Easy money. I manage the weight of celebrities

No one can imagine, a small fat girl who grew up in laughter, not only shed 55 pounds of fat to break the cocoon, but also help Japan’s popular actors lose weight, not only let more and more stars live healthy, but also increase and lose weight to make a career.
Wan Qiong, originally from Shandong Province, is now one of the hottest figures in the Paris fashion world, with many top models relying on her to keep their weight under control. As for the annual salary, Wan Qiong mysterious smile: “Should be about the same as the second-line models in Paris.”
Chubby was an instant hit in Tokyo
One day in 2017, Masao Miyazi, a star of NHK and known as the “second Momoe Yamaguchi”, was making up in the dressing room of the production team. Her makeup artist is a Chinese woman who graduated from the University of Tokyo. She is famous in the industry and often makes up for stars in some shows and concerts. She also brought a Chinese schoolgirl as her assistant today.
Miyaji has a round face. During makeup, she kept complaining that she didn’t look good on camera and asked her makeup artist to focus on the shape of her face. In cases like hers, it takes more than two hours to complete an elaborate makeup, with shadows on cheeks and transitions to highlights. Miyaji was impatient every time.
At this time, the makeup artist’s little assistant timidly interrupted miyaji True xu and makeup artist dialogue, said: “I can help you shape a more beautiful facial curve.” Miyaji true xu hummed a, said: “You have what method?” Small assistant tells her confidently, oneself can with healthy food course of treatment, appropriate motion, let her achieve the partial effect of facial ministry reduce weight. “I hope you’ll give me a chance.” “Said the little assistant, looking into her eyes.
Miyaji True xu sent his own people to understand the little assistant’s background, found that the Chinese girl named Wan Qiong is not simple.
Wan Qiong is a master student in nutrition at the University of Tokyo, majoring in psychology and kinesiology. She is currently working as an intern at Fitz Nutrition Management Studio. He is 163 centimeters tall and weighs 42.5 kilograms. But a year and a half ago, she was still a weight of 70 kilograms of fat girl, has been plagued by obesity, in the classmates were ridiculed, “little fat girl” title.
It is said that Wan also tried diets, excessive exercise and diet pills, but all failed and missed out on a romantic relationship online. Later, because of the Chinese students in Japan in the Spring Festival party to meet a girl nutrition discipline, to help her to develop an exclusive nutrition meal, and with strict special exercise, after half a year of unremitting efforts, Wan Qiong successfully lost 55 kilograms.
The Ten thousand qiong after thin body is successful, planned his life target afresh: help a person reduce weight, let more fat girl have the opportunity that shows beauty! So Wan Qiong disregarded her family’s opposition to her original law major and turned to nutrition, psychology and kinematics.
In one year, Wan Qiong accepted the professional training of a dietitian, mainly learning to develop different nutrition collocation according to people’s different constitutions, as well as the corresponding psychological therapy program, to help each other to achieve their own weight, and have been maintained. A year later, Wan successfully obtained her nutritionist certificate.
Miyaji is interested in Wan qiong’s experience and expresses trust: a person who has experienced pain himself must understand the pain of others and be able to help them. She decided to let Wan Qiong help her to do a partial face weight loss.
After asking miyaji Maxu’s details, work hours and food preferences, Wan Qiong mastered the reason for her fat face: as a star, numerous performances, rehearsals let her work and rest time chaos, and often stay up late filming. This will cause edema on her face, plus she is a little baby fat, so her face will look fat.
In response to the above situation, Wan quickly developed a vegetable-based nutritious diet, mainly high in potassium. Because potassium is qualitative can promote inside body metabolization function, add tall fiber seaweed, bean curd, bean stem to wait, achieve the effect of thin face very easily. And, Wan Qiong also consulted friends of Traditional Chinese medicine, developed a set of facial acupoint exercises, let Miyaji true xu do it every morning and evening, to comprehensively improve miyaji true xu face overall tightness, three-dimensional sense, fluency.
