Drink less water after taking 7 types of medicine

   1. Some medicines for treating stomach diseases,
   such as gastric mucosal protective agents (sucralfate, bismuth pectin, etc.), will form a protective film in the stomach after taking the medicine, so try not to drink water within 1 hour of taking the medicine to avoid the protective film being diluted by water . It is necessary to chew and swallow the gastric medicine directly, and do not drink too much water to prevent damage to the formed protective film. Some bitter stomach invigorating medicines, such as compound gentian tincture, etc., stimulate the tongue taste receptors and peripheral nerves through bitterness, promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, and increase appetite. gargle.
   2. Cough medicine
   Cough syrup, licorice mixture and other medicines need to adhere to the inflamed throat to play a role. Drinking too much water will wash away the medicine and reduce the efficacy of the medicine. It is generally recommended not to drink water for 10 minutes after taking such drugs.
   3. Drugs that need to be swallowed,
   such as nitroglycerin and Shexiang Baoxin pills, etc., should not be swallowed directly with water, but should be taken sublingually to allow capillary absorption. Do not drink water within 30 minutes after taking it.
   4. Buccal tablets
   such as cediiodine buccal tablets, compound grass coral buccal tablets, Yinhuang buccal tablets, etc., when taking buccal tablets, place the tablets at the base of the tongue and keep them as close to the throat as possible to maintain a high local concentration of the drug. It is recommended to try not to drink water within 30 minutes after taking it.
   5. Gargle
   This kind of medicine is mainly used for cleaning the throat and mouth. It has deodorizing, antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. It is an adjuvant medicine for oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. This type of medicine cannot be swallowed, and a certain concentration should be maintained in the mouth after gargle, and it is not advisable to drink water immediately.
   6. Antidiuretics Drinking water should be restricted during the administration of
   such drugs (vasopressin, desmopressin), otherwise it may cause water retention or hyponatremia.
   7. Medications to Relieve Diarrhea
   For example, if you drink too much water after taking montmorillonite powder, it will affect the fixation and inhibition of the drug on viruses and bacteria in the digestive tract. Generally, the instructions of this type of medicine will clearly indicate the ratio of medicine to water. It is recommended to pour the medicine into half a cup of warm boiled water (about 50ml) and mix well and take it quickly.
   Finally, it is reminded that it is generally recommended to use warm water (40-50°C) to deliver medicines, but the water temperature of some medicines should be lower than 40°C, such as vitamins and digestive pepsin mixture, trypsin, multi-enzyme tablets, etc., as well as some Drugs containing active bacteria, etc. In short, you must read the drug instructions carefully before taking the medicine. If you are unclear, you can seek the guidance of a professional pharmacist.