Dafeng Tiansheng Pharmaceutical and chemical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.(Dafeng Huashu Pharmaceutical ) is Jiangsu nongovernmental technology enterprise, Jiangsu hi-tech enterprise and Jiangsu clean and civilized manufacturing enterprise.

It has received awards for the following; Green advanced collection in the “ninth-five-year plan”, “one of the top ten enterprises for self-support export in Dafeng city “for many years , ” one of the ten best private enterprises in Dafeng city”, “one of the top ten integrative enterprises in Yancheng city”, “Yancheng three-star enterprise”, “Yancheng excellent enterprise in enterprise management”, “excellent enterprise in voluntary standards” and “advanced collective in safe production” etc.. Tetramycin hydrochloride, leading product of our company was chosen as “Jiangsu hi-tech product” in 2002. Product quality is completely in accordance with international and domestic pharmacopoeia standard. In 2002 our company has received GMP acceptance and got the GMP qualified certificate organized by national Department of Agriculture.

In 2003,our company was chosen as Jiangsu hi-tech enterprise by Jiangsu Science and Technology Office. In July of 2003,our company successfully organized authentication meeting for provincial technological fruit and new product,the technical innovation of tetramycinhydrochloride and 3-Difluormethoxyl-2,4,5-trifluorbenyl acid have received provincial authentication.