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One day Major was in a pretty good mood with a mysterious look at the meal. He had just received a letter containing the great news of the blood. But, whoever wanted to know, he had to guess to get to it.

“Is Gustav Adolf a Archbishop?” asked Torvald.

“Not yet,” Major replied.

“Well, is Kristian General?” asked Irene.

“Even better,” assured Major.

“Is he engaged?” asked Torvald.

“Well, do not bang about the straight head. Gradually it must happen!
First, who is the letter, and then who is talking about! ”
“Where is it then?” asked Elisa.

“Only against” is “or” not “,” explained Major.

“By the way, it’s not the father’s habit,” said Torvald.

“The mouth across, son-viar,” said Major, temperate.

“Is the letter from Gustav Adolf?” asked Irene.

“Why would it be from him?”

“There was now ‘is’ or ‘not’?” laughed Torvald.

“It meant ‘no’,” Major explained dearly.

“Oh, well, is the letter from Dr. Hessel?” asked Torvald, lively, to Elisa.

Major shook his head. His pleasure grew even more, Kuta more often struck his ax into the stone.

“Christiania?” asked Elisa.

“Kas, right part,” said Major.

“‘Who’ or ‘Where’ does it speak?”



“I don’t answer more than ‘is’ or ‘no’.”

“That’s right,” Torvald missed.

“Speak to your father, son-spinner.”

“Of course, Kristian writes about herself,” said Torvald.

“How are you so sure?”

“Because some people always write about themselves, be it any question.”

“That’s the philosophy of it. But guess now, and don’t philosophize,” said Major, who did not favor the sideways miscarriage.

“The letter tells of both himself and another, like, father?” asked Elisa.

Major smiled secretly.

Now the enthusiasm and curiosity arose for his focus. Major was over happy.

“Who, who is that one,” echoed around him in the choir.

“Please do, kids, please,” said Major dignified and took a letter from his pocket.

He was stupid, he started to read it to spread it, thus still irritating the curiosity of others. Then began to read hard and with a great voice, But the handwriting was difficult, Major got caught up in the words, misreaded and confused, which was hardly compatible with solemnity. The audience was laughing.

“Read you,” said Major, and gave a letter to Elisa.

It became clear from the letter that Kristian had been engaged with a young, cute and wealthy girl who had turned to at least six lieutenants before finally getting to Kristian. How exactly he, Kristian, was fortunate enough to be selected from the crowd, was not told more in the letter, it was just a fact.

The little bride was called Edit and the third year old. His father was a factory owner and lived near the regiment’s exercise field. In the letter, the parents of Eedit now called Kristian’s relatives to spend the next week on the party.

There were kicks who should invite to follow. Torvald immediately assured that he would at least be ready to leave, even if everyone else was home. He was a lively and cheerful boy who, due to his free behavior and his beautiful appearance, became the favorite of everyone. He had received a good deal of unrighteousness and lightness of mind, but when he was accompanied by a good heart and intrinsic flair in his behavior, the above-mentioned qualities influenced his interests rather than harm.

However, the main issue in the discussion was whether or not Major would leave. He would have liked to leave this time, but it seemed to be something that made him hesitate.

“It would seem unkind if the father were left out,” he thought Irene.

“Do you think so?” asked Major grateful for such a punctuation. But again he made a hesitant look at Elisa asking him, “What do you think?”

“I think you must go, of course, if you want to,” said Elisa.

“Do you think that too? Look, there’s a big difference with this and the Gustav’s ghost celebration. In Uppsala it was already so long here, but a few hours of ghost, and I’d better be present in cheerful chunks than in serious solemn occasions. under a doctor’s care; now I’m much fresher. ”

“Don’t be afraid, Daddy, that Gustav Adolf would think you loved Kristian more than him,” said Elisa with a smile as she began to understand what the father was hesitant about.

Major was a little confused when Elisa read his thoughts.

“Well, I wasn’t afraid of that, I just thought it might look like that.”

“Who’s staying with Silla’s aunt?” asked Torvald.

“Maybe you don’t need anyone to stay?”

“Needs of course. I’ll stay,” said Elisa.

“You, not me,” Irene concluded.

“You just have to leave if somebody. You need to get to the happy world once again before closing into the monastery,” said Torvald, who never accepted his sister’s future hopes.

