I understand your anxiety

  As the problem of insomnia caused by anxiety is becoming more and more common, an online business about meditation and relaxation has also begun to take root, and some apps focusing on meditation have appeared. There are many of them who are favored by capital. FLOW Meditation, HeartlyLab, etc. have received financing less than a year after their establishment.
  In the world’s largest meditation market, the United States, its market size reached 1.21 billion US dollars (about 7.7 billion yuan) in 2017, and is expected to reach 2 billion US dollars (about 12.7 billion yuan) in 2022. Platforms such as Headspace and Calm that provide meditation content through apps and other channels have gradually entered the ranks of “unicorns”.
pay for knowledge

  According to Zhaopin’s survey data, 95% of the emerging middle class are anxious, of which 71% are mainly due to uncertainty about the future, and more than half of the emerging middle class are pursuing higher-level development. In order to seize the opportunities one after another, more and more young people will choose to pay for knowledge, it seems that they are paying for spirit, and anxiety is also eliminated.
  In 2016, it was called “the first year of knowledge payment”. By 2021, according to iiMedia Research, the paid knowledge service market will reach 67.5 billion yuan.
  However, due to the lack of a mature business model in the entire knowledge payment industry, there is a problem of low repurchase rate, and the industry has also fallen into a period of silence. And because the industry has not yet established a regulatory mechanism, the accuracy and gold content of some paid knowledge are greatly reduced.
Oral Beauty Market

  Fears of aging and getting ugly are propping up a beauty segment. In January last year, after the National Health Commission approved sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) as a new food raw material and was widely used in oral beauty products, oral beauty experience has gradually become a trendy young lifestyle.
  The Euromonitor report pointed out that the global sales of oral beauty products is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 122 billion yuan by 2024, 3 times the current market size. However, controversy has always accompanied the development of oral beauty products, and the proposition of “is it an IQ tax” has always been accompanied by oral beauty products. Some manufacturers cannot guarantee that the added ingredients can be absorbed by the human body, and some manufacturers create concepts indiscriminately, which seriously disrupts the market.
assisted reproduction

  In 2021, my country’s birth rate will be only 7.52‰, a new low since the founding of China. With the release of the three-child policy and the catalysis of the inclusion of medical insurance, and the increasing number of infertile people, the assisted reproduction track has also begun to be seen by more capital. According to the company’s data, there have been 66 financing events in the assisted reproduction track in the past ten years, and the disclosed financing amount is nearly 3.92 billion yuan.
  Compared with traditional medicine, the assisted reproduction industry has the characteristics of high threshold. Generally speaking, the more experienced enterprises can bring a higher success rate.
  At present, the penetration rate of assisted reproduction in my country is only 7%, which is far lower than the level of 30.2% in the United States. This track is bound to attract more new players and new capital in the future.