KGB double agent: He is a needle in the heart of the United States and Britain

On December 28, 2020, the Russian mainstream media accidentally published a news on the front page: George Black died one day ago at the age of 98. At the same time, Russian President Putin personally called Black’s wife to express his condolences.

For a while, the outside world was wondering who this George Blake was and why he was treated so courteously? With the deepening of media reports, Black’s legendary experience was also revealed: This “pretender” lurking in the British and American intelligence agencies but working for the Soviet Union has provided information to the Soviet Union countless times and “selled” more than 500 in his life. A British agent has made many major espionage operations in Britain and the United States in vain. It’s quite funny that while the British and American criticized Black as the “number one traitor” and “the number one sinner in the West”, they have to admit that he is a master-level existence in the history of modern espionage, a needle that penetrates the hearts of the United States and Britain, even Awarded the title of “Moscow Ace Spy”.

Weird Intelligence
After the end of the Second World War, Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany. In order to monitor the Soviet forces in East Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States assigned tasks to Vance, the head of the US intelligence agency CIA in West Germany. Faced with the various clues, Vance assembled a capable team of hundreds of people. After discussion, they finally decided to implement the “Golden Operation”: dig a tunnel in West Berlin leading to East Berlin. The tunnel is 2500 meters long, of which 270 meters are in the east. Berlin, used to monitor the communications of the East German and Soviet forces.

It is not difficult to monitor the Soviet army. As early as the 1940s, the intelligence agency discovered that even if the real voice is encrypted during a phone call, the original sound will still remain on the cable at the moment of encryption. Just encrypt it from the cable. After collecting the echo of the telecommunications signal, and then performing technical processing, it can be restored to a clear original sound. At that time, the British intelligence organization MI6 used this method to launch a “white banking campaign”, eavesdropping on communication cables in the Soviet-occupied area of ​​Austria.

But what made Vance a headache was that to dig such a long tunnel would not escape the Soviet Union’s eyeliner anyway. In order to confuse the Soviets, Vance sent people to build a large semi-underground warehouse more than 100 meters away from the junction of Germany and Germany to hold the soil dug in the tunnel. Afterwards, Vance deliberately said that they were building one. Radar station, in order to observe the traffic near East Berlin Airport.

Surprisingly, just when Levance was worried about the plan being revealed, the Soviet sentry 100 meters away seemed like nothing had happened. It just routinely looked at the large warehouse from the sentry. Otherwise, it was only 30-50%. Groups basking in the sun, drinking and chatting. The excavation team secretly hired by Vance worked day and night to excavate, and it was finally completed before Christmas 1955. Soon, Vance formed a deciphering team, waiting for the good news from the Soviet Union.

Sure enough, the deciphering team got a message three days later, but when Vance saw the “intelligence”, it looked like a frustrated ball. It turned out that the Soviet army in East Germany felt too lonely and asked to send female soldiers to the headquarters. Although it was an insignificant piece of information, Vance was relieved that as long as the Soviets were not aware of the existence of the tunnel, they would be able to obtain valuable information sooner or later.

A week later, the phone in Vance’s office rang again, and the decipher Ryan said excitedly that he had deciphered a top-secret information. According to intelligence, the Soviet army will change defenses in a week. In addition to the 500-man army, there is also a tank brigade stationed this time. Vance immediately reported this information to the British and American military. The U.S. military was on the verge of a major enemy. They concluded that the Soviet army was likely to launch an offensive, so they urgently mobilized thousands of troops and hundreds of aircraft from nearby. But to the disappointment of the US military, a week later, the roar of Soviet tanks was not heard at all, and the slacking soldiers at the outpost were still on duty. The head of the British and American garrison became angry and complained that Vance’s intelligence was incorrect. Vance had a hard point to argue.

However, just two days after the withdrawal of the British and American troops, Vance obtained information again. It turned out that the Soviet Union changed the time for the change of defense to half a month later. The British and American troops had just withdrawn to the camp, and they received the order to open again, and they complained. But what made them even more angry was that after arriving at the destination, the Soviet army on the opposite side was still the same group of people before. Due to the rush, the logistics of the British and American troops failed to keep up, and the diet of thousands of people became a major problem. The most important thing was the cold local climate. Everyone once again vented their grievances to Vance. Vance was very confused. There was no problem with the intelligence. He checked the intelligence department and found no ghosts. What is going on?

Fortunately, the CIA has increased its support for Vance’s work and installed 600 tape recorders in the warehouse, so that 800 cassettes of audio tapes and 4,000-meter-long typing tapes can be harvested every day. Vance also sent a special plane to “decipher” it. The monitoring tapes were shipped back to Washington for processing. The strange thing is that, except for the very few Soviet movements, most of this information is insignificant Soviet daily life, and there are even many love stories between Soviet soldiers and girlfriends.

