It’s a bit, it will pass

I think many people will feel the same as me at some point, that is: tired, busy, oppressed, troubled, like being pushed by one hand, falling into a huge and empty cave, Only groping and walking in it, passively coping with various situations, and naturally falling into a situation of panic and exhaustion. It was a dazed and nonsensical state of life, like being tied up in an invisible net, unable to escape and detach with one’s own power.

The pressure of survival and the tight nerves make you even have the urge to self-destruct. But a strong sense of responsibility allows you to end this thought in a second. The life that should be continued will continue, and the cumbersome and trivial things that should be faced are still to be faced.

Jimmy said: “Life will be better if it is bad to a certain extent, and it will pass! Looking back one day, you will find that the people and things that gave you pain are also your salvation.” Yes, many things A lot of love, a lot of helplessness, a lot of entanglement, and a lot of things, it will pass silently like smoke and mist.

It is inevitable that people encounter difficulties and fall into difficulties in their life. But when we encounter difficulties, what we need most is to be sensible and calm, to stay calm, to smile hard, and to let the tedious life gradually become clear in the flow of time. In the world, there are no hurdles to pass. When the road is blocked, choose to turn; when the heart is unhappy, choose to be indifferent; when the feelings are getting away, choose to be free. Only those who have really experienced hardship know what peace and happiness are.

As we know, Hawking has survived his life after the age of seventeen. With extraordinary tenacity, he struggled with illness and pain, and wrote “A Brief History of Time”, which gave his own time a new meaning, and also made the insignificant time and space glow with new light.

In the darkest moments, it is quite a bit, it is a kind of courage, and it is also a contest that transcends oneself and becomes a butterfly. In the shackles of survival, once you survive, there will be a day when the unattainable dream becomes within reach. Because all the distance is no match for the powerful inner energy that sticks to go.