Older mothers love to “lie”

A few days ago, because of a cold and coughing, I was afraid of my mother’s worries, so I had not dared to call home. I finally recovered a little over the past few days, so I quickly called my mother and prepared to chat with her. After the phone call, before I said a few words, I heard that my mother’s voice was not right, and I felt like I had also caught a cold. Asked her, but her mother said that she didn’t catch a cold, maybe she went to bed late yesterday, don’t worry.

In my impression, my mother went to bed earlier every night. I used to ask her why she went to bed so early. My mother always returned to me and said that she was old and could not have enough energy. How could she compare to our young people? But said “I went to bed late last night”, is there something wrong? I couldn’t help but asked again, but my mother just smiled back to me, what’s the matter? I was fascinated by watching TV, and I forgot the time.

I don’t believe it, this is obviously not my mother’s consistent style, she is a very self-disciplined person, there must be something wrong. Thinking of this, I made a special trip to my mother’s house while I was free. Sure enough, my mother caught a cold. Asked her why she was telling a lie, the mother replied lightly, saying that she had a cold. It was not a big deal, so we should worry about it. Asked if she had taken the medicine, she returned to me and took it. Asking where the other medicines were, my mother began to hesitate, saying that it was the medicine left over from the past, which happened to be finished and had not been bought.

To lie, it must be a lie again. When I “revealed” me so directly, my mother was not upset, she just asked me what I wanted to eat, and she made it for me. I pretended to be angry and said that she was “full of anger, not to eat”, but mother didn’t care, turned around, and started busying herself again and went away.

Looking at my mother’s busy figure, many things flashed through my mind. I think of it for the past few years, my mother seems to lie like this often. For example, if there is any physical discomfort, she never tells us. Even if we noticed her frowning brows and asked her again, she would definitely find a reason to prevaricate, but she was dragged to the hospital and blamed us all day long. Spending money indiscriminately. After I got married, I bought a car and a house, and gave birth to two children one after another. My mother gave me more than 100,000 without saying a word. According to my estimate of the income of my parents, these hundreds of thousands are all their savings. I insisted on refusing, and I took a step back and said that I would borrow half first, but my mother would not listen, saying that I had worked so hard for decades. How could I save this little money? Saying that I underestimated her, the result is of course conceivable. My mother lied again, and the reason she lied to me was that she would rather endure hardships by herself than share more for us.

Fortunately, in the past few years, I slowly “see through” my mother, and I don’t fully believe what she said. If you want to buy her clothes, just buy it, no matter how she says “there are a lot of clothes at home”; if you want to buy her something delicious, just buy it, no matter what she says, “I can make it by myself”; Take her on a tour and just act, no matter what she says “wait, wait,” I don’t want to wait.

I remembered that it was my mother’s birthday in a few days, and I deliberately shouted to my mother: Mom, it will be your birthday soon. You like flowers. I will buy them for you later. Let’s raise them first, look and smell them. Sure enough, my mother began to scold me in the kitchen: Don’t spend money arbitrarily, I don’t like spending, and if I have that money to buy delicious food for my child, what birthday will I have when I am old? If you want to buy flowers, I will throw them away.

throw? Will it be thrown? I couldn’t help laughing. I remembered that I bought a bunch of carnations for my mother last year. My mother was so happy that she smelled it often, and she couldn’t bear to throw it away for a long time. I understood it a long time ago. Sometimes my mother will lie, and she can’t believe what she said. Me, buy it now.