Father’s day

  Father’s Day
  I have seen in the amusement park there uncle with children. The kids want to play bumper cars, and the uncle wants to play roller coasters. Both sides in the dispute process, I heard Uncle simply said: “I had to say good came out to accompany Father’s Day, you are a father, or my father is?”
  I just bought peppers in the supermarket, suddenly encountered the goddess of my heart .
  Goddess told me smiling, greeting, said: “buy it?”
  I was a nervous, hurriedly opened the bag, said: “! Yes ah yes ah, eat a chili bar”
  laughing with eight teeth
  in high school listening to the radio, talking and laughing inside Baring your teeth is the best, so I practiced in front of the mirror at home every day, and I finally got it through. After that, I love to laugh, everyone laughed, everyone was shocked, asked me: “how can you laugh mouth so round it?”
  I said:. “Because Hard work pays off ah”
  until on the After college, I learned that the grinning teeth were all the upper teeth.
  (By more than three guitar music recommended)
  a man walked into the pharmacy and asked: “Boss, there is no cure hiccups medicine?” The boss said:. “There,” then took two drugs that make people pick, he was lug, The boss suddenly yelled, and the customers shuddered and the medicine fell on the ground. The customer is very angry: “You sick ah?” Smirked boss said: “how is not without hiccups??” The customer more angry:. “Hiccups is my wife, not my”
  dislocated shoulder
  armor: “What’s the matter with you, your shoulders are in plaster?”
  B: “When I went fishing on Sunday, I caught a big fish…”
  A: “Why, did you pull your shoulders to dislocate when you pulled them up?”
  B: “No, it was when I told others how long it was afterwards…” I
  should be taken care of
  Daqiang came home very late, and as soon as he walked in, his mother kept nagging. Daqiang had to ask his dad for help: “Dad, you can help me say something, my mom keeps muttering, don’t you find it
  annoying ?” My dad blurted out, “Irritation!” Mom’s expression changed. , I just heard my father continue to say: “Annoying… it is impossible. A man should be taken care of by a woman! You don’t have a daughter-in-law when you are so old. You can only let my daughter-in-law be involved.”
  (The above three are caused by fine recommended)
  David in a noodle shop across the old leadership, two people drink and chat. The old leader was depressed and complained that he was deeply moved after retirement. Dawei quickly comforted: “If there is nothing, please relax. Even if everyone forgets you, I will not forget you!” The
  old leader was very moved and wanted to pay for Dawei, Dawei quickly stopped: “Wang Ju so kind, Dayton should I ask you! ”
  the old leader of a sudden his face was downcast, embarrassed, said:”! I Zhang ”
  wearing overalls
  Xu new recruits a company, this day he forgot to wear overalls, to be led Scolded.
  When I was eating in the cafeteria at noon, the chef prepared a lot of meat dishes for Lao Xu, and Lao Xu’s mood immediately turned cloudy and clear. He said to his colleague, “The master is really good. You see that I’m not happy, so I comforted me, right? “colleague shook his head and said:” No, because you’re not wearing clothes, he put you as a leader “!
  eat tomatoes
  hen rooster said:.” Taking advantage of the owner is not, we go to the garden to eat tomatoes it ”
  cock very I was puzzled and asked, “The tomatoes are not ripe yet. What’s so delicious about the green tomatoes?” The
  hen pecked the rooster fiercely and said, “You are still a dad at a loss. I don’t know how to care for the child. Wait. The tomatoes are red, are there any way for our eggs to survive?”