What kind of persuasion is the most difficult

What kind of persuasion is the most difficult? A policeman said: “The couple quarreled.” Why? “Because couples quarrel are easily excited and lose control of their emotions. At this time, a careless sentence can easily be sad and emotional, and thus irreparable.” Then how to persuade him to fight?

This policeman is particularly experienced: “A newly married couple quarreled so violently that even the neighbor called the police. When I rushed to their house, I saw a lot of things broken. I heard the woman crying and saying, ‘ You can’t live this kind of life!”

The police asked the girl: “Why were you together back then?” It turned out that she was in Hong Kong in the early years, and the boy was in Shanghai. He bought a lot of phone cards to pursue her, and called to pursue her whenever he was free. And she flew to see him as soon as she had money. The policeman said, “It’s so romantic!” The girl burst into tears and laughed. The boy also took out his collection of phone cards, there are several large boxes. Seeing this, the woman became soft. In order to pick her up at the airport and make her suffer less, the boy had to spend hundreds of yuan to fight back and forth, which made him feel distressed. She said sensibly: “Let’s take a bus from now on!” Later, he mercilessly bought a car with a mortgage on the real estate, and it was convenient to pick her up. Although he was under great financial pressure at that time, he had this love for her, and eventually she married him. The police took a close look at their home, it was spotless, and praised the hygiene for its excellent hygiene. The boy introduced: “My wife is a person who loves cleaning. Not only does she keep everything in order at home, but she also does a good job of hygiene. After every meal, she must clean the stove and range hood immediately…” After the police chatted with the young couple a few questions, the couple seemed to forget the fact that they were still arguing just now.

How to persuade an emotionally quarreling couple? Reasoning is useless. The most useful way is to ask them why they walked together in the first place and what they have overcome together, so that they can recall the details of their love, so that it is easy to turn fighting into jade.