Happy and grudge in film and television

  Midsummer is hot, and the first choice for summer is chasing dramas. Looking for an innocuous drama, and watching it with every single eye in the fragmentary time, just fills the gap when there is no good movie to watch and you don’t want to burn your brain to dig out a new movie.
  Maybe it’s because the age is getting older and the anti-depression index is declining. I’m more and more reluctant to watch the hero and heroine being tricked by the terrible fate and the extremely lengthy plot of emotional misunderstanding. I only like to watch after the bad luck. I was speechless and choked”; watching Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv “Sixteen years of Baiyun Canggou, I was born to Huafaqing old face”; when the comrades’ lives were on the line, our team shouted “hand in the gun and don’t kill” and arrived in time ; Watch Cinderella overcome all odds to board the pumpkin carriage, dress up for the party, and watch the beast finally fall in love with the beauty, and the spell is lifted and she turns back into a handsome prince. I have no patience to wait for the male and female protagonists to waste decades, wait for Yang Guo to go through untold hardships, wait for the comrades to go through hardships, and wait for Cinderella to pick up the beans one by one.
  I guess there are not a few people who have this idea of ​​mine, otherwise there would be no such thoughtful setting as “double-speed playback”. As long as you pull the progress bar, you can ignore the procrastination of the plot, and pull it to the silky smooth plot of gorgeous, bright and reunion, which is refreshing, like eating ice cream in summer, extremely comfortable, not to mention how cool.
  The audience has the perspective of God, and also has a pair of hands that are turning clouds and rain. Those who obey me will obey me, and those who oppose me will never end. After the spy drama “Cliff” was broadcast, the audience could not accept that the resourceful undercover Zhou had been shot by the enemy at the end of the play, forcing the director to remake an open ending where Zhou’s life and death were unknown, and predicted that this would be done for the sequel. Prepare, this will appease the audience. One of my neighbors treats his daughter lightly because the father in “Everything Is Good” favors his son. His blood pressure soars and he wants to overturn the table. He wants to grab the father by the collar and yell at him for being confused.
  Cai Kangyong said: “Film is actually a medium for escaping, catharsis, or dreaming.” In this matter, there is no way to reason with the audience. What the audience values ​​is the reflection of our life in the image, and whether the image is our ideal life.
  Life is so uneventful and gloomy. Usually, no one is used to it, and no one can bully us. Living in the ordinary, we dream of being a savior who is not afraid of heaven and earth. Since then, we have generously rescued them in the film and television drama, and let them make a name for us, help people in distress, be romantic and beautiful, and go back and forth. We are invincible, we are omnipotent, we are full of joy.
  In just a few decades in the world, we are like grass and snakes, and in various unknown details, we slowly hide in the sea of ​​people, disappear in the crowd, and silently accept this setting: living up to now, There is no more “happiness from now on” moment, and I also know that living is the process of Sisyphus forever on the rolling stones and up the mountain, again and again, never ending. Therefore, we long for legends, for the stars to hold the moon, for pride, for success, and for deep love like the sea. This is the dream of ordinary heroes like our immortal.
  Movies are real fiction, and life is fictional reality. Indulging in film and television dramas, sincere love is real, broken hatred is also real, pain is also true, crying is also true, without spending a cent, it can soothe emotions and relieve stress. Don’t be too cheap. Promises that cannot be fulfilled in reality, dreams that cannot be realized, just go to film and television dramas to rejoice.