Endure repetitive boredom

  In professional positions, many jobs tend to be repetitive. The lathes process the same parts every day, one after another, endlessly; the fitters operate according to the processes of chiseling, filing, drilling, reaming, scraping, riveting, etc., over and over again, endlessly; the courier works every day According to the address, building, and house number on the parcel list, door-to-door delivery, trip after trip, rain or shine… These repetitive tasks often make people feel monotonous and boring.
  I heard a friend of a civil aviation captain say that the procedures and actions of their voyages are basically the same, and they are repeated operations. For example, before taking off, you must first read and perform inspections according to the standard reading list. It is usually read by the co-pilot and checked by the captain. The procedures in it cannot be changed or omitted, and must be carried out step by step according to the reading single. Even if you have already memorized the recitation list, you must recite it word by word and operate it step by step. In the cabin, what the flight attendant said to passengers with a microphone must also be read while reading the list. This strict and “rigid” regulation makes the captain and flight attendant repeat mechanical actions over and over again, is it boring? Of course boring. However, this is an insurmountable rigid procedure for post operation and an iron discipline that cannot be violated. Once overstepped and violated, it may cause unimaginable consequences.
  In fact, in daily study, work and life, many contents are boring and repetitive. Students deal with words, formulas, and characters every day, memorize them repeatedly, and use them back and forth; farmers irrigate, transplant seedlings, and fertilize each time, the seasons reincarnate, and work back and forth; soldiers go out to exercise, stand guard, and train, day after day, year after year; Writers have been climbing grids, typing on keyboards, and producing works for many years, working hard day and night; athletes repeat one after another monotonous, bitter and tiring movements every day, soaking new wounds and old scars with sweat again and again, repeating summer and dog training. , Winter practice Sanjiu… The boringness of this kind of post work forms a strong contrast with the colorful and tempting world outside. Many people can’t bear the boredom, and they do not hesitate to abandon their original pursuits and move towards the hustle and bustle and impetuousness. However, after the hustle and bustle and impetuousness, they will suddenly find themselves empty-handed and have nothing, and feel that life is so boring and boring.
  Resisting the dullness of repetition is often the first hurdle that a person has to go through and the first test that a person has to endure when stepping into a professional position. To be precise, any occupation and any job in the world need to be tempered and roasted through monotony, dullness and loneliness. In order to withstand this test, we need to establish a noble professional spirit and devote our efforts and energy to the professional post. Once the professional spirit takes root, all the boring will be no problem; we need to temper a tenacious professional will and treat the position as a career. , regard the profession as a mission, have the courage to overcome the mountains and hardships that lie in front of you, and always have a persistent consciousness and unswerving adherence to the cause. Once the professional will is firm, all the dullness will cease to exist; it is necessary to cast Stick to long-term career ideals, plan your career well, and establish your own goals. Even if you don’t have to reach the selfless realm of “spring silkworms die, wax torches turn to ashes and tears start to dry”, you should still strive for your ideals. Willing to make the necessary sacrifices and efforts, once the career ideal is clear, all the boring will disappear.
  When the diligent student solves the problems and understands the principles, when the simple farmers harvest the ears of rice and pluck the fruits, when the hard-working workers complete each process and make products, when the heroic Soldiers of the past overcame obstacles and won medals, when diligent writers typed words and wrote wonderful essays, when outstanding athletes won medals and lifted trophies, then, They not only enjoyed the fun of struggle, but also created a splendid life. At that time, you will also understand that your boring struggle is wonderful, and the harvest after enduring the boring is wonderful!