Lithium bis(oxyalyl)difluorophosphate CAS No.678966-16-0

Product name:Lithium bis(oxyalyl)difluorophosphate (Cheeradd LiDFBP)
CAS No.:678966-16-0

Quality specification:




White powder

Purity (GC, %)

≥ 99.50

Moisture (Karl-Fischer, ppm)

≤ 500




It is mainly used as electrolyte additive for power lithium-ion battery. Improve the conductivity of the non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Improve the low-temperature output performance of the battery, inhibit the decomposition of the positive electrode surface that may occur during high temperature cycling, prevent the oxidation reaction of the electrolyte solution, and improve the discharge capacity and swelling characteristics after high temperature storage.