But Irene stood up and wanted to stay home. He thinks he can be better prepared for the denials of the upcoming winter here in solitude. It was decided that he would go to Stockholm to practice medical treatment in the winter, because in the mission area he had decided to surrender, knowing the medical care could be very necessary.

So it was decided that Major, Elisa and Torvald would leave.

When Major returned home, he was overwhelmed with his upcoming mini. The fine wines, the champagne and the good food had put him in his arms. Just as fond of it was Torvaldkin, Elisa on the other hand was somewhat calm.

When he worked for the next few days as a mistress in Hirvenhov, he looked
Elisa is quite thoughtful. Everything had been here for him
loved, from childhood, he had come to every shit.
The noise of the native rapids was familiar to him as someone with a lovely, gentle voice.
And in the cabins there lived a people whose lives he had lived.
But for a long time Elisa had known that she would have to resign all this time, but now that she had seen Hirvenhov’s future ruler, that consciousness began to feel true. The moment of erosion no longer loomed the distance in the darling horns, it was already close. What was it like at the time of the solution?…

The New Year celebrated Kristian’s wedding. After that, the youngsters went abroad for a few months. This was a great sacrifice on behalf of Kristian, for his long-leaning nature was long-lived. But now he was obsessed with following his young wife’s desire, and it was decided by everyone who felt closer to him that he really could have been in love.

In mid-May, they returned home and settled down
Hirvenhovi, where the other half was down to them.
The first appearance of a young lad in a new home did not become as bright as it had been described; it happened, you see, at one time with the death of Silla’s aunt. The old lady had repeatedly had a stroke of stroke, after which the rest quickly went.

Eedit did not spontaneously withdraw from medical care; on the contrary, he did so very effectively, even though no one demanded it. This delighted Elisha and, in her eyes, the value of the young witch rose through this. But soon it was noticed that the Edits did not really come to the sick room to help, but more to control and order.

Little Eedit, as lovable as it was otherwise, was a very arbitrary character at its base. He was one of those who must be in control to be good. And with one exception, the whole Hirvenhov family was perfectly suited to his character. He was easily wrapped around his fingers by Christian, and Major was so charmed by him that he might have forgotten the old ones as well. Irene, who was on her sickness course, and occasionally staying at home for a short while, was also fond of her, including Torvald. On the side of Gustav Adolf, he could not expect anything other than a friendly knightly treatment. Elisa was the only one who wasn’t quite easy to bend, had Edit instinctively noticed, even though there was no discord between them. Elisa didn’t easily argue with anyone; he was able to retreat and allow others to do so, but nevertheless remained always independent, reversing but voluntarily and with such dignity that it seemed more like an applause rather than a coercion. Edit was angry with him, but he had to admire it. He could have considered Elisa more than anyone else, if they had been apart from each other and their work area would not have coincided.

In the heart of Elisan, the same instinctive feelings were moving toward the wicked, but at least at first they were much more vague. He had so much to think about today. Death was once again arriving at a strange house, and its proximity evokes all pettyness.

Slowly and unknowingly, Silla’s aunt from my life is my life. Without pondering and thinking, he had passed through his life and, like him, now faced death. Gently he was repaired by death, even though I remembered it hard.

Deep silence took the whole house early in the morning, when the old lady pulled the last heavy breaths.

Major had fled downstairs to Kristian’s apartment to hear the last beats of the dying. He was shattered like a cold. He always had to be told by a doctor’s reassurance that the dying in his unconscious state was no longer painful until finally Elisa came to say that everything was out.

“Thank God!” sobbed Major.

Otherwise Silla’s aunts didn’t much cry; he had long been excited that death was considered a salvation. He was not necessary for the necessity of being alive, nor even for those who had loved him the most.

His death, however, was reflected in a profoundly influenced majesty, who, admirably, could sometimes sit long after his thoughts. In this state of his mind, Elisa saw some hopes and rejoices, but Eedit felt that the hubby had to be awakened and revived. He assumed it and succeeded in doing so well.

After the death of Silla’s aunt, Elisa had begun to read a chapter of the Bible at the request of her father before each night in her room. She liked Majuria and wanted Kristian and Eedit to be here. One evening Eedit suggested that someone sing a hymn together.

“I would also like to help somehow,” he said, leaning on the piano.

