How do ordinary people play the metaverse?

  2021 is regarded as the first year of the Metaverse. To this day, the metaverse is still a topic of conversation.
  Some people believe that the metaverse is a pseudo-concept. But other people, including Zuckerberg and Ma Huateng, think that the metaverse is the future, the next generation of the Internet, and even the terminal of mankind.
  Outside of sci-fi and tech people, how will ordinary people connect with the metaverse? Some people joked that if you don’t play games and don’t get “scammed”, there may be no contact for the time being.
  Is this really the case?
“Taopai”, the largest digital collection sales platform on the tree map chain

  Neil Stephenson, who coined the term “metaverse” in his work “Avalanche” 30 years ago, also wrote the motto “Boring is the mask of frustration” in his work, which seems to reveal the metaverse The meaning of birth is to make the world more interesting. What’s more, making enjoyment fun isn’t just the privilege of the few.
  As a product of the metaverse era, digital collections (NFTs) that are naturally non-reproducible, indivisible, and uniquely numbered are sought after by more and more people. For the domestic digital collection market, the prices of most digital collections are relatively civilian, and almost everyone can participate and collect their favorite digital collections. Therefore, more and more ordinary people already have, or at least have thought about how to have the first digital collection.
  On January 11, 2022, when the digital collection distribution, promotion and trading platform “Taopai” was launched, “Come to Taopai and own your first digital collection” became the platform’s slogan.
  Compared with learning blockchain knowledge, understanding public and private keys, smart contracts and other technical terms, in the opinion of Taopai Commercial Director Jiao Yuqing, ordinary people want to enter the Metaverse and get in touch with the Metaverse, buying a digital collection may be the easiest and most convenient way. The way.
  Since 2022, the number of domestic digital collection platforms has grown significantly. “Many platforms are built on the alliance chain, and there are even platforms that choose to go online on foreign public chains. The scalability and ecological linkage of the alliance chain will be very limited, and foreign public chains also exist due to technical defects and other various reasons. Compliance risk.” Jiao Yuqing told Xinmin Weekly, “The Conflux blockchain public chain with independent intellectual property rights has natural advantages over the consortium chain, and the Conflux public chain has natural advantages in transaction throughput (( TPS) and confirmation time are world-leading, the on-chain ecology is prosperous and interconnected, and the unique payment mechanism eliminates the hidden dangers of users’ exposure to digital currency, and is at the forefront of compliance and embracing supervision.”

Taopai provides ordinary people with easy and convenient access to the Metaverse through digital collections, and assists well-known brands and institutions in the layout of the Metaverse. The picture shows the party cat issued by Taopai, China Aerospace, Unilever & Su Yiming.

  When the well-known tea brand “Naixue’s Tea” and the world-renowned catering brand McDonald’s launched their respective NFTs based on the treemap chain, Jiao Yuqing said that many big brands and institutions have found the treemap to seek the layout of the metaverse. “In fact, most of the brands that want to deploy the metaverse start with digital collections, which are equivalent to assets in the entire metaverse. People must first hold some of their own digital assets before they can be specifically applied to various scenarios in the metaverse.”
  What is a true digital collection? How do digital collections integrate with Web3 and the Metaverse? How to use the virtual to promote the real and the combination of the real and the number? In order to solve the questions of the brand and the ecological side, Taopai joined hands with the Shutu technical team to develop the Taopai platform.
  To make an easy-to-understand analogy, Taopai is like “Taobao” based on blockchain technology. And combined with MPC (multi-party secure computing), threshold signature and other technologies, the Fiat-to-NFT solution has been independently developed to ensure the security of user assets.
  ”On Taopai, users can purchase digital collections issued by resident artists, brands or well-known IPs such as film and television, animation, and games through familiar payment methods such as Alipay and bank cards.” Jiao Yuqing said, “The digital collections issued by Taopai The collections are actually on the chain and are publicly queried. They are real digital collections that really belong to users. Even if Taopai is gone one day, it will not affect the ownership and security of user assets. A variety of ecological projects are interconnected, such as a product called Anyweb, which is specially used for blockchain account hosting. After the two are connected, users can see their own Anyweb assets on Taopai, and they can also view Taopai’s assets on Anyweb. Collection. Others include the asset exchange of ODin Sanguoyuan, the Taopai Cultural Island of Mosaiyuan Universe, the capital verification group of Metaforo, the write-off and evolution of Fanbook’s assets, etc.”
  Jiao Yuqing emphasized that similar ecological enterprises have access to The more there are, the more scenarios and business opportunities the brand will have, and the more gameplay and fun users will have.
  On August 16, Tencent’s digital collection platform Magic Nucleus was shut down. “This is also where the alliance chain has been criticized by the industry. Not only are assets not guaranteed, but users are passive about how to dispose of their digital assets.” Jiao Yuqing said frankly, “Never try to trust a ledger that you cannot participate in bookkeeping. ”
  In Jiao Yuqing’s view, in terms of brands or IP, digital collections should be a carrier for establishing strong connections with users and a tool for deploying the metaverse. The breaking of the traditional industry of merchants. “Enterprises must fully understand the meaning and value of digital collections. If a company issues digital collections just to make a quick buck, without a long-term operational plan, we will think it is a consumption of its own IP and fans. We are more willing to help companies Through the deep binding of digital collections and fans, combined with the rights and interests of physical objects, membership, copyright income, etc., based on the resource advantages of the platform, it is linked with star IP, fashion, sports, cultural and creative brands, etc., to empower the new digital marketing of the enterprise metaverse ”
  In the selection of cooperative brands, Taopai has insisted on and understood the cooperation with domestic well-known brands or IP parties of digital collections from the very beginning. At present, Taopai and Shutu have reached an in-depth strategic cooperation with China Youth Daily, as a national ‘ It is the exclusive support unit for digital collections and blockchain technology of the Youth Yuan Universe’ plan. Other partners include more than 200 well-known institutions such as China Aerospace and Mango Smart Entertainment. Among them, film and television partners include China Film and Television, the first share of Chinese film and television, and domestic first-class film and television. The film and television company Huanyu Film, top animation and game IP Bump World; consumer goods partners include Unilever (Qingyang), Shanghai Fashion Week 8-year sponsor Limitless, fashion brand bosie, as well as many famous cultural heritage institutions, Copyright owners of intangible cultural heritage works, museums, cultural and art institutions, etc., have always moved forward in actively empowering local party media for digital publicity, promoting the great cause of China’s aerospace industry, disseminating Chinese traditional culture and art, and promoting positive energy.”