A photo is worth 700,000 yuan, and there are many phantoms behind the naked loan

In August 2020, Chen Xiaowei from Kunming, Yunnan received an anonymous letter as soon as he went to work. He opened the letter suspiciously and found that it contained a nude photo of his girlfriend Fang Cuicui. Chen Xiaowei was extremely surprised. In his impression, Fang Cuicui had always been a pure and conservative girl, and it was impossible to take nude photos. He felt that there must be a misunderstanding, but everything that happened later exceeded his imagination…

A nude photo
Chen Xiaowei is from Kunming, Yunnan. His family is in the jewelry business. He is from a good family and looks handsome. Although his girlfriend Fang Cuicui was born in a poor rural family, she is pure and beautiful, tall and classically beautiful. The two are college classmates. They fell in love at first sight in a club activity, holding hands in love.

During college, Chen Xiaowei brought Fang Cuicui home to meet his parents. Knowing that Fang Cicui was from the countryside, his parents didn’t wait to see her, putting on a high-profile appearance. And Fang Cuicui was very sensitive, and the two sides broke up unhappy. Afterwards, Chen Xiaowei tried to do ideological work on both sides, but the effect was very little.

In July 2019, after graduating from university, Chen Xiaowei and Fang Cuicui worked together in Yuxi City, and he proposed the idea of ​​living together. Fang Cuicui curled her lips and disagreed: “In this way, your parents despise me even more. They will think that I am like a dog skin ointment, and they want to stick to you. I have agreed with my colleague Qin Xia, and we will rent a house together.” Chen Xiaowei Had to respect Fang Cuicui’s decision. Normally, Chen Xiaowei would use the holidays to date with Fang Cuicui, and the relationship between the two is very sweet.

Soon, a year passed. Chen Xiaowei discovered that Fang Cuicui had been working overtime many times recently and had not returned to her residence until late. Chen Xiaowei said worriedly: “Why do I always work overtime? I’ll pick you up from get off work!” He wanted to send his girlfriend home, but Fang Cuicui refused decisively every time: “No, you don’t need to pick me up, I just need to go back by myself.” Later, Chen Xiaowei followed the leader to work on a new project and was so busy that he didn’t care about Fang Cuicui’s overtime work.

One day in August 2020, Chen Xiaowei had just returned to the office to work, and he saw an anonymous letter on the desk. “Who sent this to me?” Chen Xiaowei muttered, and opened the envelope suspiciously. His eyes widened for an instant, and there was a nude picture of Fang Cuicui inside. How could Cui Cui take nude photos? In Chen Xiaowei’s impression, she has always been a pure and conservative girl. Chen Xiaowei was puzzled and thought this must be a prank or misunderstanding. He wanted to call Fang Cicui immediately and ask her why, but because he was afraid of affecting her work, he decided to ask her again after get off work.

On this day, Chen Xiaowei was a little absent-minded. After finally getting off work, he immediately took the nude photos and went to find Fang Cuicui.

“Cui Cui, look, this…what’s going on?” Chen Xiaowei asked puzzledly. Fang Cuicui was not surprised to see the nude photos, but was very upset, tore up the photos angrily, and bit her lip and refused to answer Chen Xiaowei’s questions. Chen Xiaowei became more anxious: “Cui Cui, what’s wrong with you?” After a long time, Fang Cui Cui said faintly: “Xiao Wei, I have a new boyfriend. Let’s break up!” Chen Xiaowei seemed to be struck by lightning, and did not get over for a long time. The four-year relationship ended so easily that he couldn’t accept it.

In retrospect, this matter is not without signs. Some time ago, Fang Cuicui always said that he would work overtime, I’m afraid he was going on a date with his new boyfriend. Chen Xiaowei was very sad, and begged Fang Cicui to think carefully about it. After all, they had been together for so long and had a deep relationship. However, Fang Cuicui had decided to leave, and left without looking back.

Before Fang Cuicui, Chen Xiaowei also talked about a short and dim love, but after meeting Fang Cuicui, he only knew what a deep love was like. He didn’t want to miss it, and repeatedly asked for reconciliation on the phone and WeChat, but Fang Cuicui’s merciless rejection was met.

