Are there really aliens in Area 51 in the UK?

  On November 8, 1965, in a villa in Manhattan, United States, a middle-aged woman was neatly dressed, lying straight on the bed, and had long lost her breath. The police came to the scene and left after a brief survey. A few days later, the autopsy report released that the cause of death was a combination of alcohol and barbiturates. Barbiturate is a depressant of the central nervous system with sedative and hypnotic effects. Overdose or combined with certain drugs can be fatal. The drugs used for euthanasia and lethal injection contain barbiturate hydrochloride. So, is the deceased suicide, accident, or homicide? No one knows the answer, but this death is destined to make waves, because the deceased was not an ordinary person. who is she?
  It turned out that the middle-aged woman named Dorothy Kilgallen was an American news reporter and author. During her journalistic career, she reported on many major events, including some major crimes. Even the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway called her “one of the greatest female writers in the world”. The reason why her death caused waves was because she was secretly investigating the assassination of then US President Kennedy before her death. Therefore, it has been speculated that Dorothy’s death may be related to the investigation of Kennedy’s assassination. However, later investigations have some unexpected discoveries. In Dorothy’s work notes, not only the investigation notes about the Kennedy assassination case, but also the investigation notes about the Rudlow Manor in England are missing. What’s so special about Rudlow Manor? Why did someone take that part of the notes?
There are more than military secrets hidden in the mysterious manor

  Rudlow Manor is located in Wiltshire, southwest England. From the outside, it looks like a quaint English manor. However, this manor is not simple. During World War II, it used to be a base of the British Royal Air Force. Under the manor is a huge network of underground tunnels. The tunnels are connected to basements with different functions, including the combat command room, Intelligence analysis room and communication center, etc.
  From 1952 to 1980, Rudlow Manor was the headquarters of the southern region of the British Early Warning and Monitoring Agency, which was responsible for monitoring and early warning of nuclear attacks against the United Kingdom during the Cold War. The base was closed until 2000. However, unlike other manors that were requisitioned during the war, the Rudlow Manor was not returned to the original owner, but was always under the jurisdiction of the military and remained heavily guarded.
  In this way, Rudlow Manor is mysterious enough, but even so, it is just a military base, and it should be hiding military secrets.
  However, Dorothy’s investigation is said to be not about military secrets, but about aliens. In a report published by Dorothy, an unnamed British cabinet official described to her that British scientists had examined the wreckage of a mysterious “ship” that they believed to be a “ship”. “It couldn’t have been built by any country on Earth, but from outer space. The location where the mysterious “spaceship” is studied is the Ludlow Manor. Rudlow Manor is also known as Area 51 in the UK. It is said that in order to understand the real situation, she has done a lot of investigation and obtained a lot of unknown evidence, which may be recorded in her work notes.
  No one knows what was recorded in Dorothy’s notes, but the disappearing note has aroused the curiosity of many people. Rudlow Manor really hides the secret of aliens visiting the earth. ?

a top secret document

  In 2007, the National Archives of the United Kingdom released a declassified archive of more than 5,000 pages, including a large number of UFO reports and letters from the public, as well as drawings of sighted objects. Archives show that the Rudlow estate was the center of UFO investigations in the 1950s. A large number of UFO sightings occurred in Wiltshire, England, where Rudlow Manor is located, including an RAF fighter jet encountering a UFO during World War II.
  However, despite the declassified files, there are different opinions on whether the Rudlow Manor is really a secret research base for UFOs, and whether relevant research is still being conducted. Some who have worked in Rudlow and its network of underground tunnels insist that not only was Rudlow once a centre for UFO research in the UK, such research is still going on under the estate; but some were invited to visit And people who visited Rudlow Manor said they had gone through every nook and cranny of the underground tunnels but had not seen anything from an alien planet.
  In 2004, in order to explain to the public, the British Ministry of Defense also released photos under the bunker of Rudlow Manor. Judging from the photos, there is indeed a huge network of tunnels under the Rudlow Manor, but there is no information related to the study of UFOs or aliens. According to the explanation of the British Ministry of Defense, the Rudlow Manor did not study UFOs, but due to its special location and structure, it was a bunker that could resist nuclear attacks. Therefore, during the Cold War, the underground of the manor was used as a place to house important government officials. After the Cold War, however, these facilities are no longer in use, and only undergo routine maintenance.
  Whether the Rudlow Manor is an abandoned military base or a UFO research center has yet to be debated. And the mysterious events in and around Rudlow Manor can’t help but make people think, why do so many UFO incidents in the declassified files happen near Rudlow Manor? It has been suggested that Rudlow Manor is located in the center of Wiltshire, England, and Wiltshire is like a “window” for alien spacecraft to visit the earth. This may be because Wiltshire has many relics of ancient civilizations, such as The famous Stonehenge, the site is older than the pyramids of ancient Egypt. People speculate that aliens may have visited Earth long ago, and they have long used these ancient sites as landmarks. In the UFO sighting files, there are many records of mysterious light balls or spacecraft landing at Stonehenge.
  If so, what is the outcome of the UFO research project at Rudlow Manor? These constantly emerging questions undoubtedly make Rudlow Manor deeper into the fog of mystery. It seems that the mystery of Rudlow Manor will not be revealed so soon.