Reconnect body, mind and spirit in gentle healing

Open the heart
Be open to all possibilities
To lead us into a healthier state

The spring scenery outside the window is blooming luxuriously, and the vitality of nature gives home life a bright and beautiful. At the beginning of April, our bodies, minds and spirits wake up with the leaves and flowers blooming. The “storm” will eventually pass, cherish hope and yearning, can be closer to the “blue sky”. Let’s embrace nature through a healing journey. At present, world travel is gradually restarting, and accommodation has launched “health plan” to reconnect travelers, minds and nature with gentle healing.

Phuket “recuperation” holiday

“At the seaside, all you see is a long, narrow horizon, and the world is reduced to a long straight line between heaven and earth. But is there a moment in our lives when our lives have never been turned upside down and never come back?” In John Banville’s beautifully insightful prose about an art historian who returns to the coastal fishing village of his childhood to escape and reflect on his past life, the calm and turbulent nature of the “sea” is a subtle exploration of grief, memory and calm love.

The sea in spring is a soothing blue, vast and serene as far as the eye can see, and warm sea breezes blowing in your ears, like a lover’s whisper. The sea has helped heal the tension of daily life and the mental state that cannot be easily relaxed. Not long ago, banyan Tree, an eco-resort in Phuket, Thailand, officially opened its “Nurturance holiday”, which means “the way of Nurturance”.

The Banyan Tree Pavilion is located in a secret location in Nakurang, Phuket island, where the peaceful beach of Bang Tao is a beautiful holiday time in the transition between day and night. It has Thailand’s first “White Room”, where people can experience three different stages of “consciousness”, “exploration” and “practice” under the guidance of professional practitioners.

Touch your sense consciousness in a comfortable natural environment through breathing, sound therapy and imagination guidance; Relieve stress on the nervous system through dance, yoga and mindfulness classes; Enjoy the healing process through floating rehabilitation therapy, body stretching massage and sound meditation; Bring the healing experience back into your daily life through creative training, balanced nutrition, and mindfulness recovery.

In terms of diet, professional dietitians will tailor menus according to individual needs and preferences to bring health and taste while reducing carbon emissions and respecting the origin of origin. This is a healing island trip, but also a journey back to self.

“Bula” from Fiji

The South Pacific islands are always beautiful and fascinating. After a long wait in lockdown, travelers will be able to re-enter The “Secret paradise” of Fiji in April, enjoying an island holiday at the best of surfing and diving.

From manasseh’s biggest malolo island in card islands, Fiji, six good hotel surrounded by the clear water, white beach with palm trees, warm sunshine to skin reddening, and slightly along the boardwalk winds through the woods, and still have a chance to catch a glimpse of a friendly Fiji short crown iguana, nobody is willing to break the quiet and beautiful. In the midst of lush jungle stands a modern language ‘Fijian village’ building, the Six Good Fiji Spa, which takes a layered approach to health and treatment beyond the usual experience.

The extensive menu includes one of the most popular treatments, Fiji Bobo Massage, which improves circulation and relieves muscle tension through the use of a warm plaster made from garden herbs. If you want to go deeper into health healing, you can participate in customized health plans with different cycles. Under the guidance of professional teachers, you can help your body and mind enter a healthy cycle through different therapies, yoga, fitness and sleep. Experience Ayurvedic therapy under the guidance of Deepak, the director of the spa.

In addition to form rich body care, food menu also continues the healthy and sustainable, spa ingredients many raw materials are in the hotel garden planting of fresh herbs, or purchased from local farmers and fishermen, elaborate foods contain and reverence to nature, also in the sense of taste memory frames the pure beauty of Fiji.

Calm down by the Chao Phraya River

From the Atuya dynasty in the 13th century to the Thunburi and Chakri dynasties in the 18th century to the present Thai kingdom, the Chao Phraya River, which rises and falls on the shan Plateau in northwest China, has guarded the land day and night. The Chao Phraya River, which flows from the highlands to the sea, is the source of Bangkok’s prosperity, and the temples along the river give this modern metropolis its unique cultural flavor.

In a lush oasis on the banks of the Chao Phraya River lies a cozy retreat, dubbed the government-protected “Green lung of Bangkok,” where RAKxa Retreat center is located. RAKxa is Thailand’s first pioneering comprehensive health retreat center, where world-class medical team and traditional healing experts customize health plans ranging from 1 to 14 days based on cutting-edge technology.

To relieve women’s stress and tension, RAKxa offers a range of customized, immersive treatments, including special hormone treatments to balance hormone levels and biohomologous hormone replacement therapy. Biohomologous HORMONE replacement therapy uses synthetic hormones that are very similar to natural human hormones to match a woman’s own production of DHEA, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone to help relieve stress, irritability and mood swings caused by hormone imbalance.

To calm your nerves, try traditional Thai Yoo Fai treatments, including full-body herbal Thai massage, and salt clay pot massage for the abdomen, thighs and back, which focuses heat on the waist and crotch to warm muscles and tired bones.

Before you go to sleep, you can enjoy a low-temperature sauna therapy to stimulate the body’s self-healing and rejuvenating processes such as blood circulation and collagen regeneration. After a long day of deep relaxation, the chao Phraya River falls into a beautiful dream at night.

Soak in the blue of the Maldives

The essence of travel is a process of self-repair. In a relatively unfamiliar destination, in the relationship with nature, everyone can unload their heavy burdens and find their innocence and identity in the natural environment full of vitality. Back in 1995, the first spa in the Maldives was opened in Soneva Fushi, where people with a tired heart went to indulge in the healing atmosphere of a blue, snorkeling tropical fish.

Today, Soneva is once again connecting travel, nature and people with her new Soneva Soul for a personalized wellness experience. Soneva Soul course catalog based on the results of the needs of individual, ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal herbal remedies and bacteria, such as traditional health care philosophy combined with advanced diagnosis and treatment, such as heart rate test, high concentrations of plasma platelet, intravenous vitamin therapy, cryotherapy, ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Led by professional fitness instructors and fitness experts, Soneva Soul offers functional gym training, natural free dynamic skills and experiential fitness. Yoga, yoga pranayama and meditation classes are led by resident yoga masters and renowned guest experts, and you can also participate in the “Sleep Program” with professional guidance to establish healthier long-term sleep habits.

At Soneva Jani, The new Spa complements The Gathering’s existing over-water Spa, a three-storey complex located in The east of The island, connected by a winding wooded aerial walkway, with views everywhere, yoga kiosk and meditation space at The treetops, The exclusive turquoise lagoon offers panoramic views. The beautiful scenery echoes the beautiful body and mind, and when the trip is over, more unknown challenges can be met.