“Working Cell”: Please cherish our body

“Working Cells” tells stories about cells in the human body that we don’t know.

The Japanese animation “Working Cell” was broadcast on CCTV Movie Channel in February 2021. As a popular science animation that introduces the physiological phenomena of the human body, “Working Cell” is the most out-of-the-box new show, making this film a positive example of “education and fun”, and it has become a hit on social media.

“Working Cell” is a powerful popular science animation from Japan that tells the story of each of us. It can be said that no company in this world is as diligent as our body.

365 days a year, all year round, you work, it is working, you rest it is still working, you are injured, it must take protective measures, your emotions, sorrows and joys will not be idle…

Anthropomorphic cell
The realistic creation basis of “Working Cell” is our body. Red blood cells transport oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is the courier responsible for transportation; white blood cells fight bacteria and viruses, which are the soldiers ahead; platelets are responsible for physiological hemostasis, small in size, cute image, reasonable and cute.

When germs invade your lungs and bruises on your body, how does your body fight for your health? In the animation, it tells the story of the human being’s weakened immunity, the invasion of the lung chain, and the destruction of the bacterial and virus forces by the white blood cells, and the story of the fish that has slipped through the net is told. Here, our body is no longer a red and dark world, but a bright and orderly modern city.

There are about 37.200 billion cells in our body scattered around. They stick to their jobs in their respective regions, from the “commander cells” responsible for formulating combat strategies to the “warrior cells” on the front line of health, and then to the transportation of nutrients and supplies. “Transport Cell”…

The first appearance in “Working Cell” is a girl who is confused and cute with red blood cells. She runs around the body every day, transporting oxygen to cells scattered throughout the body, and transporting part of the carbon dioxide to the lungs. The red blood cell cute girl in the animation is probably a novice, confused and unclear about the route, pushing a box of carbon dioxide to look for her lungs. Either it was intercepted by the venous valve, or it was stopped by the sentinel of the lymphatic vessel! I didn’t say anything when I touched my spleen. I bumped all the way, and even had a face-to-face encounter with the bacteria. In reality, red blood cells are also called red blood cells or red blood cells. They are the most abundant blood cell in the blood and are also the most important medium for transporting oxygen through the blood in vertebrates.

Where bacteria appear, of course, there are leukocyte fighters who are always on the front line. White blood cells are one of the important blood cells in the blood. They can swallow foreign bodies or produce antibodies to help the body defend against infection. Wherever there is a crisis, there will be their charge in front. Any externally invading bacteria, viruses and foreign bodies that appear in the body are their primary cleanup targets.

In addition to the fast-reacting white blood cells, there are many other defense departments in our body.

The more powerful killer T cells, they directly obey the helper T cell commander, and can repeatedly kill viruses and foreign objects without being damaged. The protocytes are mainly responsible for collecting and presenting information on invading bacteria and infected bacteria. And interact with other cells to initiate an appropriate immune response; macrophages are responsible for killing bacteria and viruses and other foreign objects, helping the body to carry out repair work, and removing dead cells and bacteria.

The anthropomorphized macrophage in the animation is a beautiful elder sister with powerful weapons. Its duty is to capture and swallow foreign objects such as bacteria and obtain immune information from antigens. It looks weak and has superior combat effectiveness. Realistic macrophages capture and phagocytose foreign bodies such as bacteria, and their main role is to eliminate aging-damaged or apoptotic cells in the body, as well as antigenic foreign bodies such as immune complexes and pathogens.

Platelets are the most popular in cartoons. The anthropomorphized platelets appear to be only the size of a kindergarten or elementary school junior (compared to the average cell size). A group of cute creatures surrounded the high calcium ions, jumping up on tiptoes, no matter how hard they could reach, the passing red blood cells and white blood cells greeted them. Regardless of the small ones, the team is a team that cannot be ignored. When blood vessels are damaged, they bring fibrin and clotting factors out to block the wound. While blocking the wound, it also blocked the passage of more bacteria. Red blood cells can stay in the body safely, while white blood cells can concentrate on strangling viruses and bacteria remaining in the body.

The pneumococcus in the animation looks hideous. The pneumococcus in reality causes pneumonia, invades lung cells and destroys red blood cells. It is the worst pathogen that can destroy the brain. It can not only cause pneumonia in children, but also cause meningitis, Otitis media and other diseases.

The Staphylococcus aureus in the animation appears as a anthropomorphic appearance, which is quite queenly temperament. In reality, Staphylococcus aureus is one of the common bacteria on the surface of the human body. It is extremely toxic and may cause epidermal infection, pneumonia, meningitis and other symptoms when it invades the body from a wound.

It can be said that this cartoon opened the brain hole out of the sky.

Guardian and Struggle in Animation
The Pseudomonas aeruginosa in “Working Cell” is an opportunistic infection, so it has become the villain with the highest frequency in the animation. The realistic version of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is widespread in nature. It is a common type of bacteria in wound infections and can cause purulent lesions. It is named Pseudomonas aeruginosa because of the green color of pus and exudate after infection.

In the animation, the dendritic cell inserts a few leaves and turns green to become a tree. This is the totipotent auxiliary cell of the dendritic cell in reality. It can be used for antigen prompting against invading bacteria, and it can also produce cytokine to strengthen immune cells, etc. It is the most powerful antigen-presenting cell known so far, and it is named for its many dendritic or pseudopod-like protrusions when it matures.

The helper T cell in the animation is the commander of the lymphatic system. After confirming the pathogen’s invasion, it is responsible for issuing instructions to the killer T cell. In reality, helper T cells play an intermediate role in the immune response. They can proliferate and diffuse to activate other types of immune cells that produce direct immune responses.

