Fun in the world

  Love letter
  said long ago, one day, e-books will replace the traditional hard copy book, Asian publishers also see this sign, that all right, but the US has a large bookstore closed down room, the situation is not optimistic.
  In the future, school homework will also be completed by computers instead of paper and pen. The new generation of children have fewer and fewer pens to write. They started to learn various input methods from kindergarten: Cangjie, Jiufang, Sucheng, etc. Everyone only remembers the code name of each character, and forgets the stroke order of the character.
  Convenience is really convenient. When you type on the computer keyboard, the entire sentence will jump out before you finish typing a word. The computer becomes smarter and will remember your frequently used sentences.
  Gradually, everyone stopped using pens. Japanese young people now only use the buttons on their phones, and pencils and ballpoint pens are not touched, let alone buy them. Most of the customers in the stationery store are old and stubborn.
  In the past, large companies used the most paper. Documents were handwritten, printed out with a photocopier, and distributed to various departments one by one. The memo written by the secretary for the boss, the account book of the accountant, the notice issued, everything is on paper. Although today’s photocopiers still use paper, most of the files are stored in the computer, and the amount of paper is reduced, and the pens are more unsalable.
  Before computers and electronic notebooks were invented, everyone was accustomed to using paper and taking notes: friends’ address books, their own schedules, good sentences in the book, useful information, all carefully copied in a small book, every After using one, collect it cherished and importantly, and it is even more fun to read it in the future.
  But the progress of the times cannot be stopped. The appearance of the fountain pen overwhelmed the brush, and the fountain pen was replaced by pencils and ball pens.
  However, the charm of rice paper and brushes is amazing. The elegance and fun of writing seems to be superior to others, don’t you believe it? Try using a brush to write a love letter to your girlfriend. It is definitely more useful than sending tens of thousands of text messages on your mobile phone. Even if it is made public by her, it will not turn into a scandal, but will only get envied eyes.
  Write signboard
  calligraphy, is subject to the influence of his father. When I was young, I saw him rubbing his ink and brushing his pen, and I was impressed. My father’s character, although not at the master level, is also a style of its own.
  My handwriting is strange and ugly. It was only in my middle age that I made up my mind to learn to write and engrave seals from Teacher Feng Kanghou.
  I remember someone asked my father for words and how to make the brush run. The old man refused to accept it, but the other party insisted, so he had to say to send a few eggs. Unlike him, I am eager for profit, and domestic restaurants want me to write signs. I open my mouth and Sheng Hui is 10,000 yuan. It’s strange to say that there is some business, and I can’t believe it.
  When not writing drafts in the early morning, I practice calligraphy and write some Dongpo Zen poems, or favorite Tang quatrains. When the New Year comes, I also write some swaying spring, and sell it in a small shop “Yi Le Ye” after it is mounted, and the profits are donated to charities.
  As for being friendly, or street vendors, then nothing is paid. Seeing that some stalls in the vegetable market did not have a sign, they automatically wrote one for them. Fortunately, the other party did not dislike it and hung it up.
  Whenever you encounter troubles, write the Heart Sutra. I must be respectful beforehand. I sat down and copied it word by word. After writing, it was as if the clouds were blooming and the moon was in full bloom, and the body and mind were refreshed.
  There is a butcher on Yaqianlong Road. By comparison, the meat in this stall is found to be the freshest and is frequented. I went to buy pork a few days ago and met the stall owner Mr. Wu. He said: “The Heart Sutra you wrote before, I still hang it on the wall.”
  Come to think of it, I started selling “Baobaocha” back then, and there was nothing to give to customers, so I wrote a piece of “Heart Sutra”, which was printed with antique propaganda after making the plate, and distributed to others. I remember that I missed a word and thought it was better if there were shortcomings. I didn’t correct it. That was more than 20 years ago.
  Seeing this meat seller, he is exposed to blood every day, but after chanting, he is already a professional one, and he can’t touch it with his hands. Very interesting, can be regarded as a Buddhist scripture story.
  After returning home, he burned incense and took a bath, handwritten an article for Ju Shi Wu, took it to the painting shop and mounted it with both hands.
  Dragonfly Caprice
  at the beginning of August each year, dragonflies flying out the window, are countless, truly beautiful.
