Does peerless martial arts really exist?

  In martial arts works, martial arts masters usually have unique skills. Some of them fly over the eaves and walls, some are invulnerable to swords and guns, and some can point acupuncture points… Will these peerless martial arts really appear in reality?   In the
  movie, martial arts masters can jump up to the eaves, tap the treetops with their feet, and they can fly above the canopy, or cross the water like a dragonfly.   In reality, people can enhance their leg strength through long-term weight-bearing, balance and other training, so that they can jump higher and move more agilely, to achieve a similar effect of “light work”, and parkour can achieve certain Some athletes can also use floating boards to run a certain distance on the water. Hubei Wushu master Chen Shixing is known as “the first person in Qinggong”. After decades of training, he can jump on a 4-meter-high wall. However, the Qinggong floating in the air or on water violates the basic laws of physics. maybe appear.   Inner strength is to concentrate the power of the whole body. The inner strength in   martial arts works is the source of power for martial arts masters. It can not only enhance the lethality of their moves, but also bounce off opponents’ attacks and even hit people from the air.   In reality, the use of whole body strength by professional martial arts and fighting athletes is the closest to internal strength. When they throw a punch, they not only use the strength of the hand, but also concentrate the strength of the whole body muscle to drive the hand, which is stronger than simply using the arm to force, and the use of the whole body strength to block the opponent’s moves will be more effective. But the exaggerated descriptions of internal strength in martial arts works are not true.   You have also been tapped by the “acupoint-pointing”   masters with their fingers on the enemy, and the opponent cannot move. This is a common “point-pointing” in martial arts works.

  In life, when you accidentally hit your elbow, you will feel soreness and numbness in your arm. Usually, you can only move your arm after the numbness has passed. Does this feel like being “pointed”? There is an “ulnar nerve” on the human elbow. When it is stimulated by compression, blow, etc., it will cause numbness and soreness in the arm. There are still many nerves in the human body. Acupuncture can be said to be an exaggerated description of hitting certain weak joints or nerves. In reality, it will make people feel numb, sore or painful, and the body will lose some ability to resist. die. But this requires a certain amount of force to hit the nerves, not a little light as described in the martial arts works.
  The iron sand palm is actually a palm covered with calluses. In the
  film and television drama, the human hand reaches into the hot hot sand and turns it. If you practice in this way, you can practice the “iron sand palm” that cuts iron like mud, and it is not a problem to chop bricks with your bare hands. Not afraid of high temperature.
  This is actually through practice, strengthen the muscles of the hand, and at the same time let the hand grow a thick cuticle, which is commonly known as “callus”. Frequent flipping of hot sand will reduce people’s sensitivity to temperature and pain. Chopping bricks with bare hands requires not only palm resistance, but also certain skills. However, it is still impossible for the palm to be exposed to high temperature or against metal for a long time.