My craft will give you peace of mind

  After Mo Shan’s husband was promoted to the sales director of the South China area, he spent more than 270 days in Guangdong in a year. The company prepared a dormitory for him in Guangzhou, so that he suddenly became a professional when he was almost 50. Old bachelor playing guitar in the dorm. Mo Shan was not used to it, and everybody complained: his son went to Nanjing to study, and her husband went to work in Guangzhou. I stayed in Suzhou to clean the huge home and felt the emptiness and loneliness.
  For a period of time, Mo Shan felt melancholy about this kind of life situation, and she had to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, her whole body was also a little out of secretion, her face was dull, and she was fat. The doctor diagnosed that she had signs of mild depression, but she was still far from being depressed, so she advised her to “go out more and socialize with others.”
  A girlfriend who was the dean of a nursing home heard about her current situation. , She invited her to a nursing home to participate in the charity activity of “teaching the elderly to do handicraft”. The dean found that volunteers who taught the elderly to do embroidery, knitting, origami, silkworm cocoon flowers and other handicrafts also became ingenious, and their memory and logical thinking skills were greatly improved. A lot of manual work seems to be repetitive, but this kind of fine and peaceful repetition, with the essence of slow-paced life, can quickly calm a person’s irritability, and it can let the craftsman feel the benefits of concentration.
  Mo Shan’s spare time was later filled up by teaching grannies to do handwork. What she likes most is teaching them to make silkworm cocoons. The Zhenze area in Suzhou is originally the hometown of silkworms. Every year after the silk is drawn, the pupa is taken out, and there is a thin layer of silkworm cocoons. It is a pity that the locals use madder, turmeric, isatis root, indigo blue, gall and other plant dyes. Dyed into red, yellow, light blue, dark blue and black in advance, and then cut them with hand scissors to turn them into petals with a slight silk luster, and then carefully glue them into tulips, daisies, roses and other flowers, and finally It is tightly wound around the branches and leaves on the side, and a bunch of silkworm cocoon flowers is ready. These flowers can decorate the old people’s rooms and bring vitality to life. They can also give back to college students who insist on teaching them how to use smartphones, how to appreciate movies, how to draw and play games. From the helper to the giver, Mo Shan saw that the faces of the old people glowed with vitality.
  Mo Shan’s patience, tirelessness and consideration, exudes infinite charm in public welfare activities, even if the cocoon petals cut out by many elderly people are crooked, she can also understand the degeneration of the hand muscles of the elderly, never be harsh, but do it herself. Carefully trim the crooked petals to a rounded curve, or cut them into fine stamens. Later, it developed to the point where she couldn’t work overtime, and the elderly would talk about her for a day on Saturday.
  When the dean’s best friend said, stop, wait for others to take care of your own life and emotions, and go out, take the initiative to give others care, take the initiative to leave traces of care and thoughts in others’ lives, these two choices can give People in the same life situation bring a completely different experience.
  This sentence was like a polished red phosphorous, and a small fire was burned in Mo Shan’s heart-when her husband needed to be transferred to Guangzhou for three years, the tension, stalemate and indifference left in the relationship between husband and wife, she She always thought it was the responsibility of the other party, but now, she realized that her own grievances and passive attitude were also responsible.
  For example, when her husband went to the South with his son’s guitar, Mo Shan once said ironically: “Is it happy enough to restore the feeling of being a bachelor in college? Very comfortable?” Sing a song in the square, put a guitar box in front, and put cards in the box vertically. On one side of the cards are the QR code of Alipay and the QR code of WeChat. People who know know that you are a company executive, and people who don’t know think you are. I have been a vagrant singer for 20 to 30 years.”
