How to inject insulin by themselves for diabetic patients

  Absolute or relative lack of insulin in diabetic patients causes metabolic disorders such as sugar, protein and fat, which in turn induces chronic endocrine and metabolic diseases. Many patients still cannot effectively control their blood sugar levels through diet control and oral hypoglycemic drugs. At this time, they need to receive insulin injections.
  Insulin injection site
  diabetic insulin injection sites include the abdomen, thigh, hip or other lateral arm, differences in absorption rate different injection sites medicament. If the patient’s daily meal time comes earlier, he can give priority to insulin injection in the abdomen; if the meal time is delayed, he can choose to have insulin injection in the buttocks. Local exercise can help the absorption of drugs, so sugar friends should participate in physical exercises, and should avoid choosing arms or thighs for injections as much as possible to prevent the promotion of insulin absorption due to limb exercises, resulting in hypoglycemia after exercise.
  The injection site of insulin should be changed frequently, and the distance between the two injection points should be more than two centimeters. Avoid repeated injections at the same site to prevent tissue damage or subcutaneous fat atrophy.
  How to reduce pain after injection
  lot of sugar Friends reluctant to insulin injections because of pain after injection heavier. In fact, the pain is mainly caused by the improper choice of sugar-friendly insulin injection. If you can pay attention to the following points, you can effectively relieve the pain of insulin injection.
  First, avoid the low temperature of the insulin medicine. If the insulin is taken out of the refrigerator and injected immediately, the temperature of the medicine will be low, which will easily cause local pain. Therefore, the insulin should be allowed to stand for a while before being injected after taking it out of the refrigerator.
  Second, the injection should be performed after the rubbing alcohol has evaporated properly. If the alcohol has not completely dried out, give the injection. At this time, the alcohol may enter the subcutaneous through the eye of the needle, aggravating the pain.
  Third, you can gently pinch the skin of the injection site with your hands, and inject the drug when you feel a slight pain in the local skin, which not only facilitates the injection, but also disperses the pain.
  Fourth, the needle must be inserted decisively and quickly during the injection process. The slower the needle insertion speed, the heavier the pain.
  Fifth, the same direction should be adopted in the process of needle insertion and needle withdrawal, and ensure that the injection local muscles are fully relaxed.
  Sixth, the skin injection site should be changed regularly. This injection site should be kept at a distance of more than two centimeters from the previous injection site, and injections should be avoided in subcutaneous hardened areas or skin infections.
  Finally, it is necessary to change the injection needle regularly. The needle used by the insulin pen is relatively thin. Repeated application will cause the needle to gradually become dull and even produce barbs, which makes the pain worse.
  Preparation before insulin injections which
  insulin injections before, tangyou should wash their hands full, and clean and disinfect the injection site, the insulin needle tip 75% alcohol can be used for disinfection. If the insulin used is a long-acting or intermediate-acting preparation, the medicine bottle should be properly rubbed and rolled before opening the bottle to promote the drug suspension to reach a uniform state. Remember not to use too much force to prevent air bubbles and affect the accuracy of the drug dose. If two types of insulin are required to be used in combination, regular insulin must be drawn first, and then the second type of insulin must be drawn.
  Insulin essentials
  during subcutaneous injection of insulin, if the body weight loss or belonging tangyou Senile, local skin may be suitably lifted, 45 to 90 degrees is maintained between the injection syringe and the local skin; there may be the end of the injection needle withdrawal bleeding In this case, you can press for a few seconds to avoid local friction.
  How to store insulin
  insulin hormone are proteins, storage temperature easily lead to improper insulin denaturation failure, so avoid exposure to insulin or stored frozen. Usually insulin should be stored in an environment of 2-8 degrees Celsius, and it can be stored at this temperature for up to 2 years without opening. It can be stored in the refrigerator at home. The opened insulin can be stored for about four weeks. If the time is exceeded, the efficacy of the drug will decrease. Sugar friends can use low temperature packs to store insulin when traveling, and avoid putting insulin in the luggage compartment for check-in. The high temperature in the luggage compartment, and strong turbulence and strong light exposure during the flight will cause insulin denaturation and failure.
  Finally, when symptoms such as weakness, hunger, sweating, dizziness and palpitation occur after insulin injection, be alert to hypoglycemia. You can drink sugar water or eat high-sugar food immediately, and observe for about 10 minutes. If the above symptoms have not improved, you can drink sugar water again.