1. Product introduction

This product is a water-insoluble defoamer with 100% active ingredient. It is suitable for defoaming in various occasions, especially in the process of papermaking. It can effectively control surface foam and has good emulsification and defoaming properties.

2. Application

Usually a metering pump is used to add to the system, and the liquid medicine should be stored for a certain period of time before use to balance the temperature of the batching tank. It has stable performance and is suitable for the production of various papers, especially the production of adhesive paper and thin fabrics. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for waste paper pulp, bleached pulp and unbleached pulp.

Because it is ionizable, it can be used in large quantities, thereby reducing the amount of release agent used in the production of thin fabrics

3. Packages & Storage

The product complies with the relevant regulations on health and safety;

valid period: 9 months;

It is with anti-freezing performance, due to operational reasons, the best storage temperature is 5-35°C.