The third episode of the animation systematically introduces the story of how to fight the influenza virus and how the cells work together. In the animation, we see that the virus-infected cells infect the surrounding cells by throwing out a lot of “hats”.

In reality, influenza viruses are referred to as influenza viruses, which are divided into three types: A (A), B (B), and C (C). The bovine influenza viruses discovered in recent years will be classified as type D (D). Influenza viruses can cause infection and disease in many animals such as humans, poultry, pigs, horses, and bats. It is the pathogen of human and animal diseases such as human influenza, avian influenza, swine influenza, and equine influenza. It can cause acute high fever, body pain, and significant Fatigue and respiratory symptoms.

In the animation, we saw that while the white blood cells were trying to chase Streptococcus pneumoniae, the killer T cells were dispatched, but in the end they did not directly destroy the bacteria, but trapped it in the bronchus, sneezed out, and left the person. body of.

The animation will inevitably be exaggerated, but we can all understand the meaning. The cells in the body are working hard every day, fighting bacteria and viruses for our health. It’s good to sneeze bacteria out of the body every time as in the animation, but when the body cannot eat it, it will become infected and become sick.

“Working cells” with different styles
After “Working Cell” became popular in Japan, several derivative comics anthropomorphizing human cells and microbes have been published, such as “Working Bacteria” and “Non-Working Cells”, among which “Working Cell BLACK” is the best known one. .

So, what is the difference between “Working Cell” and “Working Cell BLACK”?

“Working Cell” shows the daily life of a healthy body. Each cell cooperates with each other to take care of the body in an orderly manner. Even if a disease occasionally occurs, it can be solved by the immune system. After reading it, people can’t help but sigh: “My body is really amazing, I can handle so many problems!”

“Working Cell BLACK” is a slap to wake everyone up: this is just an ideal situation in theory! In reality, it will not go so smoothly. In the face of various bad habits, our bodies are actually very fragile.

The body owner in “Work Cell BLACK” is a migrant worker who works hard every day, with great work pressure, often staying up late, not only lacks exercise, overeating, but also has the vice of smoking and drinking. In this kind of body cells, no matter how hard they work, the effect is only a drop in the bucket and a man’s arm as a car, unable to maintain normal health: the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels will cause arteriosclerosis and hinder the oxygen transport of red blood cells.

Carbon monoxide poisoning caused by smoking can make red blood cells lose their ability to transport oxygen. White blood cells can resist all kinds of bacteria, but for many bacteria that multiply extremely fast, they are still powerless. Although liver cells can decompose alcohol to reduce toxicity, they will be overworked under the influence of excessive drinking and will eventually cease business. The poor blood flow caused by bad habits makes it impossible to perform even basic physiological functions.

The immune system that we are proud of is not a panacea. Under great pressure, the immune system can also make mistakes, ordering immune cells to attack normal cells, causing autoimmune diseases such as hair loss.

The plot mode of “Working Cell” is: when the body encounters problems, the cells work together to solve the gratifying success; the plot of “Working Cell BLACK” is: the body encounters problems, the cells work together, and then it is useless. Relying on drug surgery barely overcome the difficulties, and encountered new problems.

This kind of despair that all our efforts are in vain is very contagious. Why do we smoke, drink and stay up late? Why do you hurt yourself so much? Why should we fail the efforts of the cells in the body? This kind of hatred against bad habits is exactly the practical significance of “Working Cell BLACK”.

It is well known that bad habits are harmful to health. But rational understanding does not mean that actions will change. It takes some time for the consequences of many bad habits to be manifested, and it is often too late to regret when the symptoms really appear.

“Working Cell BLACK” uses cell anthropomorphism to make viewers realize that bad habits are causing various problems to cells in the body at the moment. Not only do they understand the fragility of health in terms of reason but also emotionally, which can trigger actual changes. .

In addition to warning the fragility of health and introducing the causes of diseases, “Working Cell BLACK” also popularizes common treatment options for many diseases, from hair loss, diabetes, depression, to the surgical treatment of lung cancer and postoperative rehabilitation. All have detailed descriptions.

In order to make the audience feel more immersed in the tragic experience of the male protagonist’s red blood cell, “Working Cell BLACK” also has a very heart-warming setting: the male protagonist must not only face the harsh working environment, but also face the unfairness in the workplace. treatment.

From the beginning of the induction training, the male protagonist has encountered a series of tragic experiences as a worker: the various promises made by the manager before joining the job, only to find that they did not exist after joining; the loli platelet in “Working Cell” is here. Rude blood boss.

For those who have experience in the workplace, this series of plot settings resonates strongly with everyone. What’s even better is that the workplace bullying in the animation can justify itself in the setting, and it is connected with the theme of focusing on physical health: it is precisely because the owner does not pay attention to health that every cell is exhausted, and the high-intensity work pressure causes both The shortage of manpower also made the cells feel resentful, unable to get along with each other peacefully, and vent their dissatisfaction through bullying newcomers.

In the recent period, tragedies of sudden death and overworked death of company employees have occurred continuously. It is precisely because in reality that many black-hearted companies cannot provide a good working environment. They only know that they blindly arrange a lot of work and treat employees as consumables, so that employees have no time to rest, and use bad habits such as smoking and drinking to relieve stress.

External pressure and bad habits can disturb the internal balance of the body. When the body’s environment deteriorates and the cells are exhausted due to overwork, various problems will occur in human health and even pass away unexpectedly.

There is no preaching in “Working Cell”, and it doesn’t look like a boring textbook, but it unknowingly opens you to a viewing journey inside the body. For nothing else, even for the most desperate and diligent group of cells in the world to guard your body, you must take good care of your body.

In the animation, the little-known internal structure of the body is deduced in a vivid and easy-to-understand manner, and at the same time, it has greatly realized the value of popular science.