With a loud voice, he began to stroke and wanted others to join him, with no one giving up. Kristian was not yet singing hymns when he was alive. She shamed her father and Elisa and tried to keep silent. But it did not succeed. Edit sensed playing in the middle of a pace and looked at him as a spoiled child who is accustomed to bending his mind. When he started playing again, he agreed with Kristian’s song.

Later, Eedit suggested that the ministry should be called to spend the time of prayer.

“If you feel so loved to hear so many,” said Edit to Elisa, “so maybe Dad or Kristian would do it.

But neither of the hosts wanted to read prayer. However, he did not relax. But maybe Major soon left him alone, but Kristian didn’t get so much. Finally, it was easier for him to agree to deliver the prayer for the night than he did for his wife.

Elisha made this Kristian’s first act as a family host with a moving effect, although she noticed that Kristian could not do her new job properly. He read fast and hut, and let out a sigh of relief when the task was finished. But Edit was very pleased to have had the will to happen, and he wanted to show Elisa how much influence he had on Kristian.

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The great sorrows exalt the mind, and with delight one can surrender to the greatest sacrifices, but small annoyances, annoying annoyances, and continual retaliation can make life quite painful. That’s what Elisa could do now. Until now he could have been freed from all kinds of feminine insanity, he now noticed that the exterior conditions had helped him a lot. He tried not to notice how he was always overshadowed by his hand, and that his influence both inside and outside the home was resisted. But in vain! He did not get to see them and not know them. He was trying to disregard them, but he wasn’t long enough.

One night he sat at his desk. Almanac was alive in front of him; he used to draw his memoirs and thoughts. He thought about the little events of the day, and when he was thinking he wrinkled his eyelids so that the deep groove formed on his forehead.

“Nothing worth remembering,” Elisa said to herself, and the look of bitterness, totally alien to her, spread to the face.

He pulled the box open and threw the almanac there. Then his eyes hit a paper strip with only a few words written and apparently long in the box. Only six words had been written on it, and they had been drawn down by the cold times ago:

“Wash me so I’ll be snow-white!” In all its simplicity, these words spoke strongly to Elisa and suppressed the bitterness she felt.

In the white! And all she had was snow-white! Once again, Elisha woke up to a longing for purification, not just purification of the great sins, but of all the petty things that go away.

“Wash me so I’ll be snow-white.” As he watched, he watched those familiar words, which were only now quite alive to him. They had explained to him what he needed more, they had shown him the deepest cause of his heavy mind.

Tears twisted in the eyes, pouring hot and burning down the cheeks. At Sven Riinen’s coffin he had learned to tear such tears. There she wept for the new man of Elisha, crying because the old man in him was still so powerful.

Wash me! I can’t clean my own power. Wash me in your blood!
Clean as you do!
Elisa frightened her own thoughts. Clean as the Son of God! How could he have asked for so much? But to that he had permission, just as much he had to ask for, no less at all. Christ does not gradually distribute His righteousness, and He will give it to us completely. And at the time of Christ’s righteousness, Elisha stood before God, righteous in the name of Jesus, to ask what he desired.

And what did he prefer? That all that met him in life, be it great or small, joy or sorrow, would draw him closer to Jesus Christ so that he would still grow and unite with Christ as one.

Again he cut off the hesitation of his fate. Didn’t he ask too much for it yet? One with the Son of God, with God alone! How can a man contaminated with sin be so close together with the Holy One? But this did not concern Elisa’s sinful nature, it touched her new human being, who was born of God, and whose pure desires and minds are dominated by God. So, this new man in him was united with God, and in this engagement it was still stronger and growing more powerful than sin. God’s new creation in Him would still evolve, the old man would fall into disrepair until it would ever degrade completely to the last dust particle. Then he would be able to go completely into eternal life, in front of the “Son of Man”. “Wash me so I’ll be snow-white.”

This moment was for Elisha the moments of eternity when our invisible eyes hit our eyes, and clearly we see the main goal. And it was nothing to be in the state of narcotics, but to taste the foretaste of eternal joy. He thought he was worthless to enjoy such a sacred joy, and he would have been ready to push it, like Peter, who once prayed to the Lord to go out of his mind because he was a sinful man. But “joy in the Lord is your strength,” and where is the power better than just in the battles?

Elisa opened the window and looked out for the night’s silence. The water of the river flickered so strange mysteriously in the silver of the moonlight. Silently, but at a slick pace, the stream slipped forward to reach the rapids whose noise was so solemn in the silence of the night. Elisa’s eyes were attached to rolling water. That’s how his mind wanted to come forward.