  In the West, the impression of dragonflies is not very good. Norwegians and Portuguese call dragonflies as “eye-cutting things”. Only we consider them to be beneficial insects and eat nasty mosquitoes.
  The incubation process of some dragonfly larvae may last for three to five years, but once they are shed and mature, they only have a lifespan of a few months. They fly all day and play all day. It’s great.
  The Vietnamese get the wisdom of life from dragonflies. They say: “A high-flying dragonfly means that the sky is sunny; if you see a low-flying, it will rain; if you fly in a low or low place, the sky is cloudy.”
  When a urchin, I don’t know how to cherish life. I often caught one, tied it with my mother’s sewing thread, and played it as a living kite. Now I think of sins and sins.
  One or two are not good-looking, only more interesting. Once on the Chao Phraya River next to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, there were countless dragonflies flying. After careful observation, we knew that it could stand still in the air, drifting with the wind, and when the airflow was low, when it was forced to drop, just slightly vibrate the transparency. His wings rose again.
  Not only can it stop, the dragonfly is the only flying animal that can fly upside down and fly up and down. If scientists get inspiration from it, they may be able to create a more flexible vehicle than a helicopter.
  When the dragonfly was still in the air, I saw the ships on the Chao Phraya River passing by, and soon they retreated; they moved forward and then retreated. It turned out to be a phenomenon when the river water was injected into the sea and the sea rose up.
  Dragonflies also have compound eyes, with countless fine eyes encased in two large eyeballs. Using this principle, when the dragonfly stops, we gently approach it and circle its eyes with our fingers. If the eyes are too many, we can see dizziness, then we can grab it. When filming the location of “Golden Swallow” in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, the actor was upset and clamored to go back to Hong Kong. I taught him this method to catch dragonflies, and it worked. As soon as I started playing, I lost my temper, and the movie went on. This is the dragonfly story that I like to tell, replayed and replayed, I saw the dragonfly today, and I will tell it again.
  Cats with
  his brother home more than thirty cats, each only able to call out the name, which is not surprising, handle every day thing. My family does not have cats, but I can also watch cats. Guys love to watch cats all their lives.
  Whether a cat is cute or not depends on its head. The big head will make people like it; the small head will be more annoying.
  In addition, cats look better at night than during the day, because their pupils are dilated, and they become sharp during the day. They look like weird eyes and are daunting.

  The eyes are the window to the soul, the same as people. The cat stared at you wide, as if he knew what you were thinking, but we absolutely don’t know what the cat was thinking. This is also cute.
  Fat cats look better than thin cats. The former is gluttonous and causes weight gain; the latter is overworked, can’t eat enough, or suffers from anorexia. Cats get fat because of laziness, lazy cats, although dull, but also have a blessing; thin cats are more flexible, but cat lovers must be happy for them to be active, otherwise they can also raise monkeys.
  Cute cats are also due to their personality. Some are willing to get close to others, and some will ignore you for the rest of your life. Domestic cats are not only tame, wild cats have a relationship with you, wherever you go, they follow, not because of food.
  Cats have a variety of expressions, joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, which can be seen. When he was happy, the corners of his mouth turned up, and his triangular eyes stared angrily. The cat of mourning child, screams up to the sky; the cat of joy chases its own tail.
  When a cat is the cutest, it is when it squints its eyes. Squinting is different from closing. The eyes are in a line.
  It is easy to make a cat squint. Scratch its jaw against the hair, and squint it. Otherwise, the whole body was picked up and turned over to expose its belly, and then gently stroked the hair on its belly. At this time, it was so comfortable that its legs were upright, and it was at your mercy.
  Whether it is a bad cat or a good cat, it is always beautiful when it is young. That’s because its eyes are so big that it makes people love it. Maybe this is the way to survive, otherwise, if you have multiple births in your life, you will definitely be taken away. Depends on cute cats, you must abide by the golden dogma, that is, it is the master, otherwise any cat is not cute.
  Orange sugar
  when there is a belly full of grievances, it is best to tour the vegetable market.
  Early this morning, when I arrived at Chunyang Street, I saw people buying vegetables and felt warmth from the people who love life. This is one of the cheapest vegetable markets in Hong Kong. The so-called vegetable market is not concentrated in a single building, but fish and vegetable stalls on both sides of the road. There are lots of customers.
