Animal Race’s ‘Fog of Finish’

  On September 25, in Pasig City, Philippines, an interesting dog marathon was staged. Dogs in red and white race suits and their owners ran with ease, more like a game than a competition.
  In fact, this marathon does not intend to tell the winner. The organizers of the event hope to raise funds for abandoned and abused dogs through the participation of pet dogs and owners in the run.
Born to be a runner and cute

  The “athletes” participating in the Pasig City Pet Dog Marathon are of different breeds and physiques; the family carnival scene where the owners run together on a leash makes the competition more like a public welfare call. But for some unique breeds of dog, running and seeking greater speed is their instinct.
  The Greyhound originated from the UK (that is, “Greeting Dog”, there is also a saying that it originated from Egypt), with an average speed of 54-56 km/h and a maximum speed of 72 km/h when running. With a slender figure, four long legs, and well-developed muscles, the “hardware” of the Greyhound is very suitable for running, while the “software” is extremely high agility and excellent endurance.
  In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I of England discovered this characteristic of greyhounds and began to hold some more formal greyhound races within the royal family. Since then, greyhound racing has also spread to the European continent and has become one of the hunting activities. This also gave Greyhound the title of “Queen’s Sport”.
  In 1919, Emeryville, California, USA had the world’s first greyhound arena, with exclusive tracks and stands. Greyhound racing has since gone out of the back garden of the royal family and nobles, and has become a “national sport”.
  Unlike the greyhounds that “ran” from royalty, dachshunds (commonly known as “dachshunds”) “ran” from commercials. In 1993, an American beer advertisement showed a dachshund running. Although its body shape did not seem to be good at running in the impression, its cute and hardworking image also conquered the audience. Therefore, every December, San Diego, California will hold a dachshund race, and those dachshund dogs participating in the competition can run a distance ranging from 22 to 45 meters in one breath.
serious and witty

  Pet dogs are not limited to regions, and will become popular in animal competitions because of a hobby or a media trend. But in some areas of the world, the “athletes” of animal competition are closely related to local production and life, and thus gradually developed into a serious international sport.
  Camel racing is an ancient tradition in the Arabian Peninsula. In the 1970s, as folk impromptu camel races became more and more frequent, local management agencies began to be established, formal competition rules and regulations were introduced, and promoted in India, Egypt, Australia and other countries. Participating camels can generally reach a speed of 40 km/h. At present, almost all the more famous games with higher prize money are held in Queensland, Australia.
  In addition to camels, Australia, which is good at raising sheep, also has a tradition of sheep racing. Every October, the Briar Sheep Competition is held in New South Wales. The sheep, carrying woolen cartoon sheep dolls on their backs, rush to the finish line under the temptation of food or encouraged by shouting. The main purpose of the competition is to raise charitable donations. It is held for one week every year and has raised nearly one million RMB in donations in more than 20 years.
  Whether following tradition or actively raising funds, camel and sheep racing are serious events. But another animal competition born in Australia is more than humorous. In 1986, in a bar in Brisbane, two old men argued over whose cockroaches crawled faster. Because no one could convince anyone, the next day, the two each grabbed a cockroach from their home and had a cockroach race in a nearby parking lot. Since then, every year on January 26, a cockroach race will be held here.

Camel races at Sheikh Zayed Racecourse in Wadi Rum Desert, Southern Jordan, September 30, 2022

  People tie caricatures of candidates of various parties on cockroaches, and use the crawling speed of cockroaches to predict who will be elected.
end of runway

  Compared with the hard training, fame and prize money competition, the cockroach race is too nonsensical, but the cockroach and its metaphor make this inexplicable sport popular.
  Today, at the New Jersey Pest Control Association in the United States, the cockroach race is a fixture every four years. People tie caricatures of candidates of various parties on cockroaches, and use the crawling speed of cockroaches to predict who will be elected. During Trump and Hillary’s campaign for the US presidency, their images also appeared on cockroach “contestants” for a time-according to rumors, cockroaches predict that the success rate of politicians’ election can reach about 80%.
  Catching a few cockroaches for a competition, satirizing the “stink” of politics is natural and simple. The original intention of many animal competitions may also be to find fun in life, and take the opportunity to show their “muscles” to help themselves or charity.
  But with the passage of time, some animal competitions have gradually become distorted and turned into a business driven by money. Although it is the nature of Greyhound to be good at running, when everything is linked to money, the Greyhound track becomes a hotbed of disasters.
  In August this year, animal rights activists rescued several abused greyhounds at the Greyhound Track in the UK. After squandering health and explosiveness for a short time, many Greyhounds are spending the rest of their lives in the corner. Dachshund racing may occasionally be interesting, but the shape and genetic tendency of dachshund dogs can easily cause back injuries while running, which leads to great animal protection dilemmas…
  The end of the runway is warm mutual trust Symbiosis, or the cold control, play and use of human beings?