Have you stepped on these “pits” about mosquitoes

  The first thing to worry about in summer is the nasty mosquitoes. For those of you who have the “physique for attracting mosquitoes”, the first “important task” in summer is to repel mosquitoes. In addition to using mosquito coils, mosquito repellent toilet water and mosquito nets, people will also turn to the strange tricks on the Internet. Regarding mosquitoes and mosquito repellent methods, there are really many false claims.
  A rumor: Mosquitoes prefer people with blood type O
  truth Interpretation: Almost all people with type O blood have heard this rumor, and is convinced that he is more recruit mosquitoes than others. but it is not the truth. As early as the 1970s, scientists studied the relationship between different blood types and the incidence of mosquito bites and found that people with blood type O are slightly more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. However, due to the small number of research samples and other factors, this conclusion has not been recognized by scientists from various countries. On the contrary, with the deepening of research, it turns out that there is no direct correlation between mosquito bites and blood type. Other blood types also attract mosquitoes.
  Rumor two: B vitamins mixed with water can be sprayed mosquito repellent
  rumors that mosquitoes sensitivity to odors, especially B vitamins do not like the taste, and thus, the B vitamins mixed with water and sprayed on the body can be diluted to achieve the effect of insect repellent, Or a large amount of oral B vitamins can also achieve the same effect.
  Interpretation of the truth: mosquitoes do not have as sensitive olfactory cells as humans. They are only sensitive to certain special chemicals, such as carbon dioxide, and special chemicals released by the sweat glands of the skin. Whether it is sprayed or taken orally, B vitamins have no effect on mosquito repellent. On the contrary, although B vitamins are harmless when sprayed on the body, they have an uncomfortable odor. At the same time, taking B vitamins by mouth in large amounts is also a health risk. Taking vitamins should follow the doctor’s advice.
  Rumor 3: Pesticide ingredients in mosquito repellent toilet water will endanger health
  Interpretation of the truth: The mosquito repellent effect of mosquito repellent toilet water is obvious to all. It all depends on the effect of DEET or mosquito ester, which can keep mosquitoes away from it. Careful friends will find that DEET and insect repellent are also pesticide ingredients. Is this ingredient safe? In particular, will it cause poisoning or allergies when used on the delicate skin of babies? Don’t worry, the scientist you think of has already thought of it. According to my country’s “Pesticide Management Regulations,” products that are used to prevent, repel, or kill mosquitoes are managed as pesticides. The pyrethroid, mosquito repellent and DEET added in the mosquito repellent toilet water are indeed pesticide ingredients, which are mainly used to repel insects. Studies have shown that they are weakly toxic to the human body and can be used for skin spraying. The content of these ingredients in the mosquito repellent toilet water is very low, and the summer weather is hot, the mosquito repellent toilet water evaporates quickly.
  Rumor four: software can ultrasonic repellent
  repellent products on the market, the so-called ultrasonic insect repellent, claimed is the use of a physical ultrasonic biomimetic, to keep the switching frequency, multi-dimensional stimulation mosquitoes antennae SAS plate-shaped susceptor, ASS-shaped altar In a word, the susceptor, CSS cone susceptor, etc., are to use various tricks to destroy the mosquito’s susceptor so that it can’t find you.
  Interpretation of the truth: In fact, ultrasound products have long claimed that they can imitate the sound of male mosquito flapping wings, and female mosquitoes will naturally avoid it. This sounds unreliable, it’s just the hype of some bad businessmen. There are also related studies abroad. For 11 kinds of ultrasonic mosquito repellents with a frequency of 2 to 60 kilohertz, the mosquito effects of common mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti, Anopheles tetraspot and Aedes albopictus were tested at different distances. It turns out that no mosquito repellent can stop mosquito bites, whether indoors or outdoors. But why do some people report that it works? That’s because many products are marked with the words “herbal chamomile anti-mosquito”, so this is the real reason for the mosquito repellent effect.
  With so many rumors listed, are we really at a loss for little mosquitoes? Of course not, there are still coups to deal with mosquitoes.
  We must first understand how mosquitoes recognize and bite us. Female mosquitoes rely on multiple senses to detect, identify and locate their “food”, including smell, vision, and thermal stimulation. In the process of “foraging” for female mosquitoes, carbon dioxide is an important signal for them to find their targets. Therefore, people with faster metabolism exhale more carbon dioxide and are therefore more fond of mosquitoes. This also explains why children, pregnant women, and patients with hyperthyroidism are more attracted to mosquitoes, while the elderly are generally not favored by mosquitoes. In addition, people who like to sweat, the body smell contains more amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, and the body surface temperature is higher, which will also have a greater attraction to mosquitoes. The same is true for people who love to drink. Alcohol will increase the body surface temperature, increase sweating, and make people slow to respond, which reduces the body’s ability to defend against mosquito bites.
  Knowing this, then you can deal with the hateful mosquitoes in a targeted manner.
  One is optimistic about the “home”. Before summer arrives, be sure to check whether your screens are in good condition. A small hole or a small gap will become a channel for mosquitoes to enter and leave your home.
  The second is to ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of sewers and floor drains. Do not store water in the basins and pots in front of and behind the house. The stagnant water is the best place for mosquitoes and flies to breed and should be cleaned up in time.
  The third is to master some tips for repelling mosquitoes when going out. Mosquitoes like to bite people at dawn and dusk, and it is best to avoid going out during this time. If you go out, you need to wear light-colored long-sleeved clothes. At the same time, spray some mosquito repellent toilet water on the bare skin, which can play a certain mosquito repellent effect. Especially for children, be sure to spray mosquito repellent toilet water.
  Fourth, mosquito repellent products can be used appropriately at home. It is relatively safe to use mosquito coils or insect repellent containing mosquito repellent amine. It is recommended to keep windows open for ventilation when using it to reduce the health effects of mosquito repellent ingredients. In addition, when using mosquito coils, you must pay attention to the safety of use. The mosquito coils should be placed on a metal tray and no flammable materials should be placed around them.
  The fifth is to take a bath frequently. Mosquitoes are very sensitive to sweat, so bathe frequently in summer and keep your skin dry, which can reduce the chance of being bitten by mosquitoes.
  In any case, it is inevitable to be bitten by mosquitoes in the summer. The best way to deal with mosquito bags is to apply cold compresses and apply wind oil to stop itching in time to avoid scratching and reduce the risk of infection.
  In short, while feeling the summer style, we must be prepared to prevent mosquitoes. Don’t let the little mosquitoes affect our good mood.