To prevent dementia, “hard core” grandpa is familiar with Pi

My grandfather is 83 years old this year. His old man began to recite Pi two years ago. Up to now, he has been able to recite and recite the Pi to 1000 digits after the decimal point. He received the notarized certificate in early November this year. Do you think he is? Hardcore grandpa? Everyone will be very curious. My grandfather is so old. Why does his old man want to recite the pi? How did the elderly recite 1,000 digits after the decimal point?

It turned out that after his grandfather retired, he broke his leg once when he went out for a walk. When he was in bed, he suddenly became depressed and often sat there for a long time without saying a word. I didn’t have time to accompany the injured grandfather, and I was afraid that grandpa would suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, so I thought about letting grandpa develop a hobby and divert attention.

One day, I suddenly remembered that Grandpa loves numbers and is particularly sensitive. Why not let Grandpa develop a hobby related to numbers? I immediately thought of Pi. There are Arabic numerals in Pi. The back of Pi can relieve boredom and invigorate the brain, which may be very suitable for grandpa. When I suggested to my grandfather to recite the pi, he thought about it and shook his head helplessly and said, “I’m dim-eyed and tired of seeing so many numbers, so let’s forget it!” When I heard that grandpa was about to retreat, I agitated him with excitement: “Look at an old man who doesn’t have his own hobbies. People are advancing with the times. If you don’t give up studying, you can’t do it!” Grandfather was excited by me, and his unwillingness to admit defeat suddenly came up, he said firmly. : “You help me type a larger pi chart, I must recite a few hundred digits, let you see if I can do it!”

From that day on, Grandpa got up early and memorized greedily. In less than a week, he memorized more than 60 digits. In this regard, I gave my grandfather a thumbs up and said: “Jing is still hot, what is your goal next?” Grandpa said, “You help me download 500 pi on the Internet, and I will try to memorize it in one year. ”

Grandpa’s words are out, but it is not so simple to implement them in action. The 500-digit Pi is full of two large pieces of paper, and I look dizzy, let alone memorize it. Grandpa was dizzy after carrying his back for two days, and he didn’t dare to open his eyes. After a few days of rest, he recovered.

I was terrified at the time, and since then I never dared to let Grandpa carry Pi. Unexpectedly, one day after half a month, Grandpa said: “Granddaughter, I can recite a 100-digit Pi. Do you want to listen to it?” I was surprised and urged: “Grandpa, your body is like that. , Take a good rest, don’t recite it anymore!”

Grandpa laughed and said: “Before, I was so tired of memorizing by rote and eager to get results. I calmly thought about it recently and figured out a clever way of recitation. It feels especially easy to recite. “I asked curiously: “You can really recite 100 people?”

Grandpa put away his smile and recited it seriously. I watched the answer intently, and it was not bad at all. I was surprised to ask my grandpa: “What method did you use? Really did it!” Grandpa said, “I used the segmentation method and the harmony method. The so-called segmentation method is to divide those numbers into one according to your own preferences. A short paragraph is particularly easy to remember, such as: 3.14 159 265 358 979 323… The homophonic I use is three keys, a pot of wine… it’s much easier to memorize.”

By the end of the year, Grandpa used these two methods to really recite the 500-digit number of Pi. We are all admired. Grandpa’s confidence doubled and his enthusiasm came up. In the second year, he invented the “Associative Memory Method” and the “Alternative Memory Method” and insisted on memorizing it every day. In less than half a year, he learned 500 more. In the second half of the year, Grandpa began to practice backwards. By the end of the year, Grandpa could carry 1,000 people back and forth. As a result, Grandpa became a celebrity in our community and was praised by everyone as “the most powerful brain.”

Once, our community held a “hardcore” seniors competition. Grandpa passed the round and passed the preliminary and semi-finals. Unexpectedly, in the finals, there will be a notary public, and grandpa will back and back to the 1000th decimal place in one go. There was applause from the audience. Grandpa not only got the notarized certificate, but was also rated as a “hardcore” old man.

Now, Grandpa’s mental state is better and his body is healthy. He is regarded as an idol by his old friends in the community. He is often invited by various elderly organizations to introduce his recitation experience. He is very busy every day. In normal life, grandpa persuaded those old partners to say the most words: live and learn, cultivate a hobby, learn more, and then life in old age will be colorful and happy!