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    High-Quality Norfloxacin API manufacturer in China – Henan Kangtai Pharmaceutical

    Henan Kangtai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is one of the top Norfloxacin API manufacturers in China with extensive experience producing high-quality Norfloxacin for pharmaceutical formulations globally. As a dedicated Norfloxacin supplier, Kangtai Pharmaceutical utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies and equipment to synthesize Norfloxacin API meeting pharmacopeia standards of USP, EP, IP, and JP. With in-house R&D capabilities, Kangtai Pharmaceutical customizes Norfloxacin specifications depending on customer formulation needs, while ensuring optimal purity levels above 99%. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is WHO GMP and ISO certified, reflecting its strict adherence to quality systems and global compliance standards. As a reliable Norfloxacin factory in China, Kangtai Pharmaceutical has built a strong reputation for: Competitive…

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