Understand that person like this

  There is a good snow in the night, and the world is white. I slept deeply last night and didn’t even feel it. The usual morning is to wake up at six o’clock. On weekdays, it is still dark at this hour. Today there is snow lined it, and the window is white.
   Snow is already good, and even better is Yexuechuji. When the washing is finished, the sky is already bright-the sky is actually clear blue, transparent and bright! How rare, after many days of chaotic and dirty haze, can you not rejoice and celebrate…
   Then open the curtains of the Xuan window and open the door, allowing the frost and wind to drive in through the vast snowy fields of the pine forest and sweep the hall. , Ji Luo Wei, Dang Zhuo Hui, Yang Qing Fen, refreshing and refreshing!
   If I have a courtyard and I don’t sweep the snow to open the way, I want to protect the cleanliness just like the purity of the soul, and I want her not to be stained by the dust. As soon as the voice fell, there was an uproar—the long-tailed flower magpie? Can come and jump! Chubby little sparrow? You can come to twitter! I am not too noisy at all! Atrium Crane Dance? Hengqin Panasonic? You can enter poetry and painting, I can’t ask for it! Thousands of years ago, the friend who made me wet the blue shirt on the night dew and solitary qinhouluojing came here unexpectedly. The Yiren could squeak and smash Qiong Yao. I don’t feel distressed at all.
   The joy of welcoming each other, stroking his palms, and laughing is just the overjoy of friends coming from afar. Shake the wind and dust, whole food and fruit, pour jade, so and so, you can skip the table. But when it comes to cooking tea with snow, this is an elegant thing. In the farming era, it should be a realistic daily life, but now it should be a hypocritical performance art. Due to the visit of a friend, I gave it a try.
   Boil the snow in a mud bowl and burn the red leaves.
   Black bowl, white snow, golden fire, red leaves.
   With the dance of the flames, I saw the hills of snow in the bowl, soft and soft, from white to black, clear black, and Tao black. Pure and transparent, you can already see the curled aquatic plants engraved on the bottom of the bowl. When the bamboo stove soup boils, like beads like crab eyes, the heat will arrive, and the water should be old after it is boiled.
   White porcelain makes tea, the porcelain is like snow, the tea is like green, the tea smokes, and the tea is fragrant.
   Sitting on the futon. Hold the tea in both hands, close your eyes, turn the cup, and smell the fragrance.
   The agarwood does not burn because it will disturb the fragrance of tea.
   The horned pines in front of the window are covered with snow, and the branches are swaying and falling into the snow because they are intolerant of the long wind.
   After the Yiren’s tea, Jie Jinyu will play the yaoqin and sing. Ming Ming Zhang room is born with a void white / Zhanzhan curling world is narrow / Luoyang gate is closed / Tai Chi is not divided / Chuyao is painting / a clear and shallow Milky Way / Ningsu Po / Xuegong is not separated from Yingzhou… The
   sound of the piano is clear, The singing is ethereal, and I close my eyes and play carefully in the vast snow and the tea smoke. If so, there is nothing wrong with conflating the past and the present across time and space. So let go of the thinking horse and see how it chased the wind by electricity, the horse stepped on the flying swallow…they
   said that the Wei and Jin Dynasty were romantic, and it really made a difference.
   Blurred in a trance, he ran into Wang Youjun. Elder Wang raised his eyes to look at the sky, and said with joy, it’s snowing and clearing! I slandered, Wang’s post is beautiful but the content is a bit more mediocre, not worthy of the emptying of Snow Country. However, Ziyou visited Dai. It was a wonderful time. Maybe I know more about Yu Ziyou. There are only a few words in “Shi Shuo Xin Yu”. Under thousands of years, the clear-cut Wang Huizhi is ready to appear, so that I always have the urge to send him a WeChat: meet together to travel, sing in the snow, and drink wine with poems, The material is fine.
