Old people live alone, don’t have a big house

  After the death of his wife, Aunt Sun lived alone in a 200-square-meter duplex apartment. Although her daughter comes to visit every weekend, for six months, she always feels that the house is deserted, eating well and sleeping well.
  “Oversized houses are not good for the physical and mental health of the elderly, and are especially not suitable for the elderly living alone.” According to Yang Ping, secretary general of the Geriatric Psychology Branch of the Chinese Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, there are more than 20 million elderly people living alone in my country, whether in rural or urban areas, like Aunt Sun There are not a few people who live in big houses, but too big a house will cause them a lot of inconvenience. For example, the daily cleaning of the elderly is more laborious, which will increase the feeling of “old age”; there are few occupants and the empty environment will make people feel lonely; the old things accumulate, and the elderly will be sentimental when they see things and think about others… Will bring a series of emotional problems, such as anxiety, depression, and then affect physical health. At the same time, too much space in the house, inconvenience for the elderly to retrieve or store, or pile up too much debris, may also increase the risk of falling.
  ”The time spent at home for the elderly increases. The home environment must be suitable for the elderly’s daily life. It is comfortable and convenient.” Yang Ping said, “It is recommended that the family and the elderly discuss together to see whether to make some adjustments to the existing housing structure or change it to a smaller one. Under the premise of respecting the wishes of the elderly, the size of the house can be determined according to the old habits and current needs of the elderly. For the elderly who feel that the house is too large, Yang Ping gives the following suggestions for “reconstruction”-invite
  others to live together Young, cheerful, and curiosity about the outside world, if their children are not around, they can learn from foreign experience and rent a bedroom to young people to live in. Introverted, it is not recommended for elderly people with stricter schedules and lifestyles Measures.
  Change the use of rooms. If there are many rooms, you can leave one of them unused or change its purpose. For example, according to the preferences of the elderly, it can be turned into a painting and calligraphy room, a tea room, or a practice room for singing and dancing.
  Increase the warmth of the environment, such as , Change the lighting to warm colors, add interesting hanging paintings and accessories, and replace curtains and bed sheets with warm patterns. Elderly people in good health can try to plant some flowers and plants, raise small animals, and add something to life Fun.
  Yang Ping reminded that when doing the above “reconstruction”, the daily items should not be changed too much. The memory of the elderly diminishes with age, and the more familiar the environment, the more comfortable the life of the elderly. Therefore, try not to make too much changes in the placement of commonly used items, the path of taking things, etc., so as not to increase the memory burden of the elderly.