High-efficiency adhesive

High-efficiency adhesive
High-efficiency adhesive

1. Product introduction: 

It is synthesized with different polyolefin bases. The main chain of polyolefin is modified by grafting and copolymerization to introduce hydrophilic groups (ester, hydroxyl, and carboxyl) to enhance the affinity of the polyolefin dispersion emulsion. It’s water-based which making it more suitable for papermaking coating process requirements. Meanwhile, it can strongly adhere to fibers and pigments, which greatly improves the bonding performance of the coating. The use of a large number of hydrophilic groups can also improve the water retention performance of the coating.

2.  Specification:

Appearance Milky white liquid
Solid content 25±1
PH 4.0-6.5
Viscosity(mpa.s) 300-1600

3. Application

It’s added after the latex in the paint tank, the dosage will be based on the type of coated paper. It’s suitable for all kinds of coated paper; art paper, white cardboard, white board paper, special paper, etc.

4. Package&storage

1000kg polyethylene drum

The storage temperature is 5-60℃