Waist sprains often cope with a small amount of damage

  Common waist sprains in daily life are generally referred to as acute waist sprains, that is, “flashing waist” as the saying goes. It is mostly caused by damage to the soft tissues caused by incorrect posture, excessive force, over-limit activities, and collisions with external forces. The psoas muscles can sometimes be swollen to the naked eye, and the muscles may be tender at the same time, and even the psoas muscles appear to be rigid. On the second day, the sprained area was swollen due to bleeding, and the back pain became worse. Generally, small joint disorders are often accompanied. If the measures are not taken properly, the condition will become worse.
  Acute waist sprain (“flashing waist”) is generally when the waist suddenly emits a crisp sound when working or exercising, and then the waist movement is restricted. It is extremely difficult to do movements such as pitching, leaning, twisting: coughing, sneezing, and urinating and defecation can make the pain worse: When standing, you must hold your waist with your hands, and if you want to sit down, use your hands to support the chair to reduce the pain. At this time, all activities should be stopped immediately. Immediately let the casualty lie supine on a hard board to relax the pain and muscle spasm (lying on the hard board is also conducive to the recovery of waist muscles). If there is no rigid bed on site, you can lie on the ground directly, and then try to find door panels, wide wooden boards, etc., and move the wounded horizontally, with clothing and pillows on both sides of the waist fixed, and the waist should be braked before being transported. The patient holds his knees with both hands to relieve pain and can wear waist circumference.
  After “flashing waist”, the correct way is to apply cold first and then hot compress.
  Use the cold compress within 1 to 2 days after the injury. Cover the injured area with a thin cotton cloth or towel, and then place an ice pack or a cold wet towel to apply cold. Pay attention to control the temperature and time to avoid frostbite: 15-20 minutes each time, several times a day. The purpose is to reduce the exudation of blood and tissue fluid from the affected area and relieve local discomfort. Observe the skin color of the sprained area before applying the cold compress. If the skin turns bruising or feels numb, you should temporarily stop the cold compress: do not rush the waist or apply hot compresses and use blood-activating drugs to prevent local bleeding and increased exudation, which hinders early recovery.
  Hot compresses are usually applied 3 days after the sprain. Cover the waist with a thin cotton cloth or towel, put a wrung out hot towel on the affected area, and cover it with a soaked hot towel to keep it hot. Replace it every 3 minutes, and apply heat for 20-30 minutes each time. You can also wrap the fried salt or sand in a cloth bag or use an electric hot water bottle to compress it. Pay attention to control the temperature, to tolerate as the limit, to avoid skin burns.
  Pain-relieving celecoxib, fenbid and other ointments can relieve pain, relieve spasm, stop bleeding, and reduce swelling. Voltaren cream, Yunnan Baiyao spray, etc. can also be used. Do not use when local skin is damaged: Voltaren cream should be used strictly in accordance with the prescribed dosage. , Avoid long-term large-scale use, especially those with liver and kidney damage.
  If there is pain and numbness in the calf or foot, or accompanied by other symptoms, such as the pain is very severe, or the waist sprain is not certain, you should go to the hospital for standardized examination and treatment in time.
  After an acute sprain of the waist, you should rest on a hard bed and ask a doctor for treatment if necessary. After the acute pain, gradually exercise the muscle strength of the back and back and perform self-massage to promote local blood supply, accelerate the absorption of bleeding and effusion, prevent adhesion and muscle atrophy, and restore waist function as soon as possible.