CAS NO.:70321-86-7
Chemical name:
Molecular Formula: C30H29N30
Molecular weight:447.6
Structural Formula:


Appearance:Slight yellowish powder
Melting range:137-141℃min
Ash: 0.1%max
Light Transmittance: 460nm 97%min
550nm 98%min
Solubility(20℃)(%w/w):Acetone 2,Chloroform 35,Cyclohexane 5,
Ethanol 0.3, Methanol 0.1%max,Ethyl acetate 4,
n-Hexane 0.6, Methylene chloride 34,Toluene 20

Application: It is a fine light stabilizer, has good compatibility with most polymers, especially suitable for PP, TPE , hard PVC, POM, PA, PC, PBT/PET, PMMA ,etc.
Usage: Coatings, 1.0~3.0 wt % based on solid weight;
PC, 0.2~0.4 wt % based on polymer weight;
Propenoic acid, 0.1~0.3 wt % based on polymer weight;
PET, 0.1~0.3wt % based on polymer weight.
Advantage: Low volatility during high processing temperature
Odorless, does not bring smells to the polymers
High resistance to thermal degradation
No effect on initial color of substrate

Toxicity and safety: It can be safely handled without any irritation to the skin.Packing: Fiber drum or cardborad drum inner lining plastic bag, each drum 20kg net weight or as required by the customers.Storage: It should be stored in a close system and kept in a dry, close and shade place