A week later, Fang Cuicui took the initiative to make an appointment with Chen Xiaowei. Chen Xiaowei thought that Fang Cuicui was under his softness, changed his mind, agreed to reconcile with him, and happily went to the appointment. Unexpectedly, the moment Chen Xiaowei saw Fang Cicui, he was defeated. It turned out that Fang Cuicui came with her new boyfriend Zhang Xiong, the purpose is to make Chen Xiaowei give up. Zhang Xiong was tall and looked at Chen Xiaowei provocatively: “You are Chen Xiaowei? Cuicui said, you have broken up, please don’t disturb my girlfriend again. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Chen Xiaowei stepped back two steps, his heart was ashamed, and he resisted tears and left, and never contacted Fang Cicui again.

During the broken-up relationship, Chen Xiaowei lived in a muddle-headed manner every day, until Zhou Na, a girl who had returned from studying abroad, appeared beside him.

Naked loan trap
Chen Xiaowei and Zhou Na have known each other since they were young, and their parents are also good friends. Zhou Na is one year younger than Chen Xiaowei, and she went to France to study after graduating from high school. After she came back, she got in touch with Chen Xiaowei. The two often eat and watch movies together, and she accompanies Chen Xiaowei out of the gloom of broken love. The two families were already close. Once their parents were brought together, Chen Xiaowei and Zhou Na began to fall in love. Only in the dead of night, Chen Xiaowei would still involuntarily think of Fang Cuicui.

One late night in November 2020, Chen Xiaowei in his sleep was suddenly awakened by the ringing of his mobile phone. When he looked down, it was an unfamiliar phone number. “Even if it is a fraudulent call, it is impossible to call at this time!” Chen Xiaowei thought in his heart and pressed the answer button. A hurried female voice came from the phone: “Are you Chen Xiaowei? I’m Fang Cuicui’s colleague Qin Xia. Cuicui committed suicide by taking sleeping pills and is in the hospital. You… come on!” Chen Xiaowei’s head “boom” With a sound of the ground, after asking for the address, he rushed to the hospital.

In the hospital, Chen Xiaowei learned what happened from Qin Xia’s mouth. Qin Xia, who came back from working overtime, bought a midnight snack and wanted to call Fang Cuicui to eat together, only to find that Fang Cuicui committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. In order to facilitate contact, Fang Cuicui had told Qin Xia Chen Xiaowei’s phone number. Qin Xia didn’t know that they had broken up, so she called Chen Xiaowei after the accident. As for why Fang Cuicui committed suicide, it is unknown.

Fortunately, Qin Xia was found early and rescued in time, and Fang Cuicui was finally out of danger. When she woke up to see Chen Xiaowei sitting by the bed, she couldn’t help crying. Chen Xiaowei couldn’t help asking: “Cui Cui, what’s going on? Why are you short-sighted?” Fang Cui Cui sighed and explained everything together.

Five months ago, Fang Cuicui’s father was diagnosed with cancer and needed money urgently. Fang Cuicui wanted to find a solution to Chen Xiaowei, but after thinking about it, he decided to face it alone. On the one hand, Chen Xiaowei did not work long and did not have much savings, so he could only borrow money from his parents; on the other hand, Chen Xiaowei’s parents were dissatisfied with Fang Cuicui. Once a huge amount of borrowing was involved, they would consider Fang Cuicui’s family to be a bottomless pit, and even more disagree. The two of them dated. In order to protect the love affair, Fang Cuicui, who is sensitive and inferior, did not tell Chen Xiaowei his difficulties.

While she was in a dilemma, one day suddenly, she received an unsecured loan call. In the past, Fang Cuicui would hang up immediately after receiving such calls, but this time, she consulted carefully. The person who called her was Zhang Xiong, and he said that he could lend her 300,000 yuan, with an interest of 1% per month. With this money, Fang Cuicui and Zhang Xiong added WeChat to each other. After all the details were negotiated, Fang Cuicui was in trouble with the final issue. Because Zhang Xiong finally made an unreasonable request, the loan needs to provide a nude photo. Zhang Xiong also said: “You can rest assured that providing nude photos is a guarantee measure taken by the company to prevent individuals from non-repayment. As long as the repayment is on time, it will never be leaked.”

Fang Cuicui felt that the condition of “naked loans” was too embarrassing and refused without hesitation. But Zhang Xiong repeatedly asked her to think about it.

Just after the conversation with Zhang Xiong ended, the hospital over there came to urge the payment. Fang Cuicui was so anxious that she had no choice but to contact Zhang Xiong again. After finalizing the version of the loan contract with Zhang Xiong on WeChat, Fang Cuicui took a tearful nude photo and sent it to Zhang Xiong. After Zhang Xiong received the nude photos, he hurriedly asked Fang Cuicui to meet and sign a written contract.

