely people.
A group discussion about feeling “inferior”

  When I was in Gdansk, I saw a lot of tall noses and tall people, and then I suddenly realized that I was actually a “foreigner”. I was curious about them, and they were curious about me, even more so than me. Most Chinese international students will have a long or short language transition period when they first come to study abroad. I can clearly feel that sometimes when we communicate with Polish classmates, although we use the same language – English, the final result of communication has long deviated from the original intention. But fortunately, we all have smiles, and smiles allow us to break through embarrassment and release kindness to each other.

  So, I found another interesting little thing: we are the same as Poles in the use of English. Chinese students will first translate Chinese into English in their minds, and then convert the received information into Chinese for understanding. The same is true for Polish students, who convert Polish into English and walk the same distance again. This conversion process is very similar to going to the bank to exchange money: Chinese students pay RMB, Polish students pay Zloty, and everyone receives euros and then spends together in the euro zone. The only difference is that their thinking systems are close, so they can use English more freely and express themselves positively.
  After the successful classroom experience last time, I am looking forward to all the classroom games. Soon, we had another group discussion class in the classroom, each group of 4 people, a total of 7 groups. I followed in the footsteps of everyone with great interest to change seats and find my own group; the group members enthusiastically accepted me to join and formed an “international group”: 1 Chinese, 1 German, 2 Polish.
  In order to live up to the warm welcome of my classmates, I will use my “improvement” which I am good at to show off my skills, have a lively discussion with them, and submit the most perfect answer sheet. It’s a pity that I couldn’t do it. Seeing that the discussion in the group without Chinese students is full of enthusiasm, and every group with Chinese students always has a corner that is misfiring. I meditated in my heart: we are all students who are disturbed by language skills, but it seems that we have lost the ability to express and communicate, and a strong sense of inferiority engulfs me.
  This feeling lasted until the end of the course, and then I found other international students of different majors and levels to chat about this issue, including Indian students, German students, Spanish students, and of course Polish locals. I just found out that we have some little “inferiority” more or less about our lack of language ability. It’s just that Easterners and Westerners have different ways of expressing themselves. They think English is “really troublesome”. Find the easiest and most convenient way to express your thoughts. English is “not easy to use”, then find a way to make it “easy to use”, they are not inferior. And we are always thinking about how to learn grammar well, how not to make grammatical mistakes when expressing, how to use long difficult sentences and more precise words to express ourselves. Our “inferiority” comes from our shyness.
  In fact, I am indeed a shy girl from the East, but I know how to fight shyness with a smile, the more shy, the more smiles. Back in the dormitory, I took out my notepad and started to record materials: “Fortunately, I am lucky, I can use the skill of smiling proficiently, and I have gained a lot of help and friendliness with smiles. Goodbye, low self-esteem!”

Street scene in Gdansk, Poland.
A proud sense of superiority

  The “Black Friday” at the end of November is coming. In the past, I used to find purchasing agents in China to participate in this discount feast, but now I can participate in person, and I am so happy. I originally had some electrical appliances and daily necessities to buy, and I was going to buy them like crazy during the “Black Friday” discount season, so after a must-have shopping, I took a taxi back to the dormitory with my classmates. As soon as the driver saw our typical oriental appearance, he immediately burst into a bright smile.
  The driver first happily welcomed us to Gdansk, and then expressed his confusion: you are Chinese, why do you want to buy “Made in China” electrical appliances in Poland? We smiled at each other and explained embarrassingly that because we didn’t have enough luggage, we had only been in Poland for 3 days, and these were the must-haves. The driver understood, and then he used the translation software to communicate with us in the only Chinese and English. He likes China very much, saying that China’s “Huawei” and “Xiaomi” are very easy to use, and the electrical appliances from China are also very easy to use, and her daughter went to China to study for a year a few years ago, and his daughter loves China very much. The driver’s words made my heart flutter, and I laughed out loud with a sense of pride. I agree with his words: yes, China has many delicacies, the most hospitable and unpretentious people, and all kinds of beautiful scenery. welcome to China.
  Then, there was another group discussion in class the next day. This time, the group discussion arranged by the teacher was full of Chinese elements. We discussed “Huawei” and “Xiaomi”, and discussed mobile payment and Chinese speed. The whole day, I was wrapped in a sense of pride, and this sense of superiority that comes from pride is so joyful. I didn’t expect that in foreign classrooms, teachers would discuss the brand of our country. Many people have this stereotype: in the eyes of foreigners, Chinese students are very rich, use the latest mobile phones and electronic devices, are very fond of luxury goods, and most of them have an unusual understanding of popular culture. Chinese people are easily discriminated against abroad and do not feel respected. In fact, this is not entirely the case. At least in the school where I studied, my compatriots and I did not encounter such a situation.
  I don’t want to discuss the stereotype, I just want to document all the wonderful encounters I have in Poland: friendly taxi drivers, mobile card handling staff, roommates and strangers in Poland. Among all the wonderful encounters, what I feel the most is not the strangeness and foreignness of being in a foreign country, nor the impact of different cultures, but the fact that I am in Central Europe, and I can always be surrounded by Chinese elements, Chinese I am very proud of the strength that wraps and warms me.