This result made Vance very unwilling. He repeatedly begged the CIA to give himself more time. In April 1956, when a small group of Soviet signal soldiers was repairing communication lines on a highway in East Berlin, they accidentally discovered a secret tunnel. Three American intelligence agents who heard the turmoil fled hurriedly. However, the eavesdropping device, which was too late to deal with, exposed Vance’s plan. In the afternoon of the same day, the Soviet Union gathered reporters from all over the world to watch and take pictures. Under pressure, the United States revoked Vance’s post of director.

Phantom of Murder
After a secret investigation by the CIA, it was confirmed that the Soviet communicator had accidentally discovered the secret tunnel, which ruled out the possibility of an insider’s whistleblowing. However, just when Vance was ashamed, his intelligence agent George Black showed a smile. It turned out that all this was his secret to the Soviet Union. As a CIA intelligence agent, Black was sent to North Korea during the Korean War and witnessed the cruelty of the war. After being captured, he decided to join the KGB to help the Soviet Union collect intelligence. After returning to the United Kingdom as a prisoner of war, Black once again became a British intelligence officer, and finally entered Vance’s intelligence team by virtue of his proficiency in multiple languages.

Black knew that if he wanted to stay lurking for a long time, the top priority was to get rid of the old and cunning Vance. After learning about the “Golden Operation”, Black immediately reported the information to the KGB. The KGB was trying to get rid of it. While pretending to be ignorant, it sent a large amount of false information and even fabricated a repeated defense plan to play with the British and American troops Between the palms. After playing around with Vance, the Soviet signal soldiers pretended to conduct routine inspections and “accidentally” discovered the tunnel, which was then exposed to the media from all over the world. U.S. intelligence agencies’ eavesdropping project costing tens of millions of dollars was completely wiped out.

However, Black was not happy for long, and saw Vance again in the office. It turned out that the CIA fired Vance for the outside world. After all, Vance has worked in the intelligence department for 20 years and has rich experience and is a rare talent. . Black was worried about the East Window incident, but Vance patted him on the shoulder and said, given that he has worked well in the past few years, he wanted to give him a chance to go to the Middle East. It turned out that after the Suez Canal crisis, Britain, France, and Israel launched a war of aggression against Egypt in a vain attempt to seize the canal, but failed unexpectedly. Britain feels that it must send a multilingual man to the Middle East so that it can maintain its due influence in countries such as Jordan, Kuwait, and other Arabic-speaking countries in the Persian Gulf.

Blake borrowed Po to get off the donkey, and naturally agreed to go. However, after half a year of Arabic training, he received a call from Vance again. It turned out that Vance asked him to go to the Middle East. It was true that it was true for him to receive training to master one more language, in order to one day be able to pick up his own class. After learning about Vance’s thoughts, Black breathed a sigh of relief. With Vance’s cultivation, it became easier to master core information.

In early 1960, Black learned an important piece of information from the KGB: Lieutenant General Białeck, the head of the East German National Security Agency, defected to West Berlin. After changing his name, he was secretly placed in a safe residence in West Berlin. Black’s task is to find the address of Białeck.

However, after some investigation, Black found that Białeck had been given special care. The British Secret Intelligence Service had installed a safety lock in his apartment and had an alarm for contacting security officials. Even if he found his residence, he could not start. Blake thought about it, and thought of a way: he needed to verify with Białk for an information, and convince Vance to let Białk go to the secret interrogation site. Vance considered repeatedly and agreed to let Białk go, but he reminded Black to take safety measures along the way.

What happened next was exactly as Black expected. When Białeck was about to get on the car, he was taken into a car by a few people who sprang out. When the guards reacted, the car would have driven far away. . The British and American governments have repeatedly made representations to the Soviet government, but the Soviet Union denied that they knew the whereabouts of Białk. Vance was dumb eating coptis, and he couldn’t tell. He went to great lengths to investigate, and finally determined that Białeck’s residence was monitored by the KGB, and Black succeeded in dispelling the suspicion.

Soon, Black received a letter from the British military mission. When he opened the letter, he suddenly became excited. It turned out that it was Peter Popov who wrote the letter! As a KGB spy, Popov secretly sought refuge in the CIA in Vienna in 1953 and became the most effective spy to serve the West after the war. During the two years of working in Vienna, Popov provided information on more than 400 Soviet spies lurking in the West. When he was transferred from Vienna to East Berlin, he lost contact with the CIA, so he wrote to the contact person. The letter was forwarded by the British military mission that is visiting East Germany.

For Popov, the KGB had long wanted to get rid of it, but he seemed to have evaporated in the past few years, and now he appears right in the arms of Black. Half a month later, Popov was captured by the KGB when he went out. This time the Soviet Union not only admitted the arrest, but also threw Popov into a burning stove and burned to death.