A few months later, Miyaji managed to shake off baby fat and puffiness, and her face became slimmer and more photogenic. Miyaji really xu excited, sheng invited Wan Qiong to do her weight management division. Japanese media have been interviewing Her about her weight loss secrets after discovering her changes.
Thanks to the Japanese media, Wan Qiong, a Chinese weight manager, has shot to fame in Japan, with many Japanese entertainment stars vying to hire her as their weight manager.
In the past few years in Japan, Wan Qiong has worked as a weight manager for nearly 20 entertainers, such as Japanese hybrid model Rika Hashimoto, famous actress Ryoko Yicura and actor Hiroji Oda.
A successful move to Paris
In 2019, wan Qiong, already a minor celebrity in Japan’s entertainment industry, left Tokyo for the fashion capital — Paris. In Paris, however, it is not easy for Wan qiong to stand out from the crowd.
At that time, Wan Qiong did not receive any work, but often pay attention to Paris all kinds of catwalks and celebrities celebrity news, every issue of the trend weekly also completely ordered. She knew she needed a break into the Parisian fashion world, something she could only find in the celebrity news offered by fashion weeklies.
After much deliberation, Wan set her sights on British supermodel Gemma Clarke, then a rising star in Paris. However, the magazine has reported that Clarke is suffering from malnutrition due to excessive dieting, and has taken candid pictures of her fainting.
Wan Qiong then tried to make a move on her. She has appeared in several fashion shows with Ms. Clark as a model, but has struggled to get close. Wan seized the opportunity to hand her business card to her assistant, telling her simply and sincerely that she could help Gemma Clarke get healthy and that she wouldn’t put on weight.
A few days later, Wan met clark, who was too thin, at her apartment. After a chat, Gemma Clarke revealed her modeling life to Wan Qiong, who is also struggling in a foreign country.
The glamour of the catwalk has attracted countless aspiring girls, and Clark, with her good looks and figure, is no exception. She joined modelling when she was 16. “The job wanted was: ‘Wanted: scrawny teenage girl with a strictly monitored diet. There is no regular salary (no money for losers), no job security and no long-term benefits. Use drugs to relieve stress, use carnival to anesthetize oneself. Key skills: ability to sit still, stand still, occasional ability to move in full view, must be able to maintain an unhealthy physique. ‘” Clark tells Wan Qiong, this is a true reflection of them.
Despite the high pay, the hours were horrendously long: 15 hours a day on average, seven days a week. Almost every day, models are weighed and measured. Some people are asked to diet again and again, or even eat nothing for days. All had to fight a long battle with abstinence and anorexia.

And the desire to stay young is strongest in this industry. Gemma told Wan qiong that agents always marketed her as 18. In addition, they are constantly worried about the appearance of wrinkles. At one point, a makeup artist warned her to stop smiling because she had fine lines under her eyes and she was only 23.
Gemma Clark undressed and showed Wan Qiong her body. “Skin to bones” is not too much to describe this young body, despite the fine clothes. Wan Qiong sigh unceasingly, the more dazzling halo, behind the more ordinary people bear the heavy and hard. She was determined to do everything she could to help Gemma Clarke get well, whether it was for her first shot in Paris or to help this lovely girl in front of her.
Wan qiong ordered Gemma to stop dieting immediately, and then made a set of fattening nutrition, based on high protein, grains, vegetables. And ask her to sign up for classes she’s interested in to relieve the pressure; Then, do some exercises to strengthen your body and get enough sleep.
Wan told Gemma to follow the following rules: One, make sure there are carbohydrates in every meal; Second, keeping your body in motion is the key to keeping your body young. Three, don’t be too hard on yourself. If be too harsh to oneself, the thing that loves to eat or dessert all regard taboo, can affect mental health instead; Fourth, instead of dieting, it is better to change the food structure and eat more healthy food, such as fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread and so on.
Three months later, Gemma Clark had put on 5kg and regained a healthy weight, rounding out her wizened figure. She thanked Wan Qiong very much: “You have shaped a new healthy me!” There is no doubt that Wan Qiong fought her first battle in Paris very well. After her first successful step, Wan started a career as a weight manager in Paris.