  It’s hard not to resist such an attitude. Mo Shan’s husband responded: “Yes, yes, I may have lived a lifetime by rewarding.” “I’m here. From the age of seventeen or eighteen, I have never been an angry youth or wrote lyrics. Now I can use the midlife crisis to release my heart, what can I do?” In fact, if Mo Shan’s attitude was better, her husband would tell She, with a guitar for self-entertainment, is an important way for him to resist loneliness; after decades of ace sales, his most nostalgic time was when he wrote new songs and tried to play on the lawn in front of the university library. Those evenings for Mo Shan; and in Guangzhou, where the night life is active, in order to create a good shopping environment, on Saturdays and Sundays, even the shopping malls will also issue temporary licenses to singers and singers to let them perform on their own. The people who come to the show are not necessarily members of rock bands or vagrant singers, but some are white-collar workers in suits and leather shoes.
  After teaching the elderly how to do handicrafts, Mo Shan also had reflection-the husband’s three years of work abroad certainly brought challenges for the two sides to get along, but if she first did that to give, be considerate, and stay in the other’s life. The people who make the mark, then, the emotions between them will be like a river encountering a gentle turn, and they will have a time for contemplation. The sediment in the previous stage will settle and the river water will become clearer.
  Mo Shan uses the handwork she has learned to enhance her husband’s somewhat lonely life after the assignment. She learned to weave a bamboo fence, this kind of pure natural fence made entirely of bamboo sticks and using rattan as the handle, so that her husband can finally eat the unique and strong “head noodle soup” in Suzhou; The Guangdong colleagues went to the dormitory to cook the chrysanthemum hot pot together-a small bamboo fence can be hung on the side of the hot pot to avoid overcooking or over-cooking of the ingredients, and it does not have the raw smell of ordinary metal fences. She learned how to make tea bowls and flower utensils from clay. When playing in Jingdezhen, she specially asked her master to help her make plain tea bowls. After the firing was successful, she sent them directly to Guangzhou for her husband to pour and drink, or to serve customers. Those tea bowls with different minerals, after firing, show the colors of sky high, light and calm, including moon white, duck egg green, Yang Fei color, ochre, Ai Qing, and each tea bowl has her meticulous care. The fabricated lines may not be so round, but on the contrary, there is a kind of innocent charm. She also learned simple embroidery, and collected silk fabrics from the Suzhou odd cloth store, and made her own exquisite suit pocket squares-or dark blue pocket squares with a plum blossom diagonally embroidered, or bamboo-blue ones. The pocket squares are embroidered with orchids. These pocket squares are not only needed by her husband on formal occasions, but Mo Shan also prepares a silk gift bag with pocket squares, as a gift for her husband on New Year’s holidays or birthday celebrations. A small gift for partners. It is said that this seemingly small gift that does not fit on the countertop has brought unexpected effects to the husband’s sales development, especially those young merchants with unique fashion tastes. When I heard that this pocket square uses typical Su embroidery kung fu, They were carefully selected based on the suit colors they often wear, and they all praised the dedication of Mo Shan and his wife. In many cases, the negotiations that were originally deadlocked show signs of relaxation.
  Recently, on the occasion of Mo Shan’s husband’s 50th birthday, Mo Shan flew to Guangzhou to celebrate his birthday and gave him a gift. It turned out to be a guitar bag made of sporadic leather. This bag was specially made by Moshan who paid a visit to a teacher who made a guitar bag and learned how to make and sew. Its outer layer is completely seamlessly stitched with various autumn leaf colors of leather. The middle interlayer is lined with cushioning sponge, and the inner layer is made of autumn leaf yellow blended fabric. The guitar was put in, it was wrapped in a stable and just right way, the zipper was closed, and it was back on the body, and the softness and softness of the leather could be felt close to the body.
  Mo Shan’s husband was deeply moved. For a while, he didn’t know what to say. After thinking about it for a long time, he asked, “With this piano bag, I can’t stand in the rain and wait for someone to give a reward.” Mo Shan smiled: “I am for this purpose. I hope you go out to play and sing, and you can also choose an environment that is sheltered from wind and rain.”
  A topic that has been hanging around between them has been discussed. That night, he took her to a commercial building where he used to play and sing. In the hall on the first floor, he ordered lime wine for her. The staff in the commercial building dimmed the lights just right. At that moment, the guitar rang, and Mo Shan went back to 30 years ago. They were on campus, such a simple and happy time—it was just that he sang some melodic songs to her. She obtained such deep happiness and satisfaction.