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    The Translator King’s Diplomatic Skills: How He Saved the Day at the Canada Liquor Exhibition

    Everyone in the factory reveres him as the “Monarch of Transliteration,” and some colleagues fail to recall his true appellation. Wang Bin indeed possesses two proficiencies. He has served as a translator for over a decade, exhibiting adeptness in both translation and interpretation. Never has he erred, for accuracy and celerity distinguish him, rendering him renowned both near and far. Understandably, having graduated from the esteemed English Department of Peking University and obtaining a master’s degree in simultaneous interpretation from Hong Kong, the sobriquet “Monarch of Transliteration” fittingly befits him. Embarking from Pudong International Airport after a grueling 14-hour transoceanic flight, Director Mao and his entourage safely reached Maple City…

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