Another point in the Book of Revelation depicted before him. He saw a glass of sea, mixed with fire, saw the Saints standing on it, the cantons of God in their hands, and their garments radiated in white. They mocked Moses, the man of God, and the Lamb, saying, “Great and marvelous are your works, the Lord God, the Almighty; the righteous and the true are yours, the King of Saints.” He tried to describe in his mind that blessed song. What kind of rhythm is it like, how does it sound? And when, when would he get along with it?

Little is it more difficult or more difficult. However, it led to the end and was the Lord’s way.

“True and true are your way, the King of Saints,” he whispered whisperfully. “Lead me, Lord, to walk your way and help me with your lead!”

When Irene had finished her medical treatment course, she returned to Hirvenhov for a while. In the last few months he had changed quite a bit. Staying with the sick and the dying had put him in a quiet, serious stamp, and made him calm, not one of them in the hermetic Irene. The necessity of determining one’s own future had raised a young woman thinking about her child.

One day Elisa visited the village. When he returned, he met Kristian and Eedit. They turned to go home with him.

“Here we talked about Irene recently,” said Edit. “It is remarkable how he has recently changed in favor.”

“Yeah, the soul pushes its mark on its appearance,” said Elisa.

“Well, I just don’t know if it was the soul’s merit, that the girl has become more vicious and got more handsome,” Kristian thought. “But he’s a bitch.”

“Believe what I say, she won’t stay in the nursing profession,” Eedit said in a hopeful manner.

“What would it prevent? Also, that he has changed in appearance?” asked Elisa.

“Someone’s gonna block him. Dad doesn’t need any hopes for hope.”

“Looks like you’ve forgotten Helmer Broon.”

“On the contrary, I just think about it,” answered Edit happily. “Don’t you know he’s in Stockholm?”

“I know. But what does it matter?”

“Of course, especially when Irene is there.”

“Neither will they meet each other.”

“Come on, and Helmer will still regret noticing Irene so developed when they last met each other.”

“And you think Irene would be willing to take the man who once rejected him into his mercy. Irene is too proud of it.”

“No Irene is proud,” Kristian remarked.

Miraculously, Elisa looked at her without stopping.

“But who is he really, bring Helmer Broo, and what does he do?” asked Edit.

“He is a Doctor of Philosophy, teaches in schools, keeps presentations and writes,” said Elisa.

“I already have enough work,” said Kristian.

“I think he succeeds quite well; if I have heard, he is very popular with the public,” added Elisa.

“When he decides to vote, he can’t just be the men you like,” laughed Edit. “Elisa, Elisa, take your time to humble, and you will still be a hunter.”

And true Eedit predicted. At first Irene wrote mostly about her work. But then a private letter arrived at Elisa, where Irene said she had met Helmer and felt that all the former feelings had flared into the new life. But he didn’t want to see Helmer anymore, he had decided. He wanted to go somewhere far, far away, where he could forget what he had to forget in his hard work.

But after that, the time was when Iren’s letters seemed to be supposed to cover what was actually in him. He couldn’t write that an irresistible force always pulled him to Helmer’s lecture room. He did not like to express that he, despite all his decisions, even found himself sitting there. He wanted to hear the sound of Helmer’s voice. What it helped was that he hid in the extreme sink of the hall. See Helmer from there. And when they met at the exit, and Helmer came up against him – – – How would Irene now refuse to have her talk! Incredibly, however, he felt that Elisa would not have accepted his behavior, so he didn’t write any of these.

Unexpectedly, Irene stopped her lectures. Helmer noticed that he was longing to find himself wondering why Irene didn’t come. When Irene’s seat in the hall was still empty for the third time, Helmer decided to go to the Irene apartment to ask about the reason for his absence. Could he then ask for something else, and after this visit Irene wrote a letter to his father telling him that he had nothing to hide from his recent experience.

In Hirvenhov the joy came. “Hurray!” shouted Major. “The barrier has come.
Irenen we can keep. May God bless the good Broo! ”
“What did I say?” asked Edit to win the race from Elisa.

Irene was invited to come to Uppsala, her upcoming Appellant to spend Christmas.
There he stayed for a few months and returned home only in the spring.
One night he sat on a bench near the riverbank sewing. The spring had already gone a long way and the air was temperate. Elishak came and sat next to his sister.