When meeting with Zhang Xiong, Fang Cuicui felt unnatural when he thought that he had seen a nude photo of himself. She lowered her head, quickly signed the duplicate contract and an IOU, and left in a hurry. When leaving, Zhang Xiong said: “The original contract must be approved by the company, and the contract will be given to you next time.”

In the afternoon, Zhang Xiong followed the agreement and transferred 300,000 yuan to Fang Cuicui. Fang Cuicui quickly took the money to pay for the medical expenses, and a stone in his heart finally fell.

In a blink of an eye, a month passed. Zhang Xiong’s call came as scheduled, reminding Fang Cuicui that it was time to pay back the money. Fang Cuicui couldn’t afford to pay, begged him to give him a month of grace, and she would find a way to repay. Zhang Xiong happily agreed, but one condition was to accompany him out to socialize for a few nights. People under the eaves have to bow their heads. Fang Cuicui reluctantly accompanied Zhang Xiong and the client to dinner. During the dinner, Zhang Xiong hugged her from time to time. Fang Cuicui was very disgusted in her heart and could only smile and endure.

Time flies, and another month has passed.

Fang Cuicui took the piecemeal 100,000 yuan and handed it to Zhang Xiong, requesting to exchange the 300,000 yuan IOU, and change it to an IOU of 200,000 yuan and interest. Unexpectedly, Zhang Xiong said unhurriedly: “The interest we signed is 1% per day. Now the loan period has reached 60 days. You have to repay 480,000 yuan even with the principal and interest.” Fang Cuicui was panicked and realized that I was in the midst of it. The contract signed that day was not consistent with the one negotiated on WeChat. Zhang Xiong secretly changed the “interest rate of 1% per month” to “interest rate of 1% per day”, and she felt uncomfortable because of the nude photos and did not look at the contract carefully.

“You liar!” Fang Cuicui cursed, pointing at Zhang Xiong’s nose. Zhang Xiong sneered: “This is the contract you are willing to sign, who is to blame?”

At this point, Fang Cuicui had no other choice but to ask Zhang Xiong to let her go. She borrowed money just to save her father’s life. Zhang Xiong looked at Fang Cuicui’s crying pears and said with a smile, “You are a good daughter. I believe that follow-up treatment will cost a lot of money, and the condition may relapse, and it will cost a lot of money. As long as you are my girlfriend, Not only will I not have to pay you back, but I can also give you another 300,000 yuan. In this way, you no longer have to worry about your dad’s illness.” “You are shameless while others are in danger.” Fang Cuicui refused angrily.

Zhang Xiong became angry and sent the nude photos to Chen Xiaowei anonymously the next day. He called Fang Cicui and threatened her that if he did not agree to his request, he would send the nude photos to her company and family next time. Fang Cuicui was in distress. In order to keep her job and reputation, and to treat her father, she reluctantly broke up with Chen Xiaowei and became Zhang Xiong’s lover.

Being forced to be Zhang Xiong’s girlfriend is undoubtedly a very painful thing. Fang Cuicui’s face is sad and cold all day long. Over time, Zhang Xiong was also deeply bored. Once, when Zhang Xiong took Fang Cuicui to fool around with a group of friends, one of the men fell in love with Fang Cuicui, who was pure and beautiful, and said with a smile that he was willing to spend 200,000 yuan to let Zhang Xiong transfer Fang Cuicui to him. Zhang Xiong was tired of Fang Cuicui and agreed to the deal. But Fang Cuicuining could not die: “Zhang Xiong, what do you think of me?”

Seeing Fang Cuicui’s tough attitude, Zhang Xiong anger came from it and took out the contract, asking Fang Cuicui to pay back the money with interest within three days, otherwise, he would send the nude photos to her work unit and family members and post them online. Fang Cuicui fully understood that Zhang Xiong was a rascal. She was driven to a dead end and committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. Fortunately, Qin Xia found out in time.

After hearing the twists and turns of Fang Cuicui’s “naked loan” experience, Chen Xiaowei sighed and complained that Fang Cuicui was confused, and encouraged her to call the police after she was discharged from the hospital. Fang Cuicui nodded. The unexpected is yet to come.

The culprit
Zhang Xiong did not expect that Fang Cuicui would call the police. Without any precaution, he was arrested by the police on suspicion of racketeering. Under police interrogation, Zhang Xiong confessed all the crime facts.

