Learn to make yourself happy

  I have seen such a story: the little monk saw a person from the rivers and lakes practicing sword and drinking alcohol in the middle of the night, and asked him inexplicably: “Master, why do more and more donors like to stay up late?” The master thoughtfully. Replied the little monk: “Because most people only play a self that others like during the day. Only when the person is alone in the middle of the night will the real self come back. It is simple to please the world, but it is difficult to please yourself.”
  I hope You, don’t always sleep too late, and don’t always make yourself too tired. A person lives a lifetime and must do everything he can, including making oneself happy.
A good sleep is the way to restart life

  There is a topic on Weibo called “Adults’ Self-Restart Method”. Some people choose to sleep because I “shut down and restart”. Just like the phone will get stuck after using it for a long time, when you shut down and restart it, you will find that it is more smooth to use.
  Sleeping is a refuge in life. If you are in a bad mood, just empty your head and think about nothing, sleep well, and wake up to feel like the coolest person again! Sleep, maybe things won’t get better, but it can give you the power to face all problems bravely. Lenin once famously said: People who can’t rest can’t work. If you want to save yourself from the “I’m so tired” state, then you must learn to rest.
  At the beginning of this year, Ms. Yang couldn’t contact her husband who was delivering food in Changsha, and asked the villagers who lived in the same building to see if her husband was in the rental house. But what was waiting was the bad news that made her collapse. The lost husband fell in the rental house and never woke up. When her husband called her before, he said, “I’m so tired these days.” Ms. Yang advised him “Don’t work hard, we can earn money slowly, rest when we are tired, and sleep well.” But in order to run a few more orders, her husband will often be busy until one or two late at night.
  Life is not easy, everyone worked hard. But a person’s energy is like a bank account. If you feel weak and heavy, you have a deficit in energy. At this time, no clever time management is useful. Only a good sleep and a good rest are the only solutions.
  Those energetic and successful people may not be able to endure more hardships than you, but they must be better able to rest than you. Life can be desperate at times, but if you sleep well and recharge your energy to fight, life will surely survive from desperation. Everyone is telling you to work hard, but no one tells you to work hard to rest. If you are carrying a heavy load, if you are tired, stop and sleep, wake up and move on!
Exercise is to get rid of all the troubles

  The famous writer Haruki Murakami is a workaholic, and his daily routine is writing. You know, whenever you feel that your writing is exhausted, it is the most uncomfortable thing for a writer. So he fell in love with sports, released all the stress during running, and devoted himself to writing easily. He wrote about a scene after running a marathon: “I finally sat on the ground, wiped my sweat with a towel, and drank water happily.” Untie the laces of running shoes, and carefully make ankles in the dark twilight around me Stretching exercise. This is the joy brought to him by sports. What seemed to be a strong knot in the body was unraveling little by little. It’s like finishing a novel, put the pen and let out a sigh of relief.
  Nietzsche said: The most difficult stage of life is not that no one understands you, but that you don’t understand yourself. If you feel lost in life and lost yourself, go for exercise. Exercise is a process of finding oneself and self-healing.
  In the movie “Forrest Gump”, the little Forrest Gump is mentally low and wears metal brackets all the year due to spondylosis, and is always isolated and insulted by classmates. For the first time A-Gump got on the school bus, no one wanted to sit with him, only Jenny gave him the place next to him. The classmates bullied A-Gump, Jenny encouraged him loudly, “You can do it, run!” Jenny told A-Gump to run as long as she encountered danger. A-Gump couldn’t run fast with the bracket, but after struggling to get rid of the bracket, no one could run him.
  From here, Forrest Gump got used to running and fell in love with the feeling of running with wind. Running gave him hope in life and healed his unhappiness. After graduating from high school, Forrest Gump was admitted to a state university because he was good at running and joined the football team. After joining the army, Forrest Gump saved many teammates’ lives because he ran fast on the battlefield. Whether on the rugby field, on the battlefield, or facing pain alone, he always runs to affirm and prove himself.
  In real life, we are easily discouraged when we encounter setbacks. But A-Gump’s running reminds us to look forward, run forward, and always have hope.
To travel is to leave unhappy things on the road

  Traveling is not only to see the world, but also to see your heart. In life, we will have a lot of things we can’t figure out, and moments that we can’t get through. Trapped in my own world, entangled and bored, but I can’t think of an answer. You might as well embark on a journey and take a look at places you have never been. When you scatter your unhappiness in every corner of the world, no matter how great annoyance is, it will become unworthy.
  In the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”, the heroine Frances is a famous writer who was cheated by her husband at the age of 35. The husband even told her that he had never loved her. This is undoubtedly the biggest blow to her spirit. At the time of the divorce, the husband had no financial income, so he relied on her to support him. The house was also bought by the hostess. However, according to local laws, not only did the husband not be held accountable, but the hostess had to pay him 200,000 US dollars in alimony and half of the house. With both people and wealth empty, the heroine instantly collapsed, began to doubt herself, lost hope for life, and fell into a bottleneck period in her life. Seeing her in this state, the best friend immediately booked her a ticket to Tuscany, Italy. With all the exhaustion and pain, she flew to Tuscany. Coming to the picturesque Tuscany, Frances rekindled hope for life, and the scars in her heart slowly healed. Because she saw a wider world and met more new people and things, she no longer confined herself to a small circle and self-world.
  Only when your heart goes out and touches the larger world, your world will be widened a little bit. How vast the universe is, how wonderful the country is, you deserve a better person, and you should do better things.
Eating food is to eat full of happiness into the stomach

  Zhang Ailing said in “Little Reunion”: At the worst time, she knows how to eat, is willing to wear, and will not mess. When you suffer in life and enjoy a meal with your heart, you will taste the sweetness of it.
  The hot pot gurgled, my heart thumped. Galaxy is boiling hot, not as good as a bowl of spicy. Life is too short, but fortunately there are barbecue hot pot and spicy hot pot. The richness of the bone broth is just right, the heat of the steak is just right, the sweetness of the sweet and sour ribs is just right, and the degree of sake is just right. The crabs and prawns were fresh in the morning, the squid shreds were crisp and refreshing, and the oysters were warm and rich.
  Those who are sad, have to eat their food and eat their sorrow every bite. There is a saying in the food documentary “A String of Life”: Without fireworks, life is a lonely journey. I think so, eat everything, but a bowl of fireworks. It’s the hardest thing to come, only food warms people’s hearts!
  My friend is planning in an advertising company and working overtime has become the norm. Difficult customers make things difficult every day, and good plans are beaten back to redo. At such times, he was exhausted physically and mentally, always thinking that he could not hold on, and the idea of ​​resignation had been moved countless times. But every time he was in a bad mood, he would meet up with a couple of friends and go to the food stall for a drink. Because only food can comfort the ups and downs of life. After the wine and meat passed through the intestines, he, who was originally downcast, instantly regained his ambition: “I, Hu Hansan, is back again! Isn’t it just the plan to be redone? I don’t believe it can be done!”
  Life is like this, many times, compared to Those empty comforting words, it is better to eat a delicious meal to be more real and soothing the hearts of mortals. After eating delicious food, no matter how empty the heart is, it will be filled, and no matter how sad it is, it will be squeezed away. Therefore, when you are unhappy, you must learn to treat yourself with delicious food and drink.