“Partially rich people”

“Partially rich people” is a new word on the Internet, and Baidu Baike’s definition is “a group of people whose economic conditions are’abundant but limited.” It’s very difficult to say, and it’s a bit of a metaphor. Some rich people are people who wear exquisite gowns, but stand drinking loose wine at the entrance of Xianheng Hotel.

“Partially rich people” are actually not a new thing. As early as the 1970s and 1980s, most residents of Shanghai could be classified as “partially rich people.” At that time, wage earners across the country were holding similar wages, but there seemed to be a clear gap between the rich and the poor. In the Shikumen alley in Shanghai, almost every male owner has a woolen tunic suit, and the hostess has a woolen coat that matches it. During the New Year, walking on the streets of Shanghai and other cities, as if you are in a different country, and intuitively feel that the economic level is different by several grades.

In the era of material scarcity, the reason why Shanghainese can have such decentness is due to the tightening of their belts on weekdays. When Wuhan people eat breakfast too early in a restaurant, Shanghai people eat rice with pickles and fermented bean curd at home.

My wife does not have such a rich life experience as mine. In recent years, when “locally rich people” began to flood around her, she developed an unprecedented low self-esteem. Whether in the group of relatives, friends, classmates, or business owners, she feels that she is the poorest person. The first person responsible for all this is naturally me, so I am often held accountable, and I have been exhorted to talk many times.

His wife joined a big company the year before last. When working as a magazine editor in the past, there were only five or six colleagues in close contact. Her knowledge of society mainly came from WeChat Moments. Nowadays, she interacts with dozens of people every day, some of whom are shining in the circle of friends, but they look different in life. Several female colleagues in their department belong to the “food-grade local rich” and often go to the buffet for several hundred yuan a person; there is only one set of decent winter clothes suitable for high-end restaurants, and there is no washable; their mobile phones They cost nearly 10,000 yuan, but during the epidemic, they had to work from home, but they were panicking-there were neither desktop computers nor laptops at home.

Engel’s coefficient is often used to determine the degree of poverty. The greater the proportion of food expenditure in total consumption expenditure, the poorer it is in general. “Foodies with local wealth” subverted this theoretical system. The female colleagues of his wife, whose income level is considered to be mid-to-high in the city, must all belong to the “extremely poor” group if assessed by Engel’s coefficient.

The most popular place for “local wealthy people” to appear is on the Internet, and they are behind all kinds of photos. In addition, no matter how old the community is, there will always be several luxury cars that have been parked for a long time. There is a sense of contradiction between car prices and house prices.

Analyzing why the “locally rich people” will start a prairie fire, there is a famous “chicken soup” that explains the reason: “The poor must stand among the rich”. Concentrating financial resources to make one or two “body hair” squeeze into the circle of the rich, subconsciously it seems to be contaminated with the aura of the rich. In addition, when interacting with friends and acquaintances of the same class, some people with inexperience in society will infer “partially rich” as “overall rich”, which can make them look up on themselves.

Although I disdain for the “partially rich people”, I have actually been classified as the “partially rich people” by some friends. Because I am more than ten years older than my wife, and often go shopping together, I am often mistaken for a rich person by passers-by who don’t know the truth. My situation is naturally formed, it is difficult to be imitated, and I belong to the “limited-edition local rich”.