Handling weight problems and taboos
As a weight manager, not every client is easy to get along with.
French female entertainer Yi Jie found Wan Qiong through the person introduction, because she drank too much for a long time, stay up late, bring about the figure overweight 10 pounds.
Wan qiong worked out a suitable nutritious diet and exercise plan for Alijie. But Ali Jie did not comply with the requirements of Wan Qiong, still stay up late drinking, nutrition and sports only adhere to a few days.
Many times in Wan Qiong advised, Alejai still go her own way. Months later, Alejay’s weight had not changed at all. She blamed all the blame on Wan Qiong, said nothing about his violation of wan Qiong’s weight loss plan, but declared that she was a liar.
Although Alejet’s reputation in the French artist world is not great, Wan Qiong is not questioned much, but this is a lesson for her. After this incident, she carefully improved her work process and added new customer agreements to avoid the damage to her reputation and management effect caused by such incidents in the future.
At the same time Ten thousand qiong takes the initiative to contact a few model company, hold the position of weight management division for model free, aggrandizement his public praise.
And as a weight manager, especially for so many in the fashion industry, there’s another no-no: you can’t cross the border with clients of the opposite sex. Paris is a city full of temptations, where many women dream of a man who is handsome, sophisticated and elegant. You have to know what you want all the time.
When Wan Qiong first came to Paris, she heard that a Korean girl who was a designer of Calvin Klein underwear in Paris had an affair with a famous male model. Because the relationship between the two people has been unable to surface, the male model other love, The South Korean girl almost committed suicide. In the end, she ended her career for good.
There was also a Singaporean guy, a stylist, with whom Wan had met several times. Because of the work, the guy had to make up for many female models every day. Some models talked casually after getting familiar with him, and sometimes they changed their clothes at the backstage. The self-righteous man made several inappropriate jokes, only to be sued for sexual harassment by a female model. It made it impossible for him to get a job in Paris.
Wan Qiong has always taken this as a commandment. She often manages the weight of some male stars and male models, a romantic French man who never hides his feelings. For some naked temptation, Wan Qiong constantly warned herself, must control. Some male models even joked: “Miss Wan, are you lesbian? (Miss Wan, are you a lesbian?) “Wan Qiong smiled, neither moved nor explained.
Until I met Louis. He was a male model of some renown in Paris, whom he met at a fashion show. Louis was impressed by Wan qiong’s Chinese beauty and often invited her to meet him in an open-air cafe. They talked enthusiastically in English, often well into the evening, watching the sun set and then having dinner together. Every date was very pleasant. Wan Qiong was often distracted by Louis’s blue eyes. It was through these eyes that Wan Qiong felt his affection and sincerity for her.
She likes him and he likes her. In this flashy world, it’s hard to find love. Wanqiong almost fell. Louis has been interested in pursuing a career in film and television, and has signed a contract with a famous film and television company in Paris.
Wan Qiong understands that the feelings of the entertainment circle are the most vulnerable to scrutiny and test. As a new actor, emotion is his Achilles’ heel. If I was with Louis, then I’d have to stay hidden, and their relationship would remain in the shadows. She doesn’t want to repeat the Korean girl’s tragedy. All the time, what she pursues is just a dull and long-term relationship.
So when Louis presented her with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, Wan said, “Sorry, I can’t.” Louis was surprised and lost.
Wan told him frankly: “I believe many girls would find it difficult to refuse your pursuit, but my profession tells me that I must have good professional ethics and must not have any emotional entanglements with clients…”
During her two years in Paris, Wan never had an affair with any of her customers. She sticks to her professional code no matter what the temptation. Because of this, Wan Qiong’s fame in Paris has grown. Now, Wan qiong is 26 years old, but her love is still blank. She believes that fate is destined, destined that person will always appear in her life, she does not want to force anything deliberately.
Although liposuction and plastic surgery are also popular in the fashion and show business, Wan believes that only healthy and lasting ways can stand the test of time and age. Now, Wan qiong has finally established herself in the fashion capital and has a career of her own. She hopes to return to Beijing in the near future to manage the weight of China’s own celebrities.