The spy who had meticulously instigated the rebellion was executed by the KGB, which made Vance extremely annoyed, but after some investigation, he had no idea where the problem was. What is even more depressing is that in the following two years, the double agents lurking in West Germany have successively lost 40 people. Of course, these are Blake’s masterpieces.

At the beginning of 1961, Vance suddenly received a secret letter from Michael Goronnieski, deputy director of the Intelligence Department of the Polish General Staff, stating that there was an extremely active KGB spy hidden in the US Intelligence Service in West Germany, code-named “Diamond.” Vance knew that Michael’s whereabouts were very secretive. Even the CIA did not know his nationality and true identity, only that he had close ties with the KGB. According to Michael’s secret letter, all clues point to the lurking “diamond” as Black. Vance did not dare nor believed that the successor he had carefully cultivated was a Soviet double agent, so he put his faith to one side.

However, despite Blake’s cautiousness, what he did not expect was that the deputy director of the Polish Military Intelligence Service, Klauo, rebelled and leaked a large number of KGB spies lurking in the CIA, including himself.

Forced to accept the facts, Vance didn’t want to be caught by the media for improper use. He decided to arrest Black secretly, so he pretended to let Black go to his office to report to his work, and the ambushers took the opportunity to catch him. Faced with Vance’s interrogation, Black insisted that he was wronged, and vowed to be loyal to the US intelligence services. Considering that what Claudio provided was only a list of spies and there was no other evidence, Vance changed his tough attitude and led Black to say: “We know that you were forced to be in North Korea, tortured and tortured, and you were forced to vote From the Soviet Union, as long as you admit it, we will understand you.” Black, who was still calm just now, seemed to be a different person. He bounced off his seat, looking at Vance with a grim expression: “I have never been After being forced, I took the initiative to find the Soviet side, and I took the initiative to work there!”

So far, the identity of Black’s double agent has been confirmed. Although he denied the connection with the bizarre disappearance of the British and American double agents, the military court sentenced him to 42 years in prison.

Detained with Black is a leader of the “anti-nuclear-nuclear movement” named Pat. After learning about Black’s legendary experience, he admires him with great admiration. Pat tells Black that his friend is planning an escape and rescue, and he can be taken with him by the way. But to Black’s disappointment, Pat was taken away by prison staff a month later and never returned. Black comforted himself, Pat just casually said that it is not easy to rescue a prisoner like himself from prison.

But one day a week later, when the wind was released, a prison guard quietly stuffed Black a note. Blake opened it and saw that it turned out to be Pat’s rescue plan. Just let him cooperate at that time. Blake was ecstatic, he didn’t expect Pat to be involved in prison, and he was faithful.

On October 22, 1966, a movie was shown in the prison. Black lied that his stomach hurts and did not go to the square. At 8 o’clock in the evening, someone stuffed an iron rod into Black’s cell. Black used an iron bar to pry open the iron window and climbed out of the roof. At this time, the sky was dark and the rain was pouring. He quickly ran to the wall 15 feet away, grabbed the nylon rope ladder that Pat had placed on the wall, and quickly turned over the wall and escaped.

After the movie ended, the prison guards discovered that Black had escaped, worried about being held accountable, and did not admit the news that Black had escaped until three days later. During these three days, Black, with Pat’s help, first hid under the bed of a day bed, passed through the Dover ferry to Belgium, and then traveled through West Germany to East Germany, where Black received The KGB officials gave a warm welcome and flew to Moscow by plane.

In order to capture Black back, Vance and the British intelligence agency made a hunting plan, vowing to take him back to the UK even if the corpse is. However, after arriving in Moscow, Black disappeared. After half a year of busy work, Vance had to cancel the arrest plan. In order to save face, the British intelligence agency declared that Black’s “arrest warrant” was valid for life.

In fact, after arriving in Moscow, Black was tightly protected by the KGB, and he was changed every time he went out. After a little stabilization, Black married the daughter of a farmer. When the marriage was registered, the KGB provided him with a brand new identity document. Even his wife did not know his past. Blake also often thinks of his wife in England, and even more to see his hometown in Holland, but the British arrest order has not been lifted, and he can only give up.

Just when Black thought he would die with regret in this life, his son in England found him through various efforts. After years of absence, Black had too much to say, but when he learned that his British wife had passed away, he burst into tears. When parting, his son stared at Black and asked: “Do you regret your betrayal of the British and American intelligence services to the Soviet KGB?” Black said after a moment of silence: “The so-called betrayal is that you must belong to a certain party first, and I have not since the beginning. It belongs to the United Kingdom and the United States, so how can it betrayed?”

Now, when Black has passed away and needs to be concluded, people suddenly discovered that his identity as a double agent is as complicated as his origin, and it is difficult to accurately define. But one fact is certain: a Dutch Jew has become the largest double agent of the British and American intelligence agencies, and has also become one of the best spies in the history of the Cold War. His various deeds are destined to last forever in the world’s spy history.