Epoxy Terminated Silicone Fluid

Product Name

Epoxy Terminated Polyoxyethylenepolyoxypropylene Polydimethylsiloxane Block Copolymer (CHEERSIL 8210)


Typical Properties



CHEERSIL 8210-2200

CHEERSIL 8210-1800


Light amber, transparent to slightly muddy oily liquid

Epoxy Value (mmol/g)



Viscosity (25℃, mm2/s)



Volatile (%)

≤ 10.00

≤ 10.00

The typical property is not an indicator of the quality of the product.



CHEERSIL 8210 series silicone fluid is a kind of linear polyether modified silicone fluid with terminal reactive epoxy group. It can be used to synthesize various functional modified polysiloxane, especially for the synthesis of ternary block amino modified polysiloxane copolymers which used for the multifunctional finishing of textiles. This series of silicone fluid can also be used for the modification of organic resin to improve the resin’s softness, smoothness, releasing, heat resistance and other characteristics.


Packaging and Storage

  • The product is packed in 200L plastic drum or 1000L IBC plastic tank with a net weight of 200KG or 1000KG.
  • The product is stored in a sealed state at normal temperature, and the shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.


Safety and Transportation

This product should be sealed and stored at room temperature. Customers should carefully read the product information, material safety data sheet (MSDS) and labels before use. And familiar with the product safety information, operating instructions, environmental impact, and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment as required.