   At that time Ziyou was in Shanyin. It was also a good night of snow, and perhaps it was the wind and snow that swept across the bamboo forest. Everyone knows that Ziyou loves bamboo, and even one day cannot be without such a king. Even if you rent a house for a small stay, you will be the first to enter bamboo in the future. Wake up and look out, ho, it’s snowing! Qiongpa wind dances, bright heaven and earth, bamboo and snow fight each other, mingled with gold and galaxy. For a time, Ziyou’s sleepiness disappeared, and he was greeted by the wind, and he called the boy to open the bottle: using the poem “Zhao Yin” by Feiqiong and Zuo Taichong to add wine. The heroic hair, drink and sing, the song said: “…There is a cold spring well in front of you, and you can talk to your heart. Amidst the green onions, the bamboo and cypress are true.”
   -Suddenly, I want to see Dai Andao, and I can’t wait for a moment. , That is, visit Dai. This is really capricious! Shi Dai is far away in Yanxi! It can be seen that the spatial distance is never a problem, the problem is whether the mind fits together. Later, in the Tang people’s sea, there was a confidant who was close to each other, which also meant this. Then there is no need to search through ancient books, who can imagine Dai Andao, it must be Yuanming’s ice-like and snowy rhyme.
   Against the wind and snow, we arrive at the place where we stay. Surprisingly, Ziyou didn’t move forward. It’s really reckless, without any suffocation! Ziyou acted like Dongpo’s prose, always doing what he should do, and always stop at it. Without him. On the beautiful mountain vagina, driving a flat boat with a leaf, a heavy snow curtain, the sky and the earth are all white, but the river water that the boat pushes away has a trace of ink, just like a long scroll of landscape, only black and white In two colors, the Feidan stacks on both sides of the strait suddenly turned white, and the blue water was stained with ink-such a country, and when our generation is pitching, we can fly around ten thousand miles and eight poles! Who can be a partner? What if you don’t wear it? For those who are not the first, Ziyou has completed the spiritual exchange with Dai in the process of interacting with the spirit of heaven and earth. As for Dai’s body, it was already snake feet when he visited.
   The subtlety of this is not enough to be humane. The so-called people who come and return after being happy are just an excuse for Ziyou to prevaricate the laity. Under a thousand years, let’s not be concealed by him, this is also an expert’s blindfold. You said that you came here in the middle of the night against the wind and snow, but you didn’t get in. You must give an explanation to the boatman or entourage. Ziyou visits Dai Zhiyouwei, does not visit, but does not meet. It can only be understood, but cannot be said, if the words are written, it will be self-defeating…
   In fact, the commonplace is like me, and it is also like Lingyun. There is no trace of snow, no trace of Qiyou, no strings of yaoqin, and no fragrance of tea.
   And Wu Tianya draws the snake brother Taishanju, and visits Yuquan Temple in autumn. The temple has a thousand-year-old ginkgo, towering over the sky, and falling leaves like gold. There is a stone table under the tree and a few stone benches, all buried by fallen leaves, and the eyes are full of brilliance. The man said: sitting, tasting tea, roasting ginkgo fruit, eating it, quietly thinking, waiting for the sky…
   Across the vast sea of ​​nets, Wei Hangsha asked scenically, is it the poet’s celestial horse or can you follow the picture? Brother Painter didn’t blame me for being abrupt, and replied patiently: the roasted ginkgo fruit, after peeling, the inner kernel is green like emerald, strong, slightly bitter, and full of fragrance. Please taste it when you come to Mount Tai. Hehe, there is no need to go there personally, Wei Hang is already fascinated.
   ——Why see and wear another version. The ancients don’t need to deceive, so it is.
   Greedy ate a few more ginkgo biloba like emeralds, and his mouth was dry, so he took a teacup to sooth his throat, tea, and it had cooled off early. Inevitably raise the fire again.
   Looking at the clear sky and the vast snow outside the window, I don’t know what happened to the thousand-year-old ginkgo of Taishan Yuquan Temple and the stone table and stone bench under the tree. Shouldn’t it be buried by Yuxue?