The “net celebrity middle-class camping” that spent a lot of money is more outrageous than expected

  My yearning for “middle-class camping” did not form in a day.
  Although in the past few months, there have been countless articles telling me in different ways that those exquisite camping who spend 8,000 to buy things and want to move their homes to the wild, without exception, are IQ taxes.
  But the moonlit tents in the circle of friends, the kerosene lamps at night, the leisure of drinking coffee in front of the lake… are too dreamy. Although knowing that the traces of the pose are obvious, it is unavoidable to envy if I watch too much.
  Finally, on a certain weekend, I finally couldn’t restrain my inner impulse: “Let’s go, I also want to go to exquisite camping!” In my
  imagination, it is a spiritual relaxation journey to escape from city life. Unexpectedly, the whole process was full of comparisons, jealousy, and sorrow.

  Camping mainly on foot, I experienced once three years ago.
  Carrying a full set of equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, the kind that walks into the mountains and then sets up the tent by hand. As a result, he was awake at 4 o’clock in the morning and caught a bad cold the next day. This time, I don’t plan to suffer like that anymore.
  Considering the exquisite tents, lamp strings, coffee pots, kerosene lamps, and even handmade tapestries on the Internet, the whole set was purchased for 10,000 to 20,000, so I simply booked a “light luxury tent” for a popular camping site directly online. The tent is white, and it comes with a small and fresh style bonus. At first glance, it is very different from the two-person tent with a few hundred yuan in red and rhubarb.
  It is not a sleeping bag, but a mattress, pillow and quilt, which is similar to a small hotel.
  The fly in the ointment is its price, which costs more than 900 yuan a night, which is several times more expensive than hotels. Fortunately, I only live for one day, which is quite affordable.
  In order to distinguish from those “fake exquisites” who only take photos with the spire of the tent, I went to the outdoor mall to buy a fishing stool for 70 yuan before I set off, and imagined experiencing the fun of camping in a comfortable environment. . When I arrived, I found out-let alone close to nature, this environment is more like a scenic spot than the park in my hometown.

  The exquisite camping I think: bottled water is needed to wash, to go to the toilet, to drill in the woods, and to prevent mosquito bites. Actually exquisite camping: next to the tent area is the public trash can, 500 meters down is the restaurant area, and 500 meters up is the coffee shop.
  If you are short of daily necessities, there is a camp management office next to it that is responsible for renting out. There are lights for lighting, charcoal for grilling food, and even a full set of camping equipment.
  Complete living facilities should generally be a good thing. But camping is to take the initiative to “find sin and suffer”, which makes people feel unwilling. Especially, the couple friends who were with us rented two because they didn’t bring chairs. All the sense of superiority that the fishing stool gave me was wiped out.

  This is only the first blow to an over-modern environment.
  The second blow came from other campers in the camp.
  Once, I also sneered at the people who made coffee in the wild and hung the lanterns on the tents.
  They feel that they are “slick and not real”, buying so many useless things, just for posing and sending out a circle of friends.
  But it’s one thing to get rid of complaints on social networks, and it’s another to face the contrast directly.
  In particular, I found that I spent more than 900 yuan in a luxury tent, which is not worth mentioning in front of the canopy with a projection area of ​​more than ten square meters. These fancy camping equipment, where is for taking pictures to show off to the circle of friends, obviously it is for strangers in the same camp to see.
  Traditional camping sites are usually in the sparsely populated ravines. But exquisite camping is almost always carried out in commercial camps. The tents are densely packed, and 20 meters apart are considered far away. Once so many people got together, my comparability came up silently anyway.
  The family mentioned above has a large population and everything it brings. Not to mention movable grills, portable tables and chairs, and even the kind of large mobile batteries-specifically for induction cookers, mobile phones, and small round light bulbs hung around the sky.
  You thought your small studio of 40 square meters was pretty good, but suddenly a well-decorated three-bedroom and one living room came next to it. Without doing anything, the arrogance of the other party has been fully manifested.
  After spending two days in this camp, there were always a few people sitting under their canopy, no matter when. All the people passing by will also cast their envious eyes uncontrollably, and then look at our monotonous tent with pity, no matter when.
  Especially when they set up a portable shower room, the kind that can really get out of water.
  I am so envious. Although it is obvious that as long as you walk 500 meters, there is a small supermarket that provides shower service and unlimited hot water supply.
  What is the real sorrow? It is that you think you have spent enough money for comfort and style, but you are still at the bottom of the chain of contempt.
  Especially when I was on the way back from washing that night, I found that they had brought a projector, and they were in a circle watching “Frozen” from the side of the tent.
  My husband completely broke down. After returning to his tent, he spent two full hours searching for canopy, portable projectors and camping trailers on shopping websites.

  Of course, I definitely don’t admit that this kind of comparability is my own problem.
  It must be because the previous camping had to hike first, and then set up a tent to start the stove at night, and the time was full.
  Exquisite camping directly omits all the previous links.
  When I called my mother and told me to go camping, she didn’t understand why she had to run more than 100 kilometers away from a tent.
  ”Can you just find a lawn in the suburbs? Save money and time.”
  But the net celebrity campsite, the picture is that the atmosphere is different from ordinary suburbs.
  During the day, everyone is the same ordinary. The night bonfire, fireworks, concert… is the highlight.
  So seeing the campfire party on the camp schedule, my friends and I were very excited.
  At 7 o’clock, I saw the “flame up to the sky” from a distance, and rushed forward. When I came closer, there were countless young men and women gathered in a few piles on the lawn, waving fireworks in their hands.
  There was a host on the stage interacting with everyone along with deafening music. Under his command, people held hands and circled the bonfire, making people dream of returning to the filming scene of “Deep Love and Rain”.
  ”Is this the charm of the Internet celebrity campsite? Everyone seems to be extremely excited.” After the
  bonfire party was over, there was singing again 200 meters away.
  I thought it was the kind of bar-stay singer’s performance, but the more I listened to it, the more things went wrong: Why not only did the high pitch not go up, but it also went out of tune at every turn?
  I began to doubt the conclusion that “only the new middle class likes camping”. Isn’t that good, the main fans of exquisite camping are young people between 25 and 35 years old? How come there are uncles and aunts who love nature who join them with a quiet attitude of moisturizing things?
  If young people gain a sense of fake rituals in their false closeness to nature, then these grandpas and aunts who blow in the tent during the day and sing on the stage at night are the ones who really find their hearts in the cracks of this fantasy. Home.
  Accompanied by these thoughts, I gradually fell asleep in the faint singing.