  I like to watch people sell fish. A skinny fish that is so big is at least two feet long, but it only sells for more than 40 yuan. There are a lot of people in Fujian, who love seafood most, and there are a few shiny fish in it. Huh? Isn’t that milkfish from Taiwan? This fish has many bones, but it is very delicious, and the belly is full of fat, but you can ask the vendor to ask it to steam it with tempeh, which is not inferior to the swimming seafood.
  Seeing an unknown one, he asked the vendor, “What kind of fish is that?”
  ”Scaly,” the other party replied. Nowadays, any fish that can’t be called is the spotted fish.
  Of all the fishes, grouper is my least favorite. I think it is hard and rough. The wild grouper in the past is still a bit sweet. Nowadays, it is mostly raised. It is better to eat styrofoam.
  There are also many crab stalls, all types of crabs come from Vietnam or Laos. I saw the vendor slash the shell of a crab with a sharp knife, exposing the red paste all over the body. If I choose the meat crab and the cream crab, of course I want the latter. Whether it is steamed or cooked with red rice, it is more delicious than the meat crab.
  If it is too expensive, you can buy the crab with three spots on the shell. In the autumn season, it is also full shell cream. The meat is firm and beautiful, and the price is laughably cheap.
  Passing by the fruit stand, there are plates of apples that are attractively red, only ten dollars, and all of them are beautiful, and they are not unsellable. The Japanese fold the leftovers into a mountain shape and sell them at a low price. They call it “Yi Shan”. If their daughters still cannot marry, their parents will say: “Will it become a ”
  Yi Shan “?” See the sugar tangerine already. When it went public, I recalled Su Meilu’s youngest daughter. They came to Macau for a painting exhibition a few years ago. I kept buying oranges that were as sweet as sugar for her to eat. Year after year, every time I see Sugar Tangerine, I think of her. Su Meilu’s e-mail said that she has grown slim.
  to travel around the local favorite drink is Mic, most authentic, and the food was the best fit.
  In Korea, you have to drink their Makkari. It is a thick liquor-like drink with a strong lees smell and it keeps fermenting. The more fermented it becomes, the more sour it is and the more alcohol it contains.
  When South Korea was poor, the people were not allowed to eat white rice every day. It must be mixed with wheat or sorghum and other grains. The macori is not made with pure rice. The color is like coffee with milk. It is scary, but it is also very delicious. It is eaten and drunk with barbecue. Perfectly clothed.
  Later, in the Korean street in Japan, I drank the pure white rice-stuffed Marco Li, only to realize that it was extremely fragrant. I bought a large bottle of 1.8 kg and went home. I sat on the tram, shaking, and still fermenting wine. The bubbles in the medium expanded, and there was a sudden “pop”, the cork flew out, and the wine spilled over the whole car, still fresh in my memory.
  Nowadays, this kind of cannon has become fashionable, and it is sold in various restaurants in Korea. Unfortunately, it is not so delicious after adding preservatives and stopping fermentation. When you go to the countryside, you can also drink freshly brewed, sweet and sour, easy to get into your throat, and get drunk all at once.
  The Italian artillery is called Grappa. I translated it into Coke. It is brewed from grape skins and branches. It is distilled and distilled. It has a high alcohol content. It was originally used as an after-dinner wine, but it was filled with a cup or two before the meal. The meal must have been happily eaten, and the appetite will be great, to understand why the Italians treat that large plate of spaghetti as a starter.
  The native artillery of the former Yugoslavia is called Slivovitz. They are made of apricots. They are also refined and refined. They are fatally strong. They are not counted by a cup, but by the foot, packed in small glass bottles, and lined up to a foot. Yugoslavia’s food is rough, and you can swallow anything unpalatable when you drink it up to half a foot.
  Turkey’s Raki and Greece’s Ouzo are both strong anise-flavored liquors. They belong to the same faction as Ricard and Pernod, which are drunk by French country folks. Only this kind of cannon does not need to be combined with food and is drunk as a digestive agent. After drinking water, the color is like Dettol, and the taste is like Dettol after drinking.
  The most powerful earthen cannon in the world should be the French Absente. The color is a bit like poison. Drinking it will cause hallucinations. I guess Van Gogh’s famous painting “Star Moon Night” was painted after drinking this kind of wine, and it is also available today. Unfortunately, the sale is no longer psychedelic.