Ethylene Sulfate CAS No.: 1072-53-3

Product name:Ethylene Sulfate (Cheeradd DTD/ESA)
CAS No.:1072-53-3
Appearance:Colorless Crystal
Density: 1.03 g/cm3
Melting Point:95.2-96.1℃
Boiling Point: 231℃
Flash Point: 93.5℃


Quality specification:




≤ 50

Assay (GC, %)

≥ 99.50

Moisture (Karl-Fischer, ppm)

≤ 200

Acid Value (HF, ppm)

≤ 150


It is mainly used as electrolyte additive for power lithium-ion battery. It improves the charge and discharge cycle performance, high temperature performance and safety performance of lithium-ion battery.

For samples, opened only in dry atmosphere (glove box or dry room), sealed again and stored in cool and dry place after used.

Package and Storage
The product is packed in fluorinated bottle which is wrapped outside with aluminum foil bag, net weight 5KG per bottle.
The product is strictly forbid exposing to the sun. When keep tightly storing in cool and dry place below 5℃ ambient temperatures, it has a shelf life of three months from date of production.