Trump: The counterattack begins?

  Looking at Biden’s dazed look, Trump squinted his eyes. Although he is no longer the C position on the political stage, he believes that the “miracle” of President Cleveland more than a hundred years ago can be repeated – – Come back after four years.
  Trump first launched a massive class-action lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others, accusing them of colluding with Russia during the 2016 election to rig the U.S. election. In the 108-page complaint, Trump specifically mentioned: “The defendants acted in concert to viciously conspire to fabricate false narratives that their Republican opponents colluded with a hostile foreign sovereign state…they cooperate only with A selfish purpose: to discredit Donald Trump.” The
  lawsuit was well timed. On the one hand, it has been too long since it was “framed”, and people have forgotten about it, and the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has also made the “Russian Gate” an out-and-out joke in terms of public sentiment. On the other hand, Biden has been very unsuccessful in governing, his approval rate has been low and has fallen to a record low, and both domestic and foreign affairs have been questioned.
  In fact, the “Russia Gate” has always been a sore spot in Trump’s heart. When he thinks about it, his teeth itch with hatred. Although such a large-scale class action has little chance of winning, what Trump wants is to file a lawsuit, what he wants is a long process, and what he wants is to attract attention.
  The early lawsuit shows that Trump is upright, and it also shows that he wants to return the sewage that the Democrats put on his head. This is not only a need for elections, but also a need for personality. From the perspective of personality, Trump has always been fearless, and has always been framed and feared by Democrats – at least this is how the personality is.
  Due to the length of the lawsuit, Trump also had many opportunities to speak, and these opportunities were brought about by the lawsuit, in other words, the opportunity to act.
  Not only that, the lawsuit itself is a process of putting pressure on Democrats. At the tip of Trump’s tongue, Democrats will face greater psychological, moral and political pressure. If they operate well, they can also form Trump among the people. Pu’s sympathy and empathy are wronged, and whether the Democrats take it or not, Trump has already won: if you take it, we’ll fight, if you don’t take it, you’re guilty. And the lawsuit is only the beginning of Trump’s counterattack. From now on, he will think about his “Cleveland” itinerary.
  And Biden did give him a better chance. From epidemic control to economic recovery, from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to a possible nuclear crisis, Biden can’t do anything to satisfy Americans. Especially the traceability of the new crown, as the Russian army opened the “Pandora’s box” of the Ukrainian biological laboratory, it released not only the question of the purpose of the biological laboratory in the United States (336 around the world), but also the transmission through animals such as bats. The suspicion of the new crown virus, and the accidental death of the female author who made the new crown virus in the United States has just been revealed, which makes people have a big question mark about the United States’ desire to cover up. What’s more, people inevitably associate the accidental death of many people who exposed the new crown epidemic with the accidental death of many people who exposed Hillary Clinton. .
  Framing others is addicting. And populism, which has already taken off, is like a prairie fire in a state of weak life and overwhelming resentment among the middle and lower classes. As we all know, populism is the source of Trump’s votes and the key to Trump’s counterattack. Now, Trump will continue to rely on the wave of populism to attack the Biden administration, and to reclaim his own words by criticizing the status quo. rights, and establish the public psychological expectation of “I have to come.”
  It may be a bit far to say that the election in two years’ time, but Trump’s counterattack also reflects Biden’s incompetence in power from one aspect. A Quinnipiac University poll shows that President Biden’s approval rating is the worst in nearly 50 years, and this is bound to make Trump’s favorite populism more prevalent. It can be said that the approval rating of the incumbent president is dismal , gave Trump the greatest confidence to return to the White House.
  So, in two years, will we still see the PK of the two of them?