Suicide by curiosity

A Hai, a young man from Wuhan, is a junior. As a child, he heard many things about the curiosity of great men. For example, Edison, known as the “king of inventions”, has registered 1,328 inventions in the patent office in his lifetime. How can a person who has only read books for three months have so many inventions? If you have heard the story of “Edison Hatching a Chicken”, you will know that his success stems from strong curiosity. Therefore, Ahai thinks that it is a good thing to be curious, and he takes apart the old electrical appliances that are not in use at home to find out. But most of them are just on a whim, and thrown away after dismantling.

After attending university, Ahai’s curiosity has not diminished, and he still dismantles this all day. In recent years, there have been media reports that passengers forcibly pulled the emergency door handles of the aircraft in non-emergency situations. The reasons are also strange. Some people think it is too slow to get off the plane, some are dissatisfied with the delay of the plane, and others want to breathe. Although most of them were unsuccessful, they brought great hidden dangers to aviation safety. After Ahai saw the report, he aroused his curiosity again. Is it so difficult to open the emergency door of the plane? In an instant, a terrible idea formed in his mind, and he decided to take the risk and try it himself.

On this day, Ahai booked a ticket to Xiamen. After boarding the plane, he found that in order to prevent someone from accidentally touching the emergency exit device, the airline deliberately vacated the seats in rows 15 and 16 near the emergency exit. When the airliner was flying, Ahai was sitting in row 27. He saw that there was no one in row 16. He felt that this was a god-given opportunity. After going to the toilet, he went to the seat in row 16 on his own. The armrests were retracted, and he slept across the seat, waiting for the opportunity to open the emergency door of the plane. During the period, the flight attendant reminded him many times to return to his seat, but he did not leave with excuses.

When the passenger plane was about to reach its destination, Ahai took advantage of the plane descending and the crew returned to their seats. He even removed the two emergency door handle protection covers next to rows 15 and 16 and hid one in the luggage. In the cabin, one is placed under the seat. When the plane landed and taxied, he suddenly reached out to pull the handle of the emergency hatch. At this time, the crew found his behavior through the warning in the cab and stopped it in time. Subsequently, the airport police station of the Xiamen Airport Public Security Bureau received an alarm from the crew that a passenger arbitrarily pulled the emergency door of the flight and triggered the aircraft alarm device. The police rushed to the scene immediately. After investigation, Ahai removed the transparent cover of the emergency door because of curiosity, and pulled the red handle of the door to see if the emergency door would open.

At the police station, Ahai confessed to his illegal behavior. The police told him that the maintenance or reinstallation of the emergency slide of the aircraft is quite expensive. If the door is opened and the slide is lowered, it will cause greater economic losses. For example, the Boeing 737 main slide is 80,000 yuan; the Boeing 777 slide is 200 to 250,000 yuan; the Airbus A380 slide is about 300,000 yuan. Ahai collapsed on the sofa after listening. When he learned that opening the emergency door of the aircraft and lowering the slide, it may also affect the aircraft engine. If this causes a fire in the fuel tank of the aircraft, the consequences will be more serious. It may violate the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law and constitute a crime, and those who cause losses shall also be liable for civil compensation. Ahai didn’t expect that his curiosity would bring such serious consequences, and he regretted it. On the same day, the police imposed a penalty of 10 days of administrative detention on Ah Hai for moving aviation facilities without authorization. Subsequently, he was sent to Xiamen No. 1 Detention Center for detention.

Curiosity is a double-edged sword. If you don’t follow the law, curiosity may harm many people and yourself.