Unexpectedly, after the police interrogated Zhang Xiong, Zhou Na was arrested again. Chen Xiaowei was surprised that Zhou Na was actually related to this matter. It turned out that Zhou Na and Chen Xiaowei had a short and dim love in high school. Later, Chen Xiaowei went to university, and the two gradually moved away. However, Zhou Na could never forget Chen Xiaowei. After graduating from high school, she went to study in France, and Chen Xiaowei has always been in her heart.

After returning from studying abroad, I wanted to continue the relationship with Chen Xiaowei, but found that Chen Xiaowei loved Fang Cuicui and couldn’t extricate himself from it. Zhou Na was not reconciled, and wanted to take Chen Xiaowei back from Cuicui.

So she found Zhang Xiong. Zhang Xiong once worked in Zhou Na’s father’s company, but was expelled for violating discipline and became a gangster. Zhou Na is not short of money, and accidentally learns that Fang Cuicui’s father is ill and is in urgent need of money, so she has a plan to make a living. She paid Zhang Xiong 700,000 yuan, of which 100,000 yuan was for Zhang Xiong’s labor costs, and the other 600,000 yuan was requested to be transferred to Fang Cuicui, with a monthly interest of 1%, but she must provide nude photos as a guarantee. After Zhang Xiong gets the nude photos, he needs to send them to Chen Xiaowei. Zhou Na wants to use nude photos to separate Fang Cuicui and Chen Xiaowei, so that Chen Xiaowei can see the unbearable side of Fang Cuicui’s pure appearance. In addition, in Zhou Na’s view, she spent 700,000 yuan to get a nude photo of Fang Cuicui, which solved Fang Cuicui’s urgent need.

However, Zhou Na didn’t count it. Zhang Xiong had a bad idea for the beautiful Fang Cicui and decided not to do what Zhou Na told him. He first tricked Fang Cuicui with a monthly interest of 1%, and when signing a written contract, he changed the interest to 1% per day. When Fang Cuicui couldn’t pay back the money, she threatened to publish her nude photos and forced her to be his lover, and he had everything that happened afterwards.

“Zhou Na, we don’t know each other at all. We didn’t expect you to be so vicious, you hurt me miserably!” Fang Cuicui accused Zhou Na with tears. “Xiao Na, I didn’t think you were such a person.” Chen Xiaowei was also extremely disappointed with Zhou Na, saying that it was impossible to be with her again. After Zhou Na heard this, she roared: “Fang Cicui, if you want to blame Chen Xiaowei, he is the culprit.” Fang Cuicui looked at Zhou Na and Chen Xiaowei, with a face full of doubts.

Before going abroad, Zhou Na smiled and said to Chen Xiaowei: “When I come back from studying abroad, let’s get married!” At that time, although Chen Xiaowei fully agreed, the relationship between the two had faded. When he met Fang Cicui, he even left behind the promise of the day. But Zhou Na never forgot from beginning to end, so after returning to China, she was furious when she saw Chen Xiaowei and Fang Cuicui together.

It turned out that this was the result of Chen Xiaowei’s failure to deal with the love that year. Fang Cuicui couldn’t help but feel resentment towards Chen Xiaowei. After Chen Xiaowei suddenly realized, he was even more ashamed.

When something like this happened, Chen Xiaowei and Zhou Na broke up naturally, and Fang Cuicui and Chen Xiaowei couldn’t restore their old relationship. For one thing, Fang Cuicui would inevitably have resentment towards Chen Xiaowei, because he indirectly harmed her; secondly, Chen Xiaowei’s parents didn’t put Fang Cuicui in their eyes because of this incident, and their relationship could not be blessed.

In the end, the court ruled that Zhang Xiong’s behavior was a criminal act of extortion by means of “routine loan”. Waiting for Zhang Xiong will be in prison. To Fang Cicui’s surprise, the judiciary did not pursue Zhou Na’s behavior. Because Zhou Na’s original intention was to separate Fang Cuicui and Chen Xiaowei through nude photos, not to blackmail Fang Cuicui, so it did not constitute a crime. However, Zhou Na’s behavior violated Fang Cuicui’s right to privacy, and the police recommended that Fang Cuicui resolve it through civil means.

In December 2020, Fang Cuicui adopted the police’s advice and sued Zhou Na. At present, the case is still under further review…