“I say, Irene, what has recently come between us. You are not toward me as before.”

Irene did not answer anything, slipped only the thread into the needle eye, completely downgrading to this task. Elisa waited until she had received it; but after that there was no answer, he continued:

“You may think that I will condemn you because you did not plan your plan, but I do not do it at all. Now I understand that it was not your calling.”

“I’m not that …”, Irene replied with a stubborn stitch.

“Or do you think I would not accept your engagement?” asked Elisa.

“You despise me for that. I know you think I lack the dignity when I took him, every time …” He couldn’t get any more talk.

“Love is better than the dignity of nature. Would I be sorry for giving you forgiveness!”

“At least you won’t accept my procedure even if you try to tolerate it,” he said
Elisa didn’t know what to answer, because Irene was right.

“I admit that I am apprehensive for you, but still I do not blame you at all, and I do not be surprised your behavior,” said Elisa.

“Why are you then restless?”

The sound was a bit strange, as demanding on the account.

“I’m afraid Helmer can’t give you the spiritual support you need.”

“You think I probably declined since that time, when I went with him engaged. But it is a mistake, because if the point I now have less stability than the ones before, so it has at least mine, which has yet remaineth.”

“Are you sure it’s not Helmer’s own?” asked Elisa.

“If that is the case, then there is a testimony that there is seriousness in him, even if you do not want to admit it,” Irene replied as she was injured for her grace.

“Don’t I want to grant?” Elisa defended.

“Yes, I know that you and Gustav Adolf will not accept his opinions.”

“It may be true, but we do not judge him either.”

Both sat for a moment, Irene worked hard on her work. Suddenly he lifted his head and looked at Elisa:

“Say, Elisa, would you want me to unload my bet because it’s not
Can Helmer give me the support you need me to do? ”
“Of course not.”

“Why then do you make me uneasy?”

“I would just like you to understand the danger and not get involved in his strange inches.”

“Do not worry about it at all, he doesn’t talk much about them, and most of the time he believes in the Bible, though he doubts it in some places. You have the wrong idea of ​​Helmer, Elisa.”

“Irene, you don’t believe I would be from Helmer, and that you would despise you because of your procedures,” said Elisa, pulling Irene closer to herself.

Irene approached a little reluctantly.

“Is it right what you are talking about,” he said, snapping through to Elisa. “The whole time I knew deep down that I was despised, and is it the other in this case, you may have to wait all that which you rightly felt:”

“Maybe I was thinking a little bit in that direction,” Elisa admitted, “but now I’m no longer. It is better to be humble in truth than to be proud. All of this now I notice. Do you forgive me for thinking about your alliance first?

Irene was always defeated, so now. He circled his arm around his sister’s neck.

The silent embrace reconciled everyone. Both were happy. They knew that all the obstacles to be wounded between them had disappeared.

Irene started to sew again. Soon he came out of his mind and chanted the subject:

“Have you heard that Dr. Hessel is going to apply for a district doctor after old Borgsten?”

“No, I haven’t heard of it.”

“He will soon submit his application, maybe they have already sent.
Then it will be neighbors. ”
“Did you meet him in Stockholm?”

“I met once. He asked a lot about you. He was so beautiful, looked much more brisk and manly than he was here. Gustav Adolf likes a lot of him, as well as Helmer.”

After a while Irene gathered her work and got up from the bench.

“Either you come in, Elisa?”

“Not yet.”

Elisa leaned against the tree trunk. The hands rested against the regularity in idleness at the hem. The sun threw its rays through the leaves, illuminating his uncovered head and falling through the shading eyelashes, making them brilliantly bright like a deep-sea calm film. The vivid features of the closed lips clearly appeared and it seemed as if unspoken thoughts had fallen in their every curve. The fine curved nose, in addition, beautified these faces, which at the same time exhibited so much nobility and strength.

Irene came to the side, throwing a glance at Elisha, who was still sitting in her thoughts, disengaged from herself and her environment. He stopped and fell on his knees beside Elisa without knowing himself what the mood was.

“I’d like to learn so much from you,” he said.

Elisha’s soul divorced gradually from the world of dreams to real life.

“So I am from you,” he replied.

Irene hadn’t expected such an answer.

Often in other people, we admire the qualities that we do not have. Elisha put